Henry not convinced by Arsenal’s back three

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Arsenal’s move to a back three helped bring about three wins before Sunday’s 2-0 defeat at White Hart Lane, but it has always felt like something Arsene Wenger was using more becuase he had to do something rather than some masterplan.

Perhaps it’s telling that in our last two games, we’ve reverted to a back four mid-game as the manager has looked to get more from his side. Against Leicester it was about finding a goal to win, and against Sp*rs to try and find a way back into the game.

Speaking on Sky Sports afterwards, former Gunner Thierry Henry said he remained unconvinced about the shift to the new formation.

“The thing that worries me the most is the way they are playing,” he said. “The back three looked like it was all over the place.

“Arsene used to say he wanted to play against teams that played against him, not teams that play all at the back, anti-football. What I saw here was, especially in the first half, Petr Cech bypassing the midfield and going long to Olivier Giroud all the time.

“Something I saw that was well prepared was on Tottenham goal kicks they were going really high to force them to go long.

“You cannot play in a back three and just expect it to work well in three or four games. It takes time. From what I’ve seen I wasn’t reassured because of the way they played.”

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