Henry pleased, but says we’ve heard it all before from Arsene Wenger


Thierry Henry says he’s glad that Arsene Wenger has signed a new deal with Arsenal, but says he must back up his talk with action, especially when it comes to transfers.

The Arsenal manager outlined his summer plans earlier on, saying he had to cut some players from the squad and find some ‘top quality’ recruits, but the club’s record goalscorer says he’s remaining dubious until those players actually arrive.

He insisted this is a road well traveled, but this time Wenger has to do what it takes to bring the title back to North London after 14 years.

“As an Arsenal fan, and as a guy who had Arsene as a coach and have maximum respect for him, I’m happy to see him at the club,” he told Sky Sports.

“Everyone is waiting for the title. The club, the players, the fans and Arsene himself.

“That’s what I want to see because raising your game for one day is one thing, but everybody is waiting for that to be done over 38 games.

“He might buy one or two players having, as he’s claimed, created a dynamic to win the title finally.

“But I’ve heard that before, and the year before, and the year before.”

Where Henry did hold out some hope was in the Frenchman continuing with the formation he implemented towards the end of the season, playing three at the back.

“Hopefully a change in system might be the thing that helps them win the title next year,” he said.

“They finished the season strong, although they have done that before. Raising yourself for the FA Cup final, to beat one team on one day is one thing.

“To do it over 38 games is a different story.”

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