Arsenal Ladies Rebrand to ‘Arsenal Women’

Arsenal Ladies New Facility

Arsenal Ladies have taken the decision to change their name from the widely known ‘Arsenal Ladies’, updating to the more modern sounding ‘Arsenal Women.’ The move comes as the women’s team prepares to embark on their 30th anniversary season.

Other clubs in the Women’s Super League, such as Manchester City, Reading and Bristol City have decided to adopt ‘Women’ as their suffix. Arsenal have held off given how recognisable and revered the ‘Arsenal Ladies’ has become over their years of dominance in the English women’s game.

However, the suffix ‘Women’ will only be used for registration reasons and where there is a specific need to differentiate from the men’s team, otherwise they will simply be referred to as ‘Arsenal.’

With competition in the women’s game fiercer than ever, Arsenal have been keen to modernise, in early 2016 they opened a new dedicated training facility at London Colney for the Women’s team. Recently, Arsenal have also invested in an artificial pitch and new dugout at Boreham Wood’s Meadow Park, having signed a ten year extension with the Conference club for use of their facilities for Arsenal’s women’s and youth teams.

Captain Alex Scott said of the change, “This upcoming season marks the 30th anniversary of women’s football at Arsenal. Alongside many positive developments, it is with excitement that once again at Arsenal we are looking at ways in which we can take the modern game to a new level.

“Going forward, we will drop the term ‘Ladies’ from the Arsenal name, which I feel is a positive and bold statement of intent, support and unity. Although our official new name will be Arsenal Women, you will notice that this will only be used in need of official clarity.

“Sometimes change can be hard to accept, especially when you associate the Arsenal Ladies name with such history. We have always been at the forefront of women’s football in this country and it is a name that is recognised around the world now.

“It is also a name that has a great legacy. However a legacy is not something that you leave behind, your legacy is also what you teach and pass on to the next generation.”

Arsenal have rebranded their social media channels to reflect the update and will use the new branding effective immediately.

Here at Arseblog News, we will be marking the 30th anniversary of the Arsenal Women’s team throughout the season, with a number of interviews with some of the movers and shakers of the incredibly successful women’s side.

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