Wenger on ‘big signings’, Rob Holding, and how many he’ll sign this summer


Arsene Wenger’s interviews with beIN Sports are usually much more interesting than the stuff he does anywhere else. He seems willing to go into the kind of detail he doesn’t with the English press.

Anyway, there are further comments about buying players this summer, price vs quality, Rob Holding, and how many signings he expects to make.

Here’s what he said:

So you confirm to day that Arsenal is a position to spend as much as any other club? That you can buy a £100m player?

We cannot spend as much as many other clubs because some clubs have external resources that allow them to be basically unlimited. That is not our case. But we can spend money because we have managed well the club.

Let’s not forget that the amount of money spent is not necessarily a guarantee of success.

But this summer we can expect some big signings at Arsenal.

Look, we have to be clear about what we understand as a big signing. Is Rob Holding a big signing for you or not?

A great signing because he turned into a very good player this season.

Yes, but that means a big signing is not necessarily linked with the amount of money spent. For example: a player you buy for £2m and a player you buy for £40m.

When you buy a player for £40M, everybody will have at the start a positive judgement. When you buy him for £2m, people say he cannot be good.

So the quality is most of the time linked with the amount of money, especially when the player is over 20, but sometimes it’s not necessarily always linked only with the money.

Forget the money, how many players would you like to bring in this summer?

I would say maximum three.

Wenger earlier spoke about the futures of Ozil and Sanchez, and interest in Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez.

It’s definitely hotting up and the season has barely finished.

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