Ozil on Robert Pires’ advice and friendship


Mesut Ozil says that he took advice from Robert Pires when faced with criticism of his playing style.

In his upcoming book ‘Gunning for Greatness: My Life’, the German says that while he took on board suggestions that he had to become more physically powerful to cope with the Premier League, he remained faithful to his ability with the ball after fiscussions with the former Gunner.

Pires trains regularly with the first team, and has grown close to the 28 year old since his arrival at the club in 2013.

“I haven’t changed that much as a player,” wrote Ozil, “partly on the advice of Robert Pires, the Arsenal legend who often looked in on us when his career ended.

“Over the years he has become more than a friend. He’s someone I can discuss problems with and whose opinion is incredibly important to me.

“When the media started having a go at me again, demanding that I become more selfish and score more goals, I asked him what he thought. I wanted to know if he judged these criticisms to be correct.

“He encouraged me to stick with my way of playing. ‘Let them say what they like,’ he said. ‘You’ve got a unique style. You’re not like Ronaldo. You’re different.

“You see spaces that barely any other player does. You can read a game. Trust in your extraordinary ability and don’t adjust your game merely because this is what outsiders are telling you to do.’

“It did me the world of good to hear this assessment from him. He’s not someone who tells me what I want to hear and doesn’t dare criticise me. Quite the opposite.

“After poor performances I had to listen to Pires say quite a lot, which I value enormously.”

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rogue gooner

Ozil is not fit to talk to Bob’s shadow.

Original Paul

Anyone talking to shadows has a problem imo!


You’ve just never had the chance to speak to a shadow before…




both amazing players, what are u talking about.


Clearly Bob doesn’t feel so.

Anyone can be in his shadow.:D


did bobby tell you to stand still in the box during corners too?


Dont bother yourself too much mesut….u dont need ur extraordinary skill for 6th or 7th place in the league or 10-2 in champ.league….we just need player who love the club and play with their heart for ARSENAL…

janine tabor

I think we need more than just one player to wear the red and white of arsenal .I think we need 11 more players we are in 7th and look at our fixtures, twin towers oh and spurs and the rest


Did he tell you to just watch if you don’t have the ball? He should have said buck your ideas up boy and get stuck in, prove your worth and stop ball watching. Nothing comes to you on a plate, you’ve got to go and get the plate fill it!


Giving lessons to a word champion and a Liga winner is comical, no?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Podolski was World Champion and Bundesliga winner but Wenger had to let him go for lack of effort and desire.


I thought Ozil asking for advice was the whole point of what he said in his interview….

Why not

Damned if you and damned if you don’t.

People getting mad at an already brilliant player for having the humility and drive to still seek advice and continue to develop.

Arseblog comments section is a lot less fun place to be recently.


People have extremely short memories in football, bordering on fickleness. This guy would’ve smashed Henry’s assist record last year if it wasn’t for the rest of the team’s terrible finishing. The way the fans have handled him and took his quality for granted this season is nothing short of absurd. Yes, he’s had a terrible couple of months. So has the rest of the team. Everyone was licking his feet when he scored that legendary goal against Ludogorets. Ozil’s a sensitive, confidence-based player. When he’s feeling himself, chances are everyone on the field’s gonna feel him too. Better start remembering that, or watch him get sick of our own disgruntled fickle abuse, leave for another PL team and win them the league. Arsenal fc’s problem lies in structures, not (extremely talented) individuals.

Original Paul

That “feeling himself on the field” thing came out a bit wrong imo. 🙂


As did the line that ‘he’s become more than a friend’. I think Le Bob could do better.


Everyone was licking his feet …

When he’s feeling himself, chances are everyone on the field’s gonna feel him too

Hmm …


Problem lies with fickle idiots who haven’t got a clue, but can’t keep their gobs shut! 💗MO💗


Who qualified you as the world of reason then?


arsenal fc’s problem? this is one of the greatest teams in world football. I don’t see how you can be frustrated about problems. I can’t wait to watch the next match and I love arsenal, and even if we didn’t finish top 4 or win the fa cup I don’t feel like this club owes me personally to win anything. we are supporters.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Henry used to defend, create, assist and score. You see why we are demanding when it comes to Ozil?


I’m getting bored of reading people criticise Ozil’s critics as fickle, having short memories etc etc.
You can’t make up criticism that people aren’t making of him like he’s not influencing games, he doesnt score enough, he doesn’t create enough assists. That is not the criticism so stop pretending it is just to make your point.
Most people don’t criticise him for what he produces offensively. Yes, he has had a poor few months. It would be stupid however to say that he is offensively not good enough. His qualities are undeniable. However that is NOT what Mesut Ozil is being criticised for.
His amazing offensive ability doesn’t excuse him for pressing or doing no defensive work though. No jumping for headers when there is anyone in the same postcode instead cowardly backing into players. Backing out of tackles. When Theo did this last year he got slaughtered by everyone (rightly). If Ozil does it, no, offensively he is too good to be criticised for not fancying a tackle or walking around the pitch when the opposition has the ball. THIS is what we criticise him for and there is no midfielder/winger/number 10 in the premierleague who can get away with as little defensive work as he does. As Henry said a few weeks ago on Sky Sports no one in his time would get away with it. His teammates would have let him know about it.


It’s really funny how dishonest you are. Are you telling me that last year, when he was the best playmaker in Europe, you were going around Arsenal forums criticizing him for his lack of defensive contribution ? Get real.

Lord Bendtner

THANKYOU! The best response there Gabriel mate!

“Arsenal Fc’s problem lies in structures, not (extremely talented) individuals”
– summarizes everything!

we do indeed have probably one of the best squad, if not the best squad in the Premier League


I think we are on par with United. Behind City and Chelsea.
As Arsenal fans we obviously think we are better than we are. Very few players have excelled having left us.


Spot on!!

Original Paul

“German says that while he took on board suggestions that he had to become more physically powerful to cope with the Premier League,”
I am surprised the board have been making suggestions to the players…:-)

Original Paul

Blimey, just trying to lighten the mood!


Try harder! Lol

Heavenly Chapecoense

That was original, Paul.

Original Paul

Thank you


Is there anything Pires can’t do. I miss him every single day.


Wasn’t expecting the comments to be predominantly Ozil bashing.

Someone dreamy told him to trust his instincts and playing style, I’d listen to him too.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Maybe wrong time for Ozil to be talking about his upcoming book or even writting one.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Pires my all time favorite legend…


Wow, looks like the worst twats have landed in here today…


Ozil is a wonderful player and currently holds a medal that confirms he is part of an squad that achieved the title of world champions.

Ozil has ability that a legend like Pires describes as being extraordinary. I respect that opinion.

It’s clear the criticism really bothers him and is negatively affecting his performances.
The fans and Ozil want the same thing. We all want to see the best from him because it makes us happy to watch him make opposing players look silly. Let’s help him get there by closing ranks and providing a staunch defence of this guy to all that ‘have a go’.

I think we are lucky to have him as I hope many still do, despite what some people say.


Much agreed. He’s been in for 10 times more criticism than what he’s deserved and barely and praise. He needs to go into the extraordinary just to get a slight mention. Hone the Mesut…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger said he gets easy praise too. It goes both ways for him.


This is spot on for me. I’m as annoyed as the next man when he neglects defensive duties but surely getting behind him is the only logical answer all things considered?

Gooner G

The power of having legends and ‘footballing’ people around the place.

George Graham.

So is he saying in that last paragraph be played poorly?

Little Mozart

Is pires a coach? If not, he should be.


Much agreed. He’s been in for 10 times more criticism than what he’s deserved and barely and praise. He needs to go into the extraordinary just to get a slight mention. Hone the Mesut…

Original Paul

Ozil detractors please take ten minutes off to look at this:
Remember who we have and how lucky we are.
Please do not hound him out!


Pires is right. Mesut is an exceptional footballer. People say he’s lazy, the stats prove otherwise. People say he doesn’t get ‘stuck in’. They’re right. Give him the ball and a few players moving off it and he’ll pick out the pass that kils. The problem lies not in Ozil but the majority of those he’s playing with. Including or even especially, the Chilean. Thumb it down at will boys..

Heavenly Chapecoense

Cool, I thumbed it down To Bone.

Original Paul

“I thumbed it down To Bone”
What does that even mean???
Am I too old for this place??


Yeah, thought you might.


Really especially the Chilean?? I find this incredible. He is by a million miles our best player this season and he still gets so much criticism. Ozil has been poor for months and the fault is of a guy who has scored 18 goals and 9 assists in the league?!




The huge irony of this story is that Pires’ support hasn’t made one tiny bit of difference to Ozil’s performances! This book must have been written months ago….and he’s got more and more s**t with every game!!!
Hilarious. Ozil’s ego must be as big as his bank balance.

Original Paul

I must agree that having a book with “Gunning” in the title, with him only being here for five minutes in the scheme of things is slightly wank.


Will be lucky to keep one of Ozil or Alexis.

It will make the summer less complicated and afford a bit of continuity (less pressure on the rebuild) whether Wenger stays or the new manager comes in.

Managing a new team and whole sale changes will be tricky for anyone let alone a new gaffer.

Seen plenty of links to us (most likely surreptitious). Max Meyer in recent days, Yacinne Brahimi, even the odd Draxler stories, Arda Turan some time back.

What’s certain is we will have our work cut out for us if we do not pip City or Liverpool for the fourth spot.

United have had to spend massive amounts to get the players they want having fallen outside top 4 for several seasons now in succession.

We don’t have their spending power.

Even so, with their massive spend and the “not so” special one, they are barely managing 5th.

We need to be very careful how we negotiate the summer.

People can only see upside with management change which is a simplistic and frankly naive approach.

Bring the wrong chap in and we may end up several seasons or more in limbo or worse slide down further.

What the BOard and owner has to do is weigh the situation after we cross the line.

Firstly of course the present manager’s own sentiments have to be weighed.

Then more importantly the potentials have to be assessed. And this over long view whether we may have better prospects next summer post Wcup where there will be more management shake ups.

Thirdly we have to weigh the weight of the job on hand this summer in negotiations and navigating what is potentially a very tricker summer for us. In that Wenger is one of the best in market.

Things will no doubt be quickly put in place to ensure we can operate without his expertise post Wenger. We have many able people who have worked under him and who have help bring in some of the best talents in recent years (Ozil was a coup, many clubs would have wanted him and could have paid for him, ditto Alexis, Santi, Cech)

Recently we brought in Ben Wigglesworth (Head scout at Leicester who brought the likes of Kante, Mahrez and Vardy)

We also have Grimadi, and we can bring in others like Overmaars if need be.

But in terms of ‘special relationship’ because of his stature, it is difficult to replicate Wenger (even for a new gaffer).

So if the summer is going to be complicated, it has to be that one of the OPTIONS may be to retain the gaffer over the course of one more transitionary season.


Wigglesworth did NOT sign Kante and Mahrez…stop posting these lies.


I’m not so sure. If you look at what he had done in his Bremen days, he played with a lot more freedom than he does now.
Almost Messiesque at times.


Mesut was a far better player before Arsene decided that assists weren’t enough and he must start scoring goals. Trying to turn Mesut into some sort of Theo Walcott is not working to his strengths in my opinion. When you buy one of the very best playmakers in the world you should set him up to suceed, that means movement ahead of him and protection behind him. One of the things I admire about Mesut is that he never blames others but goes away and tries to work out how he can be better, he doesn’t just run faster down more blind alleys like some other players. Mesut is my favourite player and I hope we can find a system and personnel that uses his strengths to our advantage as he’s a sublime footballer and a good person, and a winner. I’m glad he has friends like Robbie who he can count on for honest feedback, and ignore some of the hateful criticism that he’s had to endure recently.

rogue gooner

Mesut ozil is a coward. Top teams smell pure blood when they play him. People look at his price tag not his contribution.


I was going to reply to that, but then I realised that it would be a waste of time, because you just don’t get it. Mesut is far from a coward.


can bobby also tell him to sign da thing?


A number of potentially very good players are in limbo land at the moment.

Konoplyanka is someone IMO we should seriously look at should Ozil (or Alexis) leave.

The Ukrainian playmaker is now 27yrs and in his prime. I believe he is at Sevilla on loan.

Also Allan Halilovic who once a bright prospect for Barca has fallen under the wheels a little and now out on loan.

I’m not sure what the situation is with Draxler who has paid comparatively fewer games than expected at PSG.

I think some mention was given of max Meyer in the trades, to me he’s like a young German Jack wilshere. Also Brahimi at Porto who can be erratic but is highly technical and at 27yrs is again in his prime.

On the periphery of the Braca squad Munir. Also some Madrid players like Isco may seek other pastures.

Whilst this will be a complicated summer, it is also an opportunity to renew and rethink the approach.