Angry Wenger takes aim at haters and ditherers


Arsene Wenger says the abuse he’s received this season has been a disgrace and directed criticism at the decision makers at Arsenal, seemingly for the way they’ve wavered over making a decision about his future.

In the aftermath of the club’s failure to secure Champions League football, Wenger claimed that the uncertainty as to whether he’d be offered a new contract had affected the mood in the camp.

“I don’t mind criticism because we are in a public job,” he told BBC Sport’s Football Focus before Saturday’s FA Cup final against Chelsea at Wembley.

“I believe there’s a difference between being criticised and being treated in a way that human beings don’t deserve.”

He added: “The lack of respect from some has been a disgrace and I will never accept that. I will never forget it.

“The behaviour of some people during the season, that is what hurts me most. It’s not my person that is hurt but the impeccable image of the club around the world. That kind of behaviour does not reflect what Arsenal is.

“A strong club is a club that makes a decision. It is wrong that in modern society it is not a question of whether a decision is right but whether it is popular. That has nothing to do with competence. People with responsibility have to make the right decision.”

We’re in the pub at the moment…but make of that what you will. Pretty bold stuff just hours before the FACup Final.

You can watch the full interview here –

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He is personally hurt. Why deny it? Nothing wrong with admitting that.


Fair play to him. I am getting tired of him too..but some of the things that are being said about him is pure vitriol.
Its a cup final today..chelsea is the stronger team but anything can happen. I have a sneaky feeling about an araenal victory.


Well, i have to say that I called this one! 3 fa cups in 4 years is surely a good thing.


If he’s having a dig at the board for not making a decision on his contract why doesn’t he just come out and say so.


I don’t think many people would say publicly slagging off your employers is a good idea.

Faisal Narrage

Tbh I think arseblog’s pushing this narrative that Wenger is angry at the board.
It may be true, but there is nothing in there to claim so.

If you look at it objectively, his comment of “a strong club makes a decision” may even be supporting the board, IF they have made him an offer. And considering the rumours were a contract was on the table long before our season began to spiral, and it was Wenger himself that stalled, and all the talk is that he has signed/been offered a contract, is it really the narrative Arsene v the board? Isn’t he actually defending the club and it’s likely decision to offer him an extension?

His anger seems more directed at the media more than anything.


Huge difference between arsene on 8 million a year and a multi multi millionaire already and he could get another too job easily to the average paying fan on say 30k or so year with a mortgage and kids who have to curtail to thier bosses.
If he wants the respect of the fans then show the same back and tell us what’s been going on. Maybe some would have more sympathy for him then. At the moment he talks in riddles and is doing nobody any good with half truths and innuendo.


Well said Voldermort.


He just did, midgunner…


there such a severe disconnect between fans and those who run the club at arsenal right now . i’ve never seen this anywhere else than arsenal . the manager , owner , ceo , none of those at the clubs have yet to properly give even one answer to the fans .

this has been one of the worst season the club ever had in recent years and yet our ceo have not even given a single public appearence to the press to answer questions regarding some pressing matters .never mind the owner, hes only talked when usmanov bid for the club. and the manager have refused to give any kind of clarification at all . i wish even one of them would come out and say what the fuk are even they doing behind the scene right now to get this club back in top four


I’ve never seen it anywhere either.

Apart from Man Poo, Liverpool, Newcastle, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Leeds, Portsmouth…………

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’ve never seen such a disconnect between fans and those who run their club at anywhere else than Arsenal? I think you’re getting a bit carried away there. What about Hull City and their “Tigers” owner, what about Cardiff City and their new red kit and badge change, what about a club being owned by Indian Chicken pluckers, what about just about everything that happened at Newcastle over the last 15 years?

We’ve ended the season as the 5th best team in England and Wales, and with an FA Cup final appearance. Granted we have concerns about the club not being run precisely in the way we might want, but what’s happening here is that a bunch of people who like to watch Arsenal play and who believe that Arsenal belongs to them as a result of that are pissed off because Arsenal didn’t live up to their dreams of glory this season.

People who get angry and insulting the way some Arsenal fans have this season because “their team” “underperformed” really need to take a good long look at themselves. There’s worse shit happens in the real world every day.

My wig smells cheesy

If only I could keep thumb upping this comment…


I agree with your point. But comparing Arsenal to Hull, Blackburn and Newcastle, is not a fair comparison. Things could be worse, agreed. But Arsenal have the potential to do so much more. The club has money, attracts good talent. We should be doing a lot more, if not win something, at least show the fight for it. Fans don’t want glory every season, but they do want fight, right till the end.


interesting you mention Newcastle. My wee brother is a Newcastle fan and mentioned to me that the last time Arsenal failed to make the champions league Newcastle finished 2nd in the Premier League. Suggested that we’ve had a better 20 years than they have. It really isnt hard to imagine a scenario where under the right ownership they could have pushed on to be regular challengers. Equally it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where mismanagement destroys Arsenal.


Fair point mate. Potential can go either ways.

Ozil\'s left foot

Just a thumbs up wasn’t enough.. top comment!


Very well said…

Arsenal til I Die

His name is SILENT Stan for a reason & he needs to fuck off already. Also don’t forget the disconnect between Newcastle fans and Ashley. I know they’ve wanted him gone for a long time. Hull City Tigers too. We are not the first club to go through this…


Quite lucky to support a club that in one of its worst ever season, still manages to win a record breaking FA Cup. Phew.


Good for him. Glad he has said something. Some of the treatment has been similar to a 3 year old saying they hate their parent or sibling. Very childish, and not the Arsenal way.


What is the Arsenal way then? Just sit on your hands and keep silent? These are people who pay through the nose so the manager and players get a handsome salary – they have a right to voice their displeasure.


It is not the criticism but the lack of respect he is upset with. I agree

Kwame Ampadu Down

Yes, but that’s a tiny, tiny minority Martin. Saying you think he’s been great for the club in the past but isn’t any more is not diarepectful in any way imo. And yet people are abused on here constantly for it. (you don’t hear the do-gooders calling that a disgrace or disrespectful funnily enough)

The extremists who abuse Arsene are no more numerous than those who are just as extreme on the other side… the ones who defend every single thing arsene does, even when it is beyond ridiculous to do so.
They’re like the Illiberal Liberals in politics.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I don’t think he’s actually mad at fans but rather those responsible for hanging him out to dry in front of such fans. That’s a betrayal by a board that has supposedly been behind him all these years. Disgusting the way this season has developed.


You’d be right if it really was a tiny, tiny minority that have been shamefully disrespectful, but I think it’s been more than that, in the media and the fan base.


Who are the “extremists who defend everything Wenger does”? I have yet to read or hear anything from someone fitting that description. I suspect it’s just a straw man put up to justify poor form from the “Wenger Out” fanatics.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Every day on every single article. There are none so blind as those who choose not to see.

Dan Hunter

Certain people on here have said clearly they feel the manager is to blame for what has gone wrong this season but they would support him blindly. Surely that is as extreme as saying Wenger is a deluded old fool etc etc.


Well said, why the fuck all the downvotes?? Most of the people who want Arsene to leave are doing it with dignity. He is not really being abused, it is just his hurt pride, as he is used to being the smartest and revered and now he is unhappy without it. Well, he made this bed, by his arrogance which stopped him from progressing, and now he needs to lie in it.

John C

Exactly, what does he expect?

He spent the last decade putting down any of his critics with lines like “never worked half a day in football” or his arrogant dismissal of Jacqui Oatley when she suggested playing with a defensive midfielder only to mug himself off when he played Coquelin and results started to change.

Respect is reciprocal, you have to give to receive.


So well said John C. You get respect by giving respect and he’s been arrogant for so long.


Could that not be classed as the same thing? Something is hugely wrong at their club and it need sorting
What would you have the fans do? Accept it when they are clearly not happy.why should they. They pay huge prices and rightly or wrongly expect more from the manager and the club in general.

nimble foot

We pay taxes and many times we can all agree we are not really satisfied with the government, I don’t see a lot of government out banners and hear chants of you’re killing our country anywhere across the world. Maybe it’s just me but yes, the disrespect has been way over the top.


Are you genuinely saying you’ve never seen a protest against the government? Have you ever watched the news?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Don’t state obvious facts Frank. It doesn’t go down well here.
Not to mention the obvious difference that you can choose to vote your government out !

nimble foot

Well I said I don’t see “a lot of” it. And frankly, governments have had worse failings than Arsenal. I recall there were protests in Egypt a while back, I think in Nigeria as well more recently and in the US half hearted (IMO) anti-Trump. But here’s the thing, the Arsenal level protests should be visited on failing governments. That level of protest is just over the top. Then there’s the disrespect, you can’t say you don’t think it’s a bit too much.


Yeah, but there’s another obvious difference, namely that governments have tremendous power to effect our quality of life, even to the point of life & death, so it can be appropriate to protest against them with outrage and vitriol and perhaps even violence in extreme cases. But look, I’m as passionate about Arsenal as the next fan, but in the end it’s just football, a game, and a manager of a football team, who has done it with such class for so long, and given us so many moments to savor, doesn’t deserve the disrespect, let alone the rage and vitriol, we might direct towards a corrupt or unjust government. Get a grip, people.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You’re right of course that the protests shouldn’t be at the same level…and they’re not. You just don’t see the rage & vitriol at the same level for football as for government. Have I missed arsenal fans burning down the Armoury ? Some of the protests are of course over the top (and i’m not defending them) but they’re silly rather than dangerous. They’re not comparable.


Let’s see how the people will act here after today’s game, if we lose, Kwame and Frank.

For this reason, so much blind support for Wenger by many here on Arseblog, I started following Le Grove, guess I just can’t be positive about the club as long we have the same direction and management. Can’t wait for Wenger to leave, his comments when he is under pressure are embarrassing for the last few years and especially this year.


??? Really PFo? He’s being paid crazy money to seriously underperform (it’s not about the position in the league), it’s about extracting full potential of the squad at his disposal as well as the club’s resources. Saying it is just football you basically say that club’s results are not that important. Why do you bother following the club then??

Most of us have given so much emotion and care to the club as well as support to the team and Arsene but after so many false dawns it is too much.

You get a grip, man.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Are you trying to make out that your favourite football club not being run the way you want is the same thing as a Government not running your country the way you want?

I’ll tell you the difference. If you don’t like how your Government runs things you have a way to do something about it as long as the people who agree with you outnumber the people who don’t. If its your favourite team you’re upset with… suck it up. You chose the brand. You didn’t buy the company. You don’t own the shares.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Of course I’m not. I would have thought it was obvious. Follow the thread.

Are you trying to make out that fans shouldn’t have an opinion on how their club is run ? 😀 (easy to do eh?)


No, we’re saying disrespect and hatred and vitriol and malice and spite and contempt towards a football manager because he’s not managing as well as you’d like him to can’t be justified, really ever, but certainly not by drawing a dubious comparison between that manager and corrupt or unjust or badly run governments.


I think you are missing that the person ( nimble fokt)who drew the comparison between the club and government was doing it to make a point in defence of the manager and against those Wenger out. It’s those of us who are Wenger out saying it’s a shit comparison


You calling Arsenal the brand tells us much about you buddy.


The thing is that Wenger has overstayed his welcome for many years now, and otherwise how are fans hurting him? Fans are not really being listened to and if you can’t man up and accept the criticism and try to understand why it is being given then you are just a spoiled brat, and Arsene acts like that now.

We have underperformed and he should say so, stop there without complaining about the criticism and then give a plan on how he wants to improve things, if he is so desperate to stay here for longer and not let someone else to try and do better (but he loves the club so much, riiight).

With the way he complains all the time and gives some coded messages (I will tell you one day etc) he just says that actually he dos not think that he has underperformed. He does not take responsibility really and does not think he is responsible to anyone.


Or have an election and vote them out. It’s called a democracy. The two don’t compare

Dan Hunter

To say you have not seen a government out banner is different to saying you believe it should not be done.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Voicing displeasure can be done in a civilized manner or in the way Chelsea/Stoke fans do it. In my opinion, the Arsenal way is to voice it in a way that you would in front of your kids. Arsenal is class, we shouldn’t forget it.


Victoria Concordia Crescit

That’s The Arsenal way…….


Voicing displeasure is different than crying like a baby. I pay my money too, arsene deserves more than some of the comments and chants.


Jordo, I have the same answer to you as to Gutbukkit earlier – what a bunch of shite from you…


Your opinion is that of an infant.

Yankee Gooner

It’s no surprise that the most condescending, uncivil comments in this thread come from those downplaying the exaggerated “protests” against the manager. The only thing more depressing than seeing a bunch of frumpy twats on the television holding up Wenger Out signs is reading the faux-intellectual justifications for them.

Dan Hunter

I would like to understand what you think the alternative is to protests. How else can fans voice their opinions? It seems you are saying fans should just grin and bear bad performances year after year. I admit some vitriol is excessive, but it stems from deep frustration that has brewed for years after seeing the same repetitive weaknesses not being addressed.

Mr November

The irony of him being pissed off with ditherers.


I was thinking the exact same thing

Ex-Priest Tobin

Boo hoo. If you had performed at the expected level you wouldn’t be criticised. Now please fuck off out of the club after the final. Words cannot describe how much I despise this man.


He deserves huge respect as our greatest ever manager (probably). We have been spoilt as Arsenal fans and will only realise it after he goes.

Sp*rs haven’t won the league since 1961, so not in most of our lifetimes and haven’t won much else, though they were more above us than below in the 80s and early 90s.

Criticise him, sure, but disrespectfully, never.


We won the league in the 80s and early 90s, those cunts didn’t.


That lot have only finished above The Arsenal 7 times in my lifetime and 3 or 4 of those were before I followed any football. I’m 53

Kanu\'s Big Toe

He’s not wrong there.


Frankly he’s deserved every bit of criticism that’s come his way.. to use the term ‘abuse’ is seeking pity


Who are you?!

Max Fischer

He/she will vehemently deny this, but I reckon he’s been an Arsenal supporter for less than five years. I’ve noticed that seems to be the cutoff when it comes to being blatantly disrespectful to Arsene Wenger…they simply know too little about the man/club to show him respect. Pretty sad.


Or he could just have been an insufferable twat all his life and he’s now 60 and still an insufferable twat.

Max Fischer

Haha, true. Touché.


Or he could be stating the truth.


Thanks Rob.. I usually have a good laugh at these criticisms ( or should I say ‘abuses’) thrown at whoever dares criticises wenger..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m living proof that your theory is correct, or will be if I can survive four more years. I’m one of those awful lifelong Gooners that annoys everybody by taking the absence of a Cup at the end of each season as “just one of those things” and not a reason to loudly, publicly, rudely, and repeatedly demand that half the team, the manager, most of the staff, and the entire board get sacked, before the owner falls on his own sword in shame after selling the club to a dodgy Russian.


Seriously, where do you get off…



FFS Conte has won the league in his very first season.. and wenger hasn’t managed one in 13 years.. if that doesn’t embarass you as an Arsenal fan then you’ve only started supporting the club.

Lord of the Emirates

You say he has not been abused?


So you believe he deserves to be called a “French cunt” or be told he should die? That is the vitriol he is complaining about.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That sounds like the utter bollocks usually spoken by somebody who believes that the success or failure of the team he supports reflects on himself and his standing in society. You need to realise that regardless of whether Arsenal win things or not, fans of other teams will always think you are a pathetic wanker for supporting Arsenal. Its what they do. Don’t attack Wenger because the fans of other teams make you feel inadequate.


Again, bollocks from you Gutbukkit…


Arsene showing his arrogance to believe that Arsenal fans are above frustration and that he is above the same kind of abuses every manager and player sometimes endures. These are the words of an autocrat, an out of touch, over sensitive autocrat.

Arsene\'s handkerchief
Arsene\'s handkerchief

Whether you want him to stay or go is one thing, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I have huge admiration for Arsene, classy guy and not many in world football quite like him. Our best manager to date who had given us some truly wonderful teams. I do think it’s time for him to go, but along with this board. This interview seems like a pretty damning indictment on those above him. Kind of glad he’s finally come out and said something. Although it looks like he will be staying, you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal and today could potentially be his last game in charge of us (especially after what he’s said above). I hope we do it for him cos it’d be great to see him smile one last time. COYG


Manage your team properly then

Cliff Bastin

What the hell is going on


Along with the fans, some pundits are definitely to blame.

People like Chris Sutton, Michael Owen etc who haven’t achieved even of what Wenger has. They are professionals who have to realize what Wenger has done for the game.

When you see clubs like utd and city spend 150-200 million and still struggle to qualify for champions league, it gives perspective to Wenger’s achievements.

nimble foot

And Fatgooner who probably overdosed on his anger at Wenger not being sacked and has been absent all season. Or maybe he fucked off to Leicester but not before raising some twat disciples of the same cuntish ilk.
Ahhh I’m just anxious aren’t I?


No just a sad cunt for referencing someone not on here anymore who had an opinion

nimble foot

Fair play, maybe I am a sad cunt.


We spend 100 million and now out of top 4.
I won’t deny if he “was” a great manager, but it’s fair right now to say he past his prime and not that great anymore. He is decent, can bring you to the top but can’t bring you to glory(Except FA cup and EFL cup, because i think all clubs can win those cup).


Tha fuck? Critized for a decade for not winning anything, listening to media laud other teams for winning those trophies and seeing fans of them proud about it…now that Arsenal is competing for and has WON FA Cups it is a trophy to be sniffed at. Now the media bleats on about “Arsenal’s not won anything for over a decade, apart from 2 FA Cups” (and a community shield–part of the “treble” now, according to some cunt). Media troll this club hard. Seriously question the narrative, guys.


Seriously, Sutton, what a twat. Had like one good season where he won the league with Blackburn (and was outshone by Shearer), then a big money move to Chelsea where he utterly flopped with like 2 goals all season. And he has the audacity to belch out his opinions about the modern game, which is light years beyond his level.


I’m sure thousands like me sent their messages of support and respect to Arsene and that’s probably why he will stay. He knows he has the support of those who matter.


And that’s why some of us think that replacing Arsenal Football Club with a personality cult is not in anyone’s interest.

As it stands, the current primary objective of AFC is not to play football and maybe win something. It is to offer unlimited employment opportunities to one person. And that’s wrong.


Best comment on this subject ever Rob. Fully agree.


What makes you one of those who matter rather than those who think it’s time for Wenger to go?


Yes dawn you are that important


100% behind AW. Well said, boss. Some imbalanced folk have turned AFC into a laughing stock

What Did She Wear?

Absolutely spot on IMHO. The way this has been carried out by the club has left AW the brunt of some quite horrific treatment this season which has been OTT at times.

The board clearly know what their decision is. Bollocks to a board meeting next week. Don’t leave it hanging out there. If this is potentially AW’s last game today allow us the opportunity to say thank you and ensure the bloke is cheered as he walks away.
If he is here next season you could have announced this weeks ago and stopped this nonsense.

Winning ways

Cry me a river! Fans have the right to voice their criticism . . . And it has mostly been that! ‘Thanks for the memoriea but . . .’. Others have been disrespectful but most jave not. You cannnot attributebthe methods of a few to the majority in orderto discredit the ‘popular’ opinion!sorry its comes across as arrogance to me!


He needs to stop talking.

George Graham.

I wonder if this is the December incident?


I think the December incident is Cazorla setback.

nimble foot

Arsene just reject any new contract from this club. From boardroom level to players, to fans, you have mostly been let down.
Isn’t it interesting that players who played under Wenger and then under maybe 2 more managers have said at varying points this season that it’s the players culpable for poor results?
Oh yeah, the old argument of his players so, it’s his teamteam. But we were all jizzing at the prospect of this team at the start of the season. Suddenly we think they’re so baad and it was Wenger who foolishly chose to stick with the “deadwood”.
I’m never going to act like I see the players in training, and for the record, I don’t think Wenger is free of blame but it’s been over the top. The disrespect has been massive.


nimble foot – it’s because we’re not objective so we always overestimate the quality of players and team we have. I find it hard to believe any non Arsenal fan looked at our team this year and actually thought we would compete.


Succumbing to pressure of the section of the fan will certainly earmark an era of instability for AFC, no manager will be immune to disrespect, you lose one game and you will see banners flying calling for his head.


That’s nonsense. Even the most vociferous of supporters wouldn’t throw their toys out the pram after one game. This heightened criticism is a manifestation of over a decade of failure, heavy defeats against big sides and not preparing effectively for beginning of season.


I think it’s too personal and vindictive than objective criticism aims at wellbeing of the club, when you see supporters wish the team lose to prove their points or when describe a blip or a poor run as decade of failure without taking the entire picture of English footabll and the definition of big clubs into consideration then that for me is the height of hypocrisy..


we can criticize, but we have to always do it with respect, and consideration, why we have to spread so much hate, isn’t enough with what we have to go thru this days? let’s have more respect for others and maybe the world can be a better place.


Of Course he’s right – it’s a disgrace. Whatever you believe about Wenger – the anger and disrespect is misplaced. In my lifetime we’ve been a club to be proud of. Wenger continued that tradition and took it to the next level. The mob justice desired by some is nothing short of a public lynching of Arsenal’s greatest ever manager. It’s shameful. If you believe his time is drawing to an end fine. I’ve got no problem with that, but keep it classy please. The anger and spite is counterproductive.


Bold? Try the exact opposite. Why stir things up, especially with blaming fans, hours before the FA Cup final?

Selfish man.


Win the Cup and retire as a Legend instead of enduring the daily torture.


Then simply say whether you wanted to stay or not


I support Wenger. The board’s indecision on his future may have affected the players’ attitude, and most probably contributed to the delay by players like Özil and Alexis to commit to the club. Croenke and Gazidis are big wankers only interested in the club’s profit account. We’re trapped!


Critisizing your employers doesn’t seem the sort of thing you’d do if your’e about to sign a new contract. He’s never done it publicly before.


Maybe he sees the signs that they will not give him a new contract so he is losing the plot… Ground is shaking under him hopefully and for someone who lives for his job (which Is uhealthy) it is probably.frightening as hell.


I don’t think Arsene is publicly having a go at his employer.

Instead, in talking about populism, he’s probably making a point about the
hostile climate of opinion around the club, and the rise & rise of what some observers have called “entitlement rage”.


season has been dissapointing but now we need cohesion and it has to come from the top to move forward, Wenger has made mistakes for sure he’s human after all but the spineless board behind him are the negativity in this club and the manager will change before any of them fatcats stop drinking the cream and it turns sour we as fans can only voice our opinions but there is a fine line to an opinion and abuse “come on arsenal win the cup for the fans”


Excellent post Bazza, best yet…


re: the board


re: some of the abuse he’s copped

and fair enough too. At least an airplane banner, ridiculous as it is, retains a degree of civility

Wright on the money

Wenger has been a great manager but the time as come for change. If you can’t take the bad with the good it’s time to go.

It is down to the manager who he buys and who he brings in, to me it wasn’t good enough this season when you look at all the other teams above us they have by far better players and squads.

I think it needs some fresh blood and eyes to come in and start over again, no champions league football is a let down for a club like Arsenal, we are now in the Mickey Mouse cup that nobody wants.

Thanks for everything Wenger you have done but it is time to let someone else have ago now and look to bring some decent players in to the club.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You wait til we have a new manager and we’re in freefall. You’ll realise its much worse to take the bad with the bad. These players signed for Wenger, not for Kroenke, not for Arsenal, and not for the fans. So many of our players told you that when they joined. When they think Wenger might leave they start to think that they should go too.

Think on this you Arsenal manager/board/owner haters…
If Wenger gets pushed out who at Arsenal will be in charge of hiring the new “super manager” you all seem to expect will take over? Not one person at Arsenal has any experience of choosing and hiring a new manager. You want to PUSH them into having to do that this summer? You’re fucking MY team up with your whining for a new shiny thing.


That is precisely the problem and one of the reasons Wenger should leave.

The Arsenal should be a huge club, some of us think it IS a huge club.

If Wenger has brought the club to a point where players are no longer signing for one of the best-known clubs in the world but for him personally, well, then the club is worse off now than it was before he arrived.

No one can be above the club. If someone is, that’s unequivocally a bad thing.

Wright on the money

Well it needs to change sometime otherwise when do you replace Wenger when he is dead. You talk some shit it’s time for a change.


I’m completely with Wenger on this….i think it’s time he moved on but the way some fans have been behaving and their sheer lack of knowledge on anything to do with football has made me embarrassed to call myself an Arsenal fan!! I’d fear for anyone who comes in to replace AW and given the way fans have treated him, who the hell would want to


Well done for finally having a voice. Enough taking it on the chin like a martyr. Criticism is one thing, abuse is another. I doubt most couldn’t even bear a quarter of the shit this man has had to endure without glassing someone.


Hi don’t know whether to watch match on BBC or bt due to the normal biased and anti arsenal commentating, any advice on the lesser of two evils would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Just watch the game on either of those channels, but with the volume off, you know it makes sense.


He will leave. Already had that feeling after the Everton game and after this I’m pretty sure. Something has happened between him and the board. And instead of standing by his side – as we all know he deeply cares about the club – the majority of the fan base decided to make him responsible for everything bad. It’s a shame if he leaves like this. The biggest embarrassment I’ve witnessed as an Arsenal supporter.

Henry Tudor

Wenger should stop whining and get on with his job, bellerin was criticized and he went back to the pitch ad stepped up his game, same with ozil. In fact bellerin was even worse because he was a scape goat. Wenger’s response is to talk abt how many games he has managed, his love for the club, how the fans are creating toxic environment, how media is brainwashed. Yet he was the one that started the season under prepared and he was also the one who asked fans to judge him at the end of the season. For all his commitment to football and arsenal, if he always manages to come up short it simply means he doesn’t have what it takes. He is just having difficulty accepting it.


Hi man.
Think AW have everyone the response with what the team did. Won 7out of the last 8. Beat Manchester City and Chelsea on the way to his 7th and the club’s 13th FA Cup.


Just let him go already.

God knows he’s had enough time to make his “philosophy” work, only to revert to copying Chelsea when he couldn’t.

If the standard is so low that this season is not considered a massive failure, then we surely don’t need an 8,000,000 a season manager.


He should be angry at himself.


If he is so unhappy with the people upstairs, why does he still want to work for them? Your love for the club or the big money contract does not counter “disrespect” and “disgrace” if that is what he is claiming.

He knows he won’t be allowed to last longer than a season at any other club with these types of results.


Because arsenal just won the FA cup.


FA Cup champions and record! Haters gonna hate!


After 20 years, if the club choose to move on without monsieur Wenger they are quite right to do so with no apology!


He’s absolutely right.

Class less fans.

Sure he should be doing better and this season has been dissapointing but even so, we still come off with a trophy and a prestige one.

Wenger has won this thing more times than Alf Ramsey who was knighted. This man has also won the league unbeaten, transformed the meagre resources of the club and built a stadium along the way.

AND his minimum finish has been top 4 for twenty years which only Madrid can match.

Ponchentinno lauded by the media has the second best trophy. Pep has the third best trophy. I suppose having derided us for the ‘top four pot’ for so long, the same media has suddenly changed their tune and are considering Liverpool’s (ONLY second) top 4 finish in 8 seasons somewhat of an achievement.

So we take a season on sabbatical in the Europa league (a lesser competition that ONLY Moanrinho would deem to big up)

Did it stop Chelsea last season when they finished abysmal and had no CL to contend with this season giving them a leg up the same media would conveniently not mention?

We beat the most consistent team this season, not the best team.

Our trick is to be more consistent as a team bc on our day, we can beat anyone (in England)

I think the fans were brilliant today that said. We were one voice and full of it all match.

Wenger won’t want to leave the club in a poor state for his successor so my reading of it is having secured sufficient mandate, he will want to stay on and build for an eventual successor shortly (likely post 2018 Wcup)

It makes sense.

Change doesn’t mean good things if it isn’t wise.

That said, Wenger needs to build to ensure sufficient potential is retained or enhanced and his presence may aslo delay the departure of one or both of our key players which will help this rebuild.

A very important win today.

The trite media kept harping on about our chances (or lack thereof) against Chelsea who were going for the historic double.

We were going for an even BIGGER history that would only escape their small mindedness.

We have now won the title 13 times in its history, more than any club.

How ironic some of these same fans that belittle Arsene were spouting on about how they would prefer a trophy to top 4 not too long ago.

This cup is OUR cup.

Arsenal is the FA cup. Its always been our competition (not Europe).

Well done Wenger today. Spot on with ‘tactics (starting Ox in particular on the left) Credit where its due.



History. 13 wins.

Tradition. Its our cup and Arsene’s, that’s 7 and better than Sir Alf Ramsey.

Class. Need I say more.

determined culture

those idiots sitting at the top on their ivory stools think they know better football, tt they r capable of hiring a better manager. even if there r managers who r suitable/ good to take over Arsene, the board simply knows jack all in finding them. who is going to negotiate the next manager’s contract? who is going to tie it up? hell, we’ll end up hiring moyes who is out of job.
and they bloody drag on the contract decision. Fair play to them. it’s well within their right to delay the contract extension, but hell, have the balls to come out n make a press conference in Jan/ Feb bout it n not make all of us fans n players scratch our head over the situation!

Andy Mack

The boardroom at most other clubs can’t always get the best manager, so please tell us what the secret is? Obviously we can’t throw a manager £300m to spend in a summer (or every summer) and we have a wage structure (of some sort), so we can’t use the Real Madrid system (which also occasionally involves changing managers for the sake of it).
We can’t move the club into a less competitive league like Germany or… any league apart from the PL.
So please give us your insight.

determined culture

I’m just dreaming of the day when he retires and sits down to write a book titled ‘F this shit’ n starts talkin bout this whole board situation, y some ex-players talk shit … wat’s been going on behind the scenes on kronke n usmanov etc.. u know… but oh well, Arsene has too much class for tt to happen. we can all dream..


This is the time Arsène has come out. I have critisised him but I have always suspected he may know things we don’t and this is why he has behaved maybe incomprehensively to the fans and everyone. Now we know why and we know where to look at. Upstairs.
But for now he deserves utmost respect, no questions about it. He deserves to enjoy this win, a memorable one.