Ramsey hoping Wenger signs new deal


Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal’s FA Cup hero², hopes Arsene Wenger will sign a new deal at the club after guiding the Gunners to a record-breaking 13th triumph in football’s oldest knockout competition.

The Welshman, repeating his Wembley heroics of three years ago, grabbed the decisive goal in the final as Arsenal overcame Premier League champions Chelsea 2-1. 

Facing the press at full time, the midfielder said he and his teammates owed the boss the victory after a roller coaster season.

“It’s been an up and down season but to finish it with an FA Cup has to be a successful season.

“The boys deserve it and I’m happy for the manager to get another FA Cup.

“I hope he stays here, he’s been fantastic for me and fantastic for these players.

“He deserves this. Hopefully, he’ll be here next season because we owe him a lot.”

Wenger is out of contract at the club at the end of June. It is expected that a decision about his future will be made in the coming days.

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I really don’t know whether I want him to sign a new deal. Not because I don’t love him – I love him to bits, I think he’s vastly underrated and if anything has delivered more trophies than anyone could have expected. 3 FA cups in 4 years, wow! But i don;t know about the new deal because I don’t want dickhead fans insulting him.

King 14enry

If they insult him, they’re no longer fans. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when they take the attention and focus away from winning the match by acting like childish fools, they can go find another team to support in my opinion.


I blame the AFTV lot for continually giving a platform to these idiots. Even before the match, yelling that “FA Cup doesn’t mean shit fam and he needs to go blad” is cringe-worthy.

I used to think this kind of controversy videos/opinions for likes and clicks was limited to Sky and BBC but to see our own “fans” indulge in it is just awful.


I’ve been quick to jump on Ramsey when he hasn’t been playing well but under this new formation and role he has looked fantastic. Props to Wenger and Ramsey. They both took unnecessary amounts of shit and it’s nice to see them getting some rewards in the end. I feel great for mertersacker also. A faithful servant to the club who was never in doubt of himself or Wenger.

Donald\'s Trump

Asking for change is not insulting him. There is no other way to make feelings known as a fan other than during a game.

What else would you do? Send a letter.

Wenger/the board is more disrespectful to the fans than vice versa in my opinion.

Eduardo Stark

I’m campaigning for AFTV out from next season


I thought Arsene during his after game presser was spot on when he said the toxic fans affected the players DURING games. He went on to say he accepts fans want to voice an opinion and so forth and thats fine on the other 6 days a week, but for the 90 minutes of the game, back the team. Get behind them on game day. For me, this is the single biggest problem of our club, ningnongs who take that shit to the game on game day.

Dan Hunter

So when exactly do you make your voice heard? If it is unacceptable during the game, then play the game to the best of your ability and if you lose, then you lose. Fans chanted ‘you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ to the players… we were absolutely horrendous against the likes of Crystal Palace, Watford and others and the criticism was more than well deserved. Fans were behind the team 110% but when the manager is not behind the fans and the players are not playing for the fans and for the shirt, then they deserve all the criticism that they get. Having said that, personal disrespect and ad hominem attacks against the manager are not right. The poor performances are worthy of the criticism. What is perceived as a lack of respect towards fans is totally unjustified.

It goes both ways. I can say I will never accept the lack of effort and the poor performance one after another. This was nothing to do with the fans. This was years of incompetence and lack of fight and collapses causing feelings to boil over. Years of poor transfer activity, years of lack of professionalism with player contracts, with poor tactical efficiency, with humiliating results and defeats all have caused a polarisation that I believe we can never come back from.


I think Arsenal will bounce back from this underwhelming season to say the least. I would like Wenger to stay on for another two years. and in that time frame orchestrate a successful transition strategy. Also appoint a director of sporting operations and a new contract negotiator. Finally sort out the players who are not good enough or don’t want to be at Arsenal. Cash in and upgrade In certain positions. Many people won’t like this but pay Sanchez whatever he wants. The last thing we need is to see him shredding through our defense in a light blue or dark blue jersey.

Me So Hornsey

The best thing about yesterday’s performance was the fight. People will say 3 at the back, Chelsea were off, we had nothing to lose, blah de blah, but the bottom line was we were desperately weakened in defence, has Ox as a wrong sided wing back, our 2nd choice keeper, and a defender who hadn’t played all season playing the runaway champions of England. But we didn’t just beat them. We wiped the floor with them. 2-1 was polite to them. And all mainly because every single thing we did was 100% desire, battle and refuse to lose attitude. I even saw Ozil slide tackling Hazard and taking him out! I thought I was dreaming.

If Wenger were to leave, whoever inherits this squad would be a very, very lucky man. All he would need is to inject this fight in every week.

Only one Dennis Bergkamp
Only one Dennis Bergkamp

A left back who’s not a left back somehow seems to work for us in Cups. Remember Flamini in the 2006 Champs League?


He should stay. Seeing him smile gives me so much pleasure. The way he was hugging his players yesterday, really looked like a big family. which is what Arsenal is about, togetherness. There are always going to be ups and downs, but the kind of stuff being thrown at him has been unfair and disrespectfull.


Indian Gooner

Never have been a ‘Wenger-Out'(if you want to put that way). Though I must admit that even I started having my own doubts.
But the thing Wenger has impressed me the most this season is how he held the team together and turned it around in style. Chelsea were on a free fall last season and Mourinho couldn’t do shit.
It is easier to wilt under pressure than to stand up fighting against all the odds. It takes some character to do that. I salute him for that.


Indian Gooner, you make what is perhaps one of the most overlooked points of this season….well played by you and Wenger. Class is forever especially in the face of those lacking it.


i think its rather sad that people seperate our fanbase as wenger-out or wenger-in fans. personally i love and respect the man , and for what he has done he will be a legend in my eyes for this club. but what i want is only the best for the club we love and wenger is no longer that. its just like what wenger always says , he should not be judged on a single result , rather he should be judged on past few seasons . and based on that there should only be one outcome


you say that, but realistically, we were finishing above our predicted place. If you give an objective person the task to rank where each squad would finish, because of the money the spend, united, chelski, and city would always be above us. Even tottenham spent £100 million in a season. There is this expectation at Arsenal that we have some divine right to win the league and if we dont its all the managers fault.

In my view, im ‘wenger in’, not just because hes given me some of the best moments in my life, but because we always punched above our weight. Im not sure there is any manager that could have done what he has done over the last 10 years, kept us consistent. We have seen it with every other club around us who have dropped off even with the so called best managers in the world. When he leaves, he needs to pass the torch not under pressure but knowing arsenals future is in good hands.


its a myth that arsenal doesnt spend money .over the years we’ve been made to beleive that arsenal doesnt have money to spend but if you look at the facts arsenal is actually one of the highest spenders in the world.

last season itself we’ve spend over 100 million in transfer market alone , that was higher than tottenham , liverpool and even chelsea who are all ahead of us .also when you are looking at how money is being spent there is another criteria , ie premier league wage bills

city – 225
chelsea- 218

looking at the table we can see arsenal just trails the leaders city for just 25 million . we are lot closer to city and united than the likes of liverpool and tottenham. if we take wage bills in europe we are in the top ten and we still get our a$$ kicked by other teams in top ten. this just shows how criminally we are under performing relative to our spending. city and united have relatively new managers and there are reasons to believe that next season they’ll kick on and try to win the league while we’ll still be competing for top four if the things stay the same .


People obviously don’t like facts, Arsenal are not financially restricted to the degree that they cannot compete. A few months ago everybody, including Arseblog and Gunnerblog, were calling for Wenger’s head. Now anybody saying Wenger should go are insulted and thumbed down, even if they say so in the most respectful terms. If Wenger stays we will be here next year having the same debate. The argument that Wenger managed to turn the performances around and therefore deserves another chance has been made every year for the last 5-10 years. Enough is enough for fucks sake.


“If Wenger stays we will be here next year having the same debate”
The problem with a lot of these Wenger out fans is that they won’t stop when Wenger is gone. They will moan about the board, or players not performing or the new manager who is obviously shite because he was appointed by a board without any ambition. They just want to moan. The funny thing is that they very often refer to the invincibles era but I can remember a lot of “fans” wanting Wenger sacked at that time too, because just the domestic titles weren’t “good enough” and “he never will do it against the European heavyweights”. There are always moaners. The problem is nowadays they’re more connected and therefore think they are in the majority.
But unless Arsenal wins the quadruple every fu**in year, they won’t be happy.
They take themselves just way to important.


Completely agree. Although, it will likely be more empty seats at the Emirates and people on here who are waxing euphoric today will be gnashing their teeth.


Here is the thing, Do I believe he has the skill to make them champions, Yes i do. Can he do it however is a different question. The main problem I have with Arsenal is tha they the intent to win. Before the latest NLD at WHL, it was telling that the Spuds said that they believed that they Should win the game. Whatver you say about them, you can not say that they lack the intent.

Arsenal does not have the devine right to win but, seeing how the supporters pay the highest season ticketprices, combined with a club who wont dont challange, only recently aquired good players, and may lose its best.

Wenger was at fault of certain things. (1 Striker needed, only Cech, Shoud of gotten Lacazzete then, 2. Needed a striker and centre back, only gotten Kallstrom who was injured, Stuff like that.) I mainly have a problem with the fact that he started to think in limitation with the mantra of financial restriction. THere for he stopped thinking like a man who needs to perform at the highest level no matter what.

I applaud him getting CL with Chamak and Gervinho but i truly believed that they undercut them self by getting high on their supply. I really think wenger can win and its not like they need to break the bank, retain Alexis and Ozil, buy lemar and Keita and let go of several players incl Ramsey.

Original Paul

Dear Arsene,
I am sorry for letting little doubts creep in during the season where I nearly lost the faith. I am glad you never did!

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Paul an honest question because I’m confused myself. We’ve seen this before (loss of title, CL not being able to advance one round, great run at the end – and no CL this year). How do you see anything changing with Wenger in charge (unless we’re happy with the FA and 4th place). I repeat, this is an honest question…

Original Paul

I don’t think that it is Wenger’s fault that we haven’t won the Champion’s League.
I also think that we have been asking too much too quickly in the Premiership following the austerity years.
We are against a lot of big money teams in both competitions.
I think we are now building to win the Premiership, our big game win stats are improving and the back three set up seems to play to all of our strengths.
That’s my honest answer with respect Cyprus.

Indian Gooner

‘We have been asking too much too quickly in the Premiership’. A point a lot of people fail to understand. Well said mate!
Ever since we got ourselves into a good financial position and started buying good players we have won three fa cups and a charity shield. Things that have been overlooked.. for some reason.

Indian Gooner

Don’t you guys see that winning three da cups and a charity shield in a relatively short period of time is a decent achievement? This really is an honest question?

Indian Gooner

Fa cups* typo!

Original Paul

Was it an honest typo?

Original Paul

Is it??


I’m not so sure. A large part of our squad over the last two seasons have been settled and in their prime as opposed to Chelsea, Liverpool, City and United who have been in transitional phases. It’s tough to look at City and United especially and not think they won’t go on to improve in the second season with their managers now. Also if we lose important players such as Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez it may be the case that we enter our own transitional phase considering certain sections of our squad should/will really be addressed proactively. I’m thinking at least a few names from: (Gibbs, Wilshere, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Chambers, szczęsny, Ospina, Perez, El Neny, Walcott, Sanogo, Giroud).

‘started buying good players’ – Just imagine if we had signed one or two more good players the summer we signed Cech, it really would have solidified our squad for last season. I hope I’m wrong, it does seem to me though that competition for the prem is getting even harder now and the last two seasons really presented an opportunity for our squad to win it.


nobody’s asking wenger to win champios league or premier league here . all we want is to see progress . and i honestly cant see it . we used to be the club that challenged for the league ,and then became a team competing for top four , now we are not even in it and thats even with all the money he’s got. where do you see progress here . we are gradually regressing here .

when liverpool appointed klopp , they finished 7th in the first season . but none of the fans complained , why? because they saw progress in how the team play and beleived that next season will be better and it is now proved to be true . they are ahead of arsenal with even inferior squad to arsenal. with arsenal i just dont see that , its always the same cycle for us compete for the top four , bottle , late season resurgence and repeat . even rival fans sees it and mockingly chants wenger to stay . for wenger and arsenal its better they part ways.

nimble foot

well you make a good point when you say “they saw progress”
Maybe Arsenal fans have been wired NOT to see any progress regardless. It’s a shame we have better points than last season and it’s not progress, the team changes its structure and are better for it even when we all know they’re yet to be fluid with it and we still don’t see progress. I said on this blog two years ago that we as fans contribute to the reason the team never succeeds I was laughed at. Because I said what we think and how we feel about the team affects the team. It was intangible stuff but check it out, this season was the most toxic between fans and the team and we, for the first time in two decades miss the CL qualification even with a better squad than in 2008/2009
Go figure.


Wenger deserves all the respect. No doubt. However if we collectively analyze our performance in the Premier League and the Champions League over the last 8-10 years, there is a pattern of inconsistency. Often the pitfalls are similar, Wenger has been at the helm long-enough that all the excuses seem repetitive. For his own sake and the legend that he will be and must be remembered for, it is about time he withdraws from the Club.

Original Paul

How about we consider our recent performances rather than bitch about the past ten years?


If we just consider our recent performances, then he definitely should go. This season from Jan through late April has been abysmal.

The FA cup was fantastic and should be enjoyed, but the season as a whole has been a massive disappointment.

Original Paul

I can’t agree that a cup win season is a massive disappointment especially with all the negativity we have experienced.
I am looking forward to next season with our new set up.
So what if we aren’t in the CL for once, I don’t think we are ready to win it with any manager anyway.
Let’s build, but we really need to keep our star players imo.


If by this time next year,we still see a repeat of the absymal performance from Wenger and co,are we then justified to ask that he step down? In all sincerity, we are still going to have the same conversation this time next year(as we always do every f*cking year for the past 2-3 years). For me supporters of Wenger always look for excuses for the man,and are in no way helping the team. Arsenal football club does not belong to arsene,he has been a good employee but it’s obvious we can’t compete any longer with him at the helm


Im sorry but massive disappointment? How did you arrive at that? There are literally 3 Cups that a team could possibly win and we have won one of them. If trophies dont equate to success, and league position does, why on earth have people been wenger out? Its absolutely hypocritical now to swap it around when it suits you.


Because of our record against the top 8 clubs in the league and another humiliation in the knockout stages in the CL. 10 – 2 versus Bayern. Playing favourites when they were well out of form while ignoring other players who warranted game time. Etc. While I am delighted with the cup final, it doesn’t erase the reasons above for me. And that is only this year and not the other 8 since our last credible title challenge.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Exactly because we’re seeing the same pattern for the past ten years, a great run at the end giving us hope for something more than last year. I love the man, I had tears in my eyes watching him yesterday but I’m not sure we can see anything different. I don’t know man…

uncle D

You lot enjoy the moment! These negative comments are disrespectful to the fans and players that put in such an effort to win. We won the cup! That’s what is important

Reality check

I’ll appreciate the effort more if these footballers were those loyal factory workers and were doing us a favour by playing for our community club in exchange for peanuts.
None of them signed the ting untill their agents could extract the maximum out of the club. These are professionals, paid millions who are not doing their job properly, none of them will look back once if Barca, Madrid or a 300k pay packet came calling. Their is only one constant, The fans the real cutodians, the rest is superficial.

dr Strange

Unfortunately Wenger is the wrong man to develop the club and bring the best out of this and any future squad, the squad is world class, and I’m pretty certain it will end in tears and a really disharmonous club if he signs.

We might bring it together after the brilliant cup win, make the necessary changes to modernise the club and I really, really hope so for Wenger, but from what we’ve seen the last 6-7 seasons it´s not going to happen. We might bring in someone who handles some of Wengers tasks but Wenger will be in charge and the problems will remain. We will have long dips where the title is lost, we will crumble when it really matters (I know we were brilliant in the cup but that’s unfortionatly an exception), we will fail in Europe regardless of competition. For the resorses available Wenger has a really dismal record in european competitions.

I don’t want Wenger to extend but it’s too late to find someone else and tha’s all down to the morons in the board and that twat Kroenke who should all be hounded out of the club. But regardless of our chinkenshit board and owner we need some stability and that’s why he has to sign. There’s no one else, wer’e to late. But it can’t be for more than one year and the replacement must be found early and I believe announced as early as possible so we can get behind Wenger in his last season. I don’t think anyone hates, dislikes or want Wenger humiliated in any way so an early announcement might galvanice the supporters and the club. It might also enable the manager to get the best possible setup for when he takes over.

uncle D

Can you just enjoy the moment! Or can you let others just be happy?! Please save it for the bad days


So nothings changed in all these years, it’s the aftermath of the ‘Hull’ final all over again. 13 years of no EPL trophy is enough, plus yearly embarrassments in Europe. I know ‘there are 80 odd clubs who would swap with us etc. But C’mon.


Since the win yesterday I’ve seen more bile and hatred thrown at Wenger than ever before. It’s totally crazy. I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are not fans of the club. If you can’t put it away after a day like that then you are not fit for Arsenal. I sometimes wonder if this whole thing is orchestrated. It’s not right.

Original Paul

I wouldn’t agree that the has been “more bile and hatred thrown at Wenger than ever before” unless of course you have Maureen bugged? 🙂

Original Paul

Tough crowd on here tonight! 🙁


With all the money that has flooded into the game it’s never been harder to win anything in football so it’s harsh to criticise a club that is trying to compete with clubs like city, Chelsea, Utd for the title while living within its means as they spend money like it’s going out of fashion.


Exactly. I mean look at Leicester last year and all of the money that they spent…what??


Its easy to point to Leicester, but they are a 1 off, that kind of stuff will happen once in a 50 year cycle. Generally though its the big boys who will be at the top. The OP’s point is still valid. Its never been more difficult, and the competition is tough for those top 4 spots, let alone the top spot. Arsenal consistently spends the 4th highest amounts of money each season, so its logical that on average the club would finish roughly 4th each season.

Reality check

Okay, a little confusion here so have to put it out there. Beating a hungover Chelsea and a few teams on holidays at the end of the season is good work but how does it gloss over the crap we are fed from Dec to April every single year? We played well yesterday because we are capable of that and should’ve done it more consistently but where are these performances as soon as it starts to get cold? Winning the FA cup doesn’t change the fact that even with our wagebill and spending, we were trounced by Bayern, Brom and palace. Injuries, poor refereeing or lack of top top quality players, what was it this year.. oh yeh, it was the fans. Not the players who get so comfortable during the season that it takes a few fatal disasters to wake them up and salvage something. Too bad it was too late to save the top 4 this year.


Top 4 matters now? I’ll take disasters (fatal?…reality check needed) every year with salvage jobs like this year. 13! 7!


Chelsea’s defensive style of play allows them to grind out wins even when they don’t play well which gives them a better chance of winning a 38 game league where it’s impossible to play well every week but Arsenal can beat anyone on our day.

It’s noticeable since we changed formation we’ve won 9 out of 10 games including our last 6 & outplayed Chelsea on Saturday using their formation which incidentally means we won the cup for a record 13th time! 😎

Will be interesting to see if we keep playing this formation next season with Wenger in charge.


I read somewhere that no other EPL team has won more trophies then Arsenal in the last 4 years. 3 Cup trophies. No doubt we would all trade that for 1 league title, but the comment wasnt about the importance of it all, just a stat that 3 ‘major’ trophies in 4 years is better then the number the other teams have managed to source.
Sure there is no League or Champions League trophy there, but 3 trophies in 4 years is a decent return to be fair.


I hope he(Wenger) is not too old to realise that a very good/tall and physical CB will transform the fortune of that team, with a similar DM to pair with Xhaka.
We all saw the difference BFG made in that final?………..