VIDEO: Arsenal-owned StatDNA on why football data matters


Back in 2013 Arsenal went from working with US-based statistical analysis first StatDNA to acquiring them. The purchase, believed to have been around €4 million, put the Gunners at the forefront of the football data revolution.

In their own words, StatDNA’s website says: “Our professionals bring experience in sports, software development and advanced analytics, and hope to push the envelope in delivering you advanced statistics and an easy-to-use video platform.”

In this video (first posted in November 2016), Sarah Rudd, VP of software and analytics at StatDNA, delivers a lecture on why statistics matter and how StatDNA’s analysis and full data sets are changing the modern game.

Frustratingly, you can’t always see what is on the big screen, but it’s an interesting watch all the same…


If you want to know more about Arsenal’s relationship with StatDNA, there’s also a decent article by the New York Times journalist Rory Smith.

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