Premier League reveal final payments to clubs: Arsenal get almost £140m


The Premier League has revealed the value of payments of broadcast and central commercial income to clubs during the 2016-17 season, and Arsenal have earned nearly £140m for the current campaign.

There are five separate payments, which are:

Equal Share – a payment of the same value made to each club
Facility Fees – earned when matches are shown on TV (Sky or BT)
Merit Payment – based on where you finish in the league
Overseas TV – pretty obvious
Central Commercial – this is shared commercial revenue

For 2016-17, each club received an Equal Share payment of £35,301,989; an Overseas TV payment of £39,090,596; the while the Central Commercial each Premier League club £4,759,404.

The Merit Payment received by Arsenal was for £31,065,744 and the Facility Fees amounted to £29,418,765.

This netted the club a total of £139,636,498. Chelsea, as champions, earned the most with £150,811,183.


The club will have accounted for much of this money anyway, but it’s certainly a large part of our income now, and there’s no question it could help us in our pursuit of summer targets like Bob Goals, Steve Middleman, Dirk Stopper and Hingle McCringleberry.

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