Stan Kroenke criticised for UK launch of hunting channel

Stan Kroenke

Via The Times comes news of a new online TV channel called My Outdoor TV (MOTV), which, according its bumph, ‘provides streaming TV shows and product demonstrations to hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, anglers, campers, boaters, and hikers.’

Already established in the US, it was launched in the UK at the weekend, and is owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group, Inc. (a.k.a. Outdoor Sportsman), which is a subsidiary of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment who, of course, are the majority shareholders of Arsenal.

The channel has drawn criticism from animal rights campaigners, as it reportedly broadcasts shows in which hunters kill, amongst other animals, endangered species like lions and elephants.

A spokesperson for the channel, Simon Barr, said, “MOTV will present ethical, fair chase hunting and as long as it’s legal it will be on there. If you like hunting elephants, there will be legal elephant hunts, ethical elephant hunts, shown in that context.”

Shows on the channel include: Pigman – the Series; Hollywood Weapons Highlights; Bone Collector; and Gun Clips with Joe Mantegna (Fat Tony from The Simpsons).

The channel has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, but the UK PR is being handled by a company called Tweed Media who appear to be keen hunting enthusiasts themselves.

Philippa King, from League Against Cruel Sports, said, “We’re living in a world now where most people can see how brutal and shameful trophy hunting is, yet the Arsenal boss is choosing to launch his sick TV channel in the UK.”

There are, of course, moral difficulties in condemning all hunting. If you eat packaged meat from a supermarket, is that better than a hunter killing a deer to use its meat?

However, the idea of elephants and lions and other animals being hunted for trophies or sport is indefensible, and that fact that KSE are involved in this channel reflects on Arsenal Football Club too.

Arseblog News has reached out to Tweed Media for comment and clarification over the content of the channel, and we’ll update here as and when we get a response.

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