Wenger apologises to Tottenham door after Ozil incident


Arsene Wenger has issued a heartfelt apology to a door at White Hart Lane after it was on the receiving end of a Mesut Ozil kick.

The German international took umbrage at being asked to do a dope test following the 2-0 win, and after telling the club doctor to feck off, he then booted the innocent door who was just standing there in a frame that had been cut into a wall.

“I am sorry that he kicked the door.” said the Arsenal manager. “I don’t think his frustration was towards the drug test, it was towards the game.

“I didn’t speak to him about it because I only heard about it today.

“I hope that door is ok, and that this has not been a traumatic experience,” he continued.

“Sometimes this kind of violence is hard to handle, and the victim can become unhinged, but these things happen.

“It’s not some kind of trap, and we don’t want Mesut to get involved in any more jambs of this kind.”

The door could not be reached for comment.

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