Arsenal 3-1 Everton – player ratings


Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Everton wasn’t enough for Champions League football because of results elsewhere.

That was then compounded by a red card for Laurent Koscielny and an injury to Gabriel which leaves us very short defensively for next weekend’s FA Cup final.

Still, we finished with a win, and with 10 men for most of the game, so here’s how the players rated.

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That’s a really precise rating for Özil 😁

Plus for Welbeck is that he’s nowhere near as isolated in this system as Giroud is; but that said, that miss was almost as bad as Gervinho at Bradford (sorry for the bad memories!)


I understand why people would rather play Giroud than Welbeck and I find his finishing as infurirating as any fan but I think that would be a mistake. Look through all our games this season and you’ll find that most of good team performances came in games where we played Sanchez or Welbeck up front and had movement. Whenever Giroud plays we look static and lack inspiration.

To make matter worse, Giroud has looked disinterested for most of the season. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t fight, he doesn’t bully the centre backs and his hold up play has been terribLe.

Welbeck was down at left back defending and powering through midfield at times. When’s the last time you saw Giroud do that?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Is that why Giroud probably has the best goal per minute played ratio ?


You have totally ignored what was written.

Clock-End Mike

That may be because the facts he quoted don’t bear out the writer’s opinion?


If you just want to look at goals, cheap goals against tiring teams that don’t count at the end of games should be ignored.


This. I keep on saying this. If we needed a box to box midfielder, we have Ramsey. Secondly, a comparison between two strikers would mostly revolve around their end product, and Welbeck has quite a problem. He is basically an average player. I’d rather if we had bought Wanyama and sold Welbeck. He has never been prolific, not for us, not for Man United. If we feel Giroud belongs in a mid-table team, then Welbeck belongs in a bottom of the table team. In fact, Giroud has always shone on the highest level. In fact, I think Sanogo would have better end product if he got the chance than Welbeck. That, in my opinion, was the worst way to spend 16 million pounds.

PS: I abhor that lot from across the park, but Victor Wanyama is my fellow Kenyan.


Wanyama is very very good. I hope we get a player who can wrestle him down next season. Even if he’s your fellow Kenyan.

Chris 66

The trouble is that your argument against a Giroud is not really one for Welbeck. Giroud is slower, less dynamic etc etc, but he does do the one thing that Welbeck seems pretty poor at, which is score goals. Beyond the “isn’t he a lovely lad” and “he tries so hard” and the inevitable “he’s coming back from injury” what we really have in Welbeck is a not quite good enough to be center forward/ not quite good enough to be winger type of player. Basically a taller Theo, except Theo scores goals.

So we have 3 not quite good enough forwards and you want to opt for the one who is the worst at doing the most important thing in the job, which is scoring goals. I am struggling to see the logic in that.

Parisian Weetabix

Genuine question, I’m not sure of the answer myself: how many goals has Giroud scored since we switched to three at the back?

I agree Welbeck isn’t a great striker, but I think he is the right type of striker to play in front of Ozil and Alexis. Chiefly because playing Giroud invites teams to play a high line – because who’s running in behind? Giving opposition teams that freedom can determine the entire pattern of a game. Also from my lazy observations I agree with the first guy that we do seem to play better, more dynamic football when dat guy is up top.

But obviously there are equally ways the team could play to Giroud’s strengths. Particularly with Ramsey seeming to find some form, I wonder if he’d be a more interested party in some of Giroud’s knockdowns than, say, either member of a Coquelin-Xhaka partnership. Also Bellerin and Monreal both have a decent cross on them and liberty to go forward, so it’s an option as a gameplan.

I hope you don’t ‘struggle to see the logic’ in this. There is more than just one logical way of playing, each with its pros and cons.

Chris 66

I am not arguing with your logic of a faster striker in this or any system. I do however think that that striker should be able to,score goals. Following your argument surely Theo is an even better option as he is both fast and can score. He isn’t good enough but surely that just highlights how poor Welbeck is?

Faisal Narrage

I think the answer is to just install Sanchez up front and Iwobi in LW.

Or give Lucas a chance up front.


I would love to see that! Iwobi has looked sharp the last few times he’s come on. I hope he gets better at finishing, so he can become top top quality.


If I could, I could give you 10 thumbs ups. Welbeck is ‘not good enough’ for us.

Faisal Narrage

Actually I’d say Welbeck is the anti Theo

Theo scores but doesn’t do much of anything else. Welbeck does everything else but scores.

Chris 66

Isn’t that a bit like having a wife who does everything except have sex with you? Useful to have around but ultimately what’s the point?


Wow! I could not think of better description of Welbeck.


I understand where you’re coming from but my argument is that Sanchez, Ozil and pretty much the rest of the team become more dangerous and productive when Welbeck is on the pitch. I don’t have the stats to back my point but maybe By the Numbers can take care of that.

If anyone can get these stats for when Welbeck starts and when giround starts I think I can prove my point.

Goals scored
Shots on goal
Chances created
Key passes

Clock-End Mike

In the long run, perhaps after a good pre-season, Welbeck will make an excellent backup forward, occasional starter, and hopefully a scorer of goals.

But on form, you have to pick Giroud before him for the Cup Final. Because he scores goals.

Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal
Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal

Doesn’t score goals when it really matters and provides nothing else. Personally I’d start Alexis up front and bring Iwobi back in.


Amazing how posts here earlier in the season were lauding the injured Welbz as being the missing piece to make us tick but then focus on his poor finishing when he did come back.

We always seem to have rose spectacles for players not playing.

Perhaps our By the Numbers guy can tell us why other teams score from outside the box but we can’t. I know they’re higher risk but then so are tight passes inside a packed penalty area.


Lets go through this one by one.
Firstly the “look through our performances part”: In the league matches, Welbeck started in the 3-1 loss to Liverpool. Played the full 90 in the 3-1 loss to West Brom. Started the 2-2 draw against City, 3-0 win against West Ham and the 3-0 loss to Palace. Started the wins against Utd, Southampton and Everton. So thats 8 starts, 3 losses, 1 draw and 4 wins. During the same stretch Giroud’s record in the league reads: 8 starts, 5 wins, 3 losses. On what grounds exactly does Welbeck appear to have been part of “most of the good performances”?
Next. Giroud is disinterested. This disinterest has resulted in 6 league goals during this time. Welbeck has scored 2 and has 2 assists. For most of the earlier part of the season Giroud played with no real wingers. Giroud is, as you quite rightly put, a bully in the box. But he needs service for that. He mostly played with Walcott, Sanchez and Iwobi in the wide positions. None of them like to cross the ball. See the very marked improvement in his goalscoring since he has had Chamberlain in the wing back position. I dont think Giroud is a particularly gifted footballer but he is exceptional in the air. To use him and then not give him any service is just idiotic.
Lastly, and this is very very important. The center forward being at left back is NOT a good thing. He shouldnt be there. Especially in the 3-4-3 where the team has only 3 attackers and neither Ozil nor Sanchez are naturally predisposed to being in the box. A striker is judged by the goals he scores first and everything else second. It is a mistake to think that anything else can make up for that aspect and Danny Welbeck has never in his career been a good goalscorer.
Oh and I am not at all a Giroud fan. I just don’t see the point of playing a player who cant score in the center forward position.


Agreed about Giroud but I don’t think he looked disinterested his season, if anything he looked pissed and i think he worked/tried hard. It’s just his lack of pace and mobility really doesn’t suit our team and playing him makes us so unbalanced. He becomes isolated so easily and rarely gets any service as a result.

Honestly if Sanchez is not available, I’d play Giroud and Welbeck with Ozil just behind them. Giroud alone would get marked by Chelsea’s back three and won’t be able to get any service. Either that or keep the front three as is and bring Iwobi in instead of Sanchez with Welbeck up top and ozil to the right. Welbeck and Iwobi were linking up really well last year before he got injured so maybe that could work.

Tasmanian Jesus

Im not sure which player it is you think is Giroud. But its obviously not him.


Funny that when we asked Giroud to move around then moving out of position which mean cannot socre 25 goals a season he was criticised, but it’s Welbeck, it’s ok, he can run around like a cut headed chicken, he is giving movement to the game, fair…. he is a striker and has score 4 goals in 19 games. Make your minds gooners, you want a striker that bang goals game after game but then feel sorry for a guy who misses sitters.


Wasn’t he just being unselfish by setting up Bellerin for a certain goal?


I’d really love to see Perez in that position with service from Ozil, Sanchez, Bellerin/Ox and even the Welsh Jesus if he’s to find his form again. Hell over the top from Xhaka too.


Agreed. I think once welbeck gets a preseason under his belt we might see a differently player. I love his movement and work rate, all he’s missing is the finishing – which is the hardest part, but it’s been proven over the years that every striker improves at arsenal. Not taking anything away from Welbeck, I still believe we need to sign a world class striker this summer, I can see Giroud leaving this summer to guarantee game time as there’s the World Cup next summer.


Francis Jeffers would certainly agree with you.


Danny Welbeck has never been able to score goals and he’s not going to change now. Oli is far better than a lot of people give him credit for and is a very valuable player for us, I’d rather keep him and sell Danny. Yaya Sanogo can bully defences and probably score more goals than Danny Welbeck anyway.


But the team game is much more sleek and swift with Welbeck. He also gets a lot more freedom than Ollie, because he’s quicker and can play the spaces. Welbeck also gets a better run from referees than Giroud. Look at how many “fouls” are given against Giroud for elbows and /or holding down.

Tommy Gunner

Definitely haven’t seen Welbeck do enough to start over Giroud in the cup final. Headed goal against United aside, he’s been completely innocuous in most games and has at least 2 fresh air shots in front of open goals (I think the other one was against City at Wembley just before Alexis scored).

I know that this system isolates the forward, and that Giroud has had his own struggles, but at least Giroud can finish. Also, with Ramsey back in form, he’ll be the perfect runner for a one touch Giroud layoff in the box that we know he likes so much.


A one-touch Giroud layoff? Where can I see one.


YouTube best arsenal goals of 2013-14


Or you can watch a compilation of Giroud’s goals for the Club and you’ll find a lot are headers and one touch finishes. There’s a particular goal which he scored against West Ham by taking the ball down sweetly with his left and swinging it in with his chocolate leg, nutmegging the keeper. All while he basically had Andy Carroll and at least one other West Ham defender hanging off his perfectly sculpted, toned and maintained posterior.

Third Plebeian

Neither. Start Walcott instead. He always scores against Chelsea!

Ben Rich

I’m glad someone else has picked up on the airshots.. he should be villified really because if not for someone tapping them in we’d be calling for him to be dropped. He also swung and missed at the ball vs spurs in 15/16 I think and chamberlain smashed it in behind him.. ridiculous. How can we have a CF who now on 3 occasions has totally missed the ball from 6 yards out? It’s the sort of thing I’d expect to see from a Fan if they got the chance to play. Let alone Arsenal football clubs centre forward, who is on £100,000 a week.

If you down post this comment you accept mediocrity and are possess the mentality that is the reason for the clubs failings.

“Oh he’s a nice lad, oh he’s fast and pressures defenders..” well we might as well sign Usain Bolt then if we want someone who is friendly and can run fast.


Anyone else feel really happy for Per finally making an appearance this season? His reception was quality and it was great the first time he touched the ball and everybody cheered!

my name is bob


Sideshow Mo

Stan, Josh, Ivan….. who is the “Fourth Down-Voter”? Sir Chips?


Something we can all agree on


Bellerin’s gonna turn into a bit of a superstar at right wing back isn’t he? 🙂


Once he learns to cross!! Been taking lessons off Walcott.


Hopefully for us!


What does Ozil have to do to earn that extra 1/8th, Blogs?

Getso gunner

I so much love that Ramsey goal


I didnt see it live. Had given up 15 minutes into 2nd half after Liverpool scored thier 3rd.. went to bed. It was 1:20am after all. But in highlights this morning, wow. What a peach of a strike.
I noticed he didnt take a look at all, from the moment he was preparing to receive right through to actually watching the ball leave his foot, he didnt look at the goal once. Aware 100% the spot on the field he was and where to put that ball. Loved it. Great way to finish the last home game of the season.


Only about 45 shots off-target practicing for that one.


Doesn’t Welbeck get an assist for Bellerins goal too? He purposely mis kicked it to Hector in my opinion

Clock-End Mike

Ironically, he does; but your opinion is mistaken, I think 🙂


What’s happened to Mustafi?


As I said before, some people have their ‘favorites’ and ignore faults.

1) KOscielny – He has been in general fantastic but he has made errors too which are conveniently ignored. Not that I thought the tackle warranted anything more than a harsh yellow as it was early on in the game and he was hardly the last man but he ought to have known better.

That said, the media are up to their usual nonsense again.

They now say we have a defensive crisis without Koscielny.

Mustafi has been excellent in his first season with us (remember Koscielny’s error strewn first season???).

We will play Mustafi (likely to recover from illness next weekend), Holding on the right (inexperience today again with the hand ball) and Monreal left. What crisis?

2) Welbeck. Pace pace pace. What’s the point of pace when you can’t slot in from 2 yards out into an empty net? We need to be so much more efficient with our chances (I don’t want to mention Kane but I must)

That said, at least he recovered his presence of mind to feed Alexis for the second.

3) Granit- Again the media dim wits with their pronouncement that he has been dissapointing. Do they even watch the games or do they base it on their own red herrings concocted through 2 red cards? Remember Patrick Viera much?

He has been instrumental for us sans Santi in his range of passing and has prospered with the new set up. Don’t think the media are paying attention beyond manufacturing crisis for us. as per usual.

4) Iwobi – I thought he was excellent when he came on. Would love to see him assume a deep midfield role. His runs and energy is refreshing.

5) Ramsey – Superb finish. That’s the thing about Ramsey these ‘critics’ of him tend to again conveniently brush off. He has flattered to deceive but we keep him because if he hits a hot streak, he is absolutely brilliant. He needs to be played further up as an alternate to Ozil IMO.

I think in general we played decent being down to ten but we need to be far more unforgiving with the chances created.

In the end a bridge too far. We should have at very least beaten Spurs to secure top four which we did not.

Its been poor from us to say the least but hardly the disaster the media are now making it out to be.

So we do something different in 20 years. Might be a change. It certainly wasn’t an issue for Chelsea or Leicester not being in Europe.

The key for us is to maybe not prioritise the Europa as much and concentrate on the PL title next season. If we win and go on, great, if not, the rotation should be bias toward domestic concern.

Meanwhile Liverpool are celebrating getting into CL for the second time in 8 seasons. Its trumpeted by the media as some sort of title winning feat when in reality they derided us for the same top four trophy not so long ago.

And ironically, we have a chance at a trophy they were making such a meal about back then.

They will of course bias toward the fact that ‘unstoppable’ Chelsea are in it to achieve the double conveniently again ignoring the fact we are again going to make history as the side that has won the FA cup for the most times in its history IF we should win it.

And Wenger will be the most successful manager in its history.

So Second best trophy ala Spurs or FA cup?

Top four pot ala Liverpool or FA cup?

We will have to be at our absolute best of course to beat Chelsea but the season isn’t entirely over for us.

If United don’t win the Europa, they have won a second rate domestic cup considering money they have spent on behalf of the Glazers.


Clearly we need to change things etc but if you listen to the mind numbing media, you only get seeds of discontent.

Again today in the commentary, whoever it was next to Lee Dixon made a meal about Tony Adam’s book. Dixon had to correctly take it to task and explain that Tony Adams was taken out of context by the media.

His mention on coaching by Wenger alluded more to the fact that Wenger is not a traditional coach and that he tends to allow the players to interperate the piece with minimum intervention. It was never a case that he meant Wenger was a lousy couch.

But that’s what you get if you listen to the media. Utter rubbish.


I believe the Club held the record for most FA Cup final wins until United won it last year and drew level. It lasted a year but whatever 😀


Why the dislikes, Arsenal and United have 12 each. Last season United won it to bring them level. Before that Arsenal 12 and United 11?

Faisal Narrage

Seriously dude, be more concise with your words.


Welbeck, not a bad footballer but a very useless striker.
He reminds me of how underwhelmed I was when the rumors started becoming strong on that fateful transfer window that we were in for him .
And why we still need a striker despite the fact we overpaid united for his services.

*insert the usual crap used to defend average British players in his defence here . runs a lot . Runs all day ,never hides, there’s a talent in there, the team does well when he’s playing and something about a bloody engine.*


Completely feel the same. To me he’s just a British Sanogo.

Him & Iwobi are the two players I think that aren’t good enough for us. They look exciting, run & dribble around everywhere, etc, but when you look closer they offer nothing to the team. Sadly.

I’m ok if we’re playing them here & there as subs to put bodies & fresh legs in, but even then I would rather play players that actually good at their jobs/positions.

(I’m maybe bias, because as a long time gooners, I grew to hate everything that ever came from Man United)


The cl ko could be a blessing in disguise. Can any right thinking fan
seriously think they win the cl?I doubt it. Mathematically not impossible
but its mission not possible. The gap between Arsenal and top cl sides have widened.Arsenal could suffer early elimination and the pain would be more tolerable.
The 2 hammering by BM bear testimony to this. The blame shd be pointed at the fm and nobody else.
His philosophy has been proven to be a non winner and yet he shows no sig of change.At any other top club,he would have been sacked long ago.


Yeah, it’ll be a real “blessing in disguise” when our best players push for a move to a CL club this summer…


In saying that though, Chelseas players didnt exactly push for a move when they didnt qualify for the CL. What they got was a board who made assurances things would be different, bought in a manager who had a track record of success and spent a few $$$ on players to improve the squad. the players believed the club would turn it round. I like to think Arsenals players can be given the assurances they need to stay… I dont think they necessarily need a new manager but they will want to see evidence the club will be bringing in this player and that player and show some ambition. THAT though is the problem. The board at Arsenal has no ambition other then to be there abouts without spending the extra money to actually get there.


Team for the final for me.

Cech – back to the keeper we wanted when we sighted him

Holding – silly mistake today but since coming in he has made way less mistakes than anyone would expect from a u21on his debut season especially considering he came from Bolton not a famed academy side looks like the real deal and I would have him first on the team sheet over are other defenders including koscielney who has been acting like a erratic u21 recently

Gabriel – has looked a lot more comfortable since the switch to the back 3 and presuming his injury can be shaken off also like that he has played Rb for us so understands the job of covering the wing which you see some back 3 struggle with eg Chelsea v spuds match 1 Cahill and luiz got exploited quite badly by eriksen and alli (if Gabriel is injured then mustafi will replace him Im just not sure where I stand on mustafi and I definitely don’t think he has had a good season but I do think he will be a good signing. Look at our defensive record this season compared to last ?)

Mertesacker – I think it will be important to have the captain back in to face costa and keep the defence tight and organised which I can’t see the others doing in the absence of Kos just got to make sure their aware of mertesackers one weakness his pace and provide the cover and force them onto the wing I fancy our players to win the battle of crosses it’s Chelsea not West Brom

Bellerin – looking real good since he came back from injury and we let him fully recover before thrusting him back in you can see the difference shame there is no ox to choose from as that would be a hard choice as he was outstanding (wonder how jenkinson took one of his mates taking his position with no previous experience?)

Monreal – does not get enough credit from pundits (morons) top 3 lb in the league for me looks really good as a wing back just wish he would tuck in abit more at time and stop letting as many crosses in really wish it wasn’t such a easy choice over Gibbs who is such a trooper for not moaning (maybe it’s a bad thing ?) maybe with a sting of games he would really perform but not enough From his few appearances to suggest dropping nacho

Xhaka – I think he’s been really good all season considering it’s his debut season and having multiple partners having to keep changing his role in the team I wish we played the kind of football that allowed his long passing to be really useful I don’t think it’s used enough to much slow buildup apparently we’ve only scored 2 counter attacking goals this season (who scored sounds wrong but It can’t be that wrong)

Coquelin – I want the rock coq back tell him to be a wall and cut the fancy shit out he’s never going to power through the pitch like chambo does or pass and glide like Santi does he is a brute and should stick to the brute play let mesut do the fancy stuff (we know he’s never gunna challenge a 50/50)

Ramsey – the new formation is giving him the freedom he needs and the new formation still isn’t using him to his best on paper I would have him at cam but the way he plays he can slot in next to xhaka and coq play it to ozil and power up the pitch I would tell him defend as a team but you do your thing make those runs that you do so well and once his confidence is back (that goal today dayuuum) we can get 13/14 Ramsey back and firing I’m convinced finally playing him for more than a single game in his preferred position will do that on paper his current position is the same as in the 4-2-3-1 but you can see how much better he is without the defensive chains holding him back

Ozil – looks really really good now he is getting the support from Ramsey Sanchez the wing backs and xhaka more time like he did at Real Madrid and the German team just a shame him being missused had fucked his confidence (we fans didn’t help justifiably for good reason though) just wonder if it’s too late to get him to stay

Sanchez – has to start upfront we know he won’t stay there but he has been much. Enter there then on the wing and I don’t trust giroud to always turn up and welbeck just keeps missing the ball in the 6 yard box what’s up with that I would rather have Walcott up top at least he scores goals this year (just not a lot else unfortunately amazing that he can bag 20goals but his other attributes are so poor he isn’t a started) Sanchez bags goals and when he come
Central he just seems to lose the ball he is best around the box where he can shoot or do those lovely chip crosses so sticking him upfront will keep him higher I think are poor run of form was when he went back to the wing his defensive contribution is poor even though he tries he gives the ball away a lot and his goals and assists dried up as a result of that you can see how improved he is playing striker/cam but I would have him striker to get the best out of Ramsey aswell as I think although Sanchez is marginally better at cam he is far better than our other strikers

Subs with less depth I think it’s 7 but maybe it’s 5 (it’s late don’t judge me)
1. Ospina – I like Martinez but you need experience in finals
2. Mustafi – more than good cover if needed
3. El neny – very good at keeping the game controlled links up well too may sideways passes so only for if we’re winning
4. Giroud – for obvious reasons
5 . Walcott – remember when he was a super sub in his youth ? Want more of that
6.gibbs – cover for wing back and can push Monreal into cb if there is an injury
7.welbeck – another obvious one

Really hope we don’t get bullshitted like we always do b Chelsea with bs red cards the Alonso elbow which is one of the most outrageous things I’ve ever seen and we really turn up.

Wenger needs to leave he is too set in his ways doesn’t fire the players up enough I doubt any of them really fear getting a dressing down from him and I don’t think he sees the game tactically the way he used to he’s not getting the best out of an outstanding squad and their needs to be a message sent out that were not a joke as we currently are I don’t want to be seen as how Liverpool have recently

Can’t wait for the ‘new signings’ of Cazorla wilshere wojech toral chambers and the others who are injured like Perez and chambo to be back from injury really makes selecting a team sheet hard cazorla has to play but who do you drop ? And wilshere can’t stay a sub if he is to improve ? Does chambers come into the team he has been beast for Middlesbrough I would have him start in a three to be honest with holding

Looking real good squad depth wise I wouldn’t even be that bothered if we didn’t sign anyone providing we get rid of debuchy and other deadweights takknng up wages that can be used for players to commit to new contracts

If anyone actually read this congrats I know it must be hard to make sense of my 2am can’t sleep rambling lacking any grammar at all but I do this for me rather than anything else

COYG lets destroy the scum and send wenger off with dignity (allegri please)


I thoroughly enjoyed the performance put up by the boys today. Being down to 10 men after only 15 minutes against a very good (and not on holiday yet) Everton side, we not only do well and won convincingly but with a few missed chances to spare. What does the media say about that? NOTHING!! Instead they turn on the fact we didnt make it to the top four, the red card to Kos (which was absolutely stupid and unnecessary), the injuries, the contract, the manager. Fuckthem for all I care!! As fans, please do not be influenced by these people.
We got a good 6 days to prepare for the FA Cup and they already write Arsenal off. Claiming Chelsea will get their double. How much more bias can they be??!
If we win it (yes we got a good a chance as Chelsea seriously), then what will they say then? Probably…it is just the FA Cup, str players will still leave, Arsene should be sacked, etc, etc. Nothing pleases them.
Ozil had an outstanding game today. Not sure why blog gave such a ridiculous rating. Why not just give him 8 or 8.5. What has the media mentioned about this?? NOTHING AGAIN!!!
There is still time to reorganise, without Kos and possibly Grabriel. Question marks also on Alexis (hope he will recover, which I think he will). But we have other personnel who can step up and have shown the ability to do so…Mustafi, Iwobi, Coq, Ox (I heard he will start training this week). We can put up a good decent fight this Saturday…that is FOR SURE!!


Remember everybody criticizing Sanchez for being angry about the draw with Bournemouth? Well, there you have


Apart from the goal, Ramsey had a really shit game in my opinion. Also, it seems like the players like Özil, Iwobi and Welbeck aren’t trained to shoot. And Ramsey is the opposite, he can’t pass!

a different George

I genuinely do not understand this. I think the reasonable opinion of someone watching this match would range (because even reasonable opinions can have a range) between “Ramsey was pretty good” and “Ramsey was superb.”

Also, please remember that we played most of the match with 10 men, essentially a 4-2-3. That meant that both Wellbeck and Ramsey had to make sure they were always in position to get back in cover.

Kareem Mohamed

Pretty sure Welbeck had 2 assists?
His miss for Bellerin’s goal was technically a backheel, albeit terrible 😛
And his assist for Sanchez…


Could it just be that none of our current strikers do that well playing as a lone striker? Personally I would love to see 2 upfront again and I think Welbeck would score more goals if that was the case. However, I don’t expect the formation to change for 2 up top


Only one option for Giroud.


He will never get the service his game depends on.
He has been pigeonholed as a ‘super sub’, he is better than that.

He has some great abilities which are not suited for Mr Wenger’s Arsenal.

So leave, Mr Giroud.
Find a club where they will appreciate, play to your skills.


Can we recall chambers from middlesborough?


Can we recall chambers


6.5 for Welbeck, that’s just a joke, even a 12 years old boy could have given that assist, he is doing f*** all since his return and for less than that Giroud is being criticised to death.

Rille Özrill

I would like to see some stats on how many goals the team scores with Welbz vs Giroud on the pitch. It feels like its more when Welbz is on the pitch but I dont have any stats.