Wenger: In-stadium support linked with comfort


There’s little doubt that the transition to all-seater stadia has had an effect on the atmosphere in football grounds.

The Emirates stadium boasts the widest, most comfortable seats in the Premier League, but it’s also not exactly the most intimidating of arenas.

That comfort, according to Arsene Wenger, has a direct impact on the level of support that fans provide their teams.

“The more comfortable you are the less supportive you are,” he said.

“When you stand up you support better than when you’re in your seat. So if you imagine you’re lying down in a chair, you’re less supportive.

“The vocal aspect of the game is linked with the position of the supporters.”

It’s tacit approval of safe-standing, but the manager has been quite explicit about that on previous occasions. Speaking about that particular issue last year, he said, “I feel the closer you are to the positions of the players, the more passionate you are about it.

“As well because it would allow lower prices because you could get more spectators inside the stadiums, and maybe a more passionate atmosphere.”

Last week the AST released the results of a survey of Arsenal fans which showed overwhelming support for safe-standing, but it remains to be seen how far the club are willing to go to support what is a growing movement – not just among Arsenal fans.

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