Koscielny on summer transfers and Sead Kolasinac arrival


Laurent Koscielny says he believes Arsenal know who they want to boost the squad next season, and that they’ll go after those targets regardless of where we finish this current campaign.

The Gunners are staring Europa League football in the face, and require everything to go their way in the final week of the season to avoid that fate.

Nevertheless, the French international is sure that the squad will be strengthened this summer.

“I think that they know the players they want,” he said.

“They know for a long time so I think if we are qualified or not for the Champions League they have targets in their head and they will do everything to have the best players for us, a player who can help the team to be better and who can change the team to have some more positive results for this club.

“Would Kolasinac do that? I hope!”

Of course the situation is made complicated by the lack of clarity over the managerial situation, something Koscielny admits is not ideal for the players.

“It is a difficult situation, we don’t know what happening with the boss,” he said. “But we are professional, we are salaried to this club and we just want to have the best result for this club – not to think about other situations or this situation of the boss.

“We are all in the same boat and the captain is Arsenal. We need to fight for this club and don’t think about what is happening with the boss or the players.

“This is a situation, maybe some players don’t feel great, but you need to be focused on our job and have the best results for Arsenal.”

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