Wenger gives insight on security in light of Borussia Dortmund bomb attack


Arsene Wenger has given some interesting insight on security in the aftermath of the Borussia Dortmund bomb attack.

Dortmund’s team coach was hit with several reported pipe bombs ahead of their Champions League clash with Monaco on Tuesday evening, leaving Marc Bartra with a fractured wrist but no other players hurt. The swift rescheduling of the fixture drew criticism from almost all quarters, with Dortmund’s players given only a day to recover from the shock of the incident.

Though Arsene didn’t comment on that controversy, he did speak about security more generally and how it has changed in his time at Arsenal. Asked about any security concerns he might have in his Boro press conference, he said: “You have two securities: one internal security organised by the club, and then the public security organised by the state, or the government.

“I think, internally, we have improved our level of security and protection.”

That said, Arsene’s reflections on the tight security measures of the modern day were far from fond. “I think it’s a very sad way that our society develops,” he said. “Today, you come out of a football game and you cannot speak to a fan without having a bodyguard around you. You cannot go to your room anymore without telling security in hotels.

“I find that a very sad side of the development of our society, but on the other hand it just reflects what our society is about today. There is insecurity there, and it’s just in sport like in any other part of society.”

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