Sunday transfer frenzy rumour round-up thingy (with poos)


It’s Sunday, that means the Sunday papers come out, and they’re usually a goldmine for transfer rumours.

There’s a lot going on so we thought to save you having to buy all the papers, or visit some websites you’d rather not grace with a click, we’d round them up for you.

So, let’s go.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool

Reports that the Mugsmashers are readying a £30m bid for the England international. His future is still uncertain as he, like so many others, only has 12 months left on his current deal.

There are some suggestions he’s agreed terms with us to continue, and Arsene Wenger said it would cause us ‘big damage‘ if he left, but as long as there’s nothing official speculation will continue.

Olivier Giroud to Lyon

The striker was spotted at Lyon airport yesterday, which is in Lyon. Handy if you’re going to sign for Lyon, like.

Then the Lyon president confirmed their interest, saying, “There has been an approach, at some point, for Giroud. He is a boy that we like.”

He’s spoken personally to Giroud, and with Lacazette’s arrival an increasing possibility his departure seems more likely.

Theo Walcott to West Ham

No idea where this one is coming from, but it makes some sense. They tried to get him last summer, but that came to nothing.

Walcott scored 19 goals last season but has been left marginalised by the new formation with three at the back. If we stick with it, his playing time is likely to be minimal and at 28 years of age, Arsene Wenger could be tempted to cash in on the club’s longest serving player.

West Ham are in big need of a forward, and Walcott could be that man.

Anthony Martial to Arsenal

The Daily Mail say that we’re prepared to bid £40m for the French international, to rescue him from his Mourinho misery.

On the face of it, it’s a deal that would tick some very Arsenal boxes. Striker, French, a player Wenger rates, having a bad time at another club, we’ve been here before.

There are two things that would make you think it’s unlikely though. One is Mourinho dealing with Wenger, although it did happen when Petr Cech moved from Chelsea, and it’d be down to how much authority he has over transfer matters at Old Trafford.

The other is that the Daily Mail is a filthy disgusting rag that spews ignorant bile and lies about things that are actually important, so there’s every chance this is just them making stuff up.

Alexandre Lacazette fee issues

Despite reports last Friday that Lyon had accepted a £44m bid from Arsenal for the striker, today’s stories say that Jean-Michel Aulas is playing ‘hardball’ and wants a lot more for the 26 year old.

It’d probably be a good idea to play hardball before you accept a bid.

Right, that’s your transfer lot. Poo away at your hearts content.

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