Video: “It’s ‘when’ not ‘if’ for Alexis”


After quotes about wanting to play in the Champions League emerged overnight, there are further doubts over the future of Alexis Sanchez.

In this Gunnervlog, James has a look at the whole situation, and comes to the conclusion that his departure is more or less inevitable.

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Let him go then. Cash in, use the money to bring Aubemeyang


Agreed on Aubameyang.. but I’d rather Arsenal keep sanchez and sell the other fringe players like ox, Walcott, Welbeck, to balance the books.

Sanchez Aubameyang Lacazette
Kolasinac Ozil Xhaka Bellerin

Wenger would really give himself a genuine chance with this lineup. If Wenger continues to pretend he has a chance with players the caliber of Walcott,Ox and Welbeck, it’ll end the same way as last season.


Sanchez said he wants CL football. I don’t think money is the main issue with extending Sanchez


Who knows definitively what Sanchez’s motivations are, but to believe CL is the only reason or even the reason is naive. Paul Pogba left Juventus (a string of scudettos in a row plus a recent CL final appearance) to play at Europa League bound Man U. Why did he make those decisions? I dunno. But players don’t have the same concerns as fans. Let’s not assume to know what’s really in his head. Plus, we all know players will be killed in the press an court of public opinion if they came out and said “I’m leaving for the money”. Saying I want to win and I want CL football is the ultimate deodorant.


Reg, fully agree with you. Don’t understand the thumbsdown. This situation is the fault of our dictator manager only, no one else. Here come the thumbs down for me too.

Original Paul

and let me start that off…

Dan Gunn

Needs some thumbs down deodorant!


Exactly. I mean…get another player who we know can score 25+ goals. It’s even better if we can keep both.
Once we show we can attract top quality our best players will stay. We all remember even RVP hopped on a plane an met up with the team in Germany after we signed OOOOOoooo Santi cazoooorla and Poldi #yagunnersya…
We need to show we want more than top 4 mates. Win the league and another trophy.
C’mon i’m from Nigeria and the bants over here ain’t funny. Esp from those cunts at Manchester and those girls in white whose name I can’t even imagine pronouncing… tot..something.

Patrik Ljungberg

There is nothing wrong with girls.


Lol… true mate @patrik
Nothing wrong with girls.

Heavely Chapecoense

In fact there are many things round with girls.


That’s a matter of opinion …


Very funny…. @Ray.. I’m from Nigeria too…
#Till I quench!!


I see U bro @desmond #nothing_dey_happen we go win league.


Don’t know how you figure we’re going to keep Sanchez and sign Aubameyang…


I think by offloading Walcott, Perez, Debuchy (can’t believe he’s still stinking around) and Ox we could afford getting Auba, keeping Sanchez and buying a backup winger..


Mate… Walcott just needs his bae to break d coffee machine and promise him a factory if he scores 50 goals.
Theo scored 10goals b4 December just to get that machine. Afterwards…


ozil the ole box to box general. this is the second time someone has put him in that position. it is just…..silly.

raised the question I have been asking myself. I am a fan of ozil. but does he fit into a 3-4-3?? what ever side of the 3 you put him on (usually the right) he drifts central – where he is more effective, but that leaves the wingback on that side with an awful lot to do. and he doesn’t score anywhere near enough goals to be central.

Faisal Narrage

You speak the truth, but we’re not allowed to mention this because it’s Ozil.


We have to persuade Aubemeyang to come first though, instead of Chelsea, PSG etc. Not easy to do when you’re clearly not a club on the up!

Heavely Chapecoense

When Chelsea and City got rich owners with endless money they were able to buy top top players right away from being middle table and relegation zone clubs respectively. It is only for equal money (roughly) that CL becomes a factor.


Aubameyang is Chelsea bound


Yea… Higuain was Arsenal bound… Willian was Spurs bound. For all I know he is still available until he puts pen to paper somewhere.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Keep him, win the mini-treble and renew next summer!


Aubameyang? And what would you do with Lacazette Ray? He was bought to be a CF, not a winger.




Cagooner, yes, we broke our transfer fee record and paying him (Laca) some 200k pw to be a backup. We are not manure, city or chelski, we don’t do that.


Lemar/Mahrez and Aubemeyang. Let the transition begin


Why Mahrez a moody one season wonder ?


I dont see it that way mate. Leicester as a team kind underperformed last season in the EPL but then they did what we couldn’t for more than 6 years; cross the round of 16 in the UCL and Mahrez was a focal point in that same team. The general stats may have let him down last season but we cannot deny that his technical ability is on point.

I agree Lemar is younger and can be a better bet but then considering the one season wonder argument I think Lemar fits the Same category.
Personally I think we should add One of them
Iwobi too needs to be more ruthless in front of goal. Ramsey has always gotten us goals so we need him fit.
Goals win games. We shouldn’t rely on only one player to score.

Is it just me or we need walcott’s bae to set his target a bit higher for him.

So she said she would get him a coffee machine if he scored 10 goals before December. December, 10 goals, coffee machine… OK what happened next?


Hazard had a poor season with Chelsea too but then rediscovered form the next season.

People tend to be too absolute.

In fact if the players have good foundations, its probably the sort of player we can get in for a better price and provided Wenger thinks he can regain confidence or work rate on such players, it would be a better buy.

Henry was struggling at Juventus when we bought him.

Ozil wasn’t exactly hitting the heights when Madrid shed him to us. They thought he was spent.

Alexis was constricted at Barca when we got him and wasn’t a regular feature.

I think Mahrez if properly channel has more of that elemnt of ‘unpredictabilty’ Alexis possesses.

frankly we are missing a bit of technicality in the squad still and Mahrez has that where Lemar to me is a more efficient player (nothing wrong with that either) whom I think Wenger feels can also possibly cover in deep midfield (two for the price of one in Wenger solution terms)

Personally I prefer we just grab Mahrez (Roma’s bid on him is just 29-30m) and also grab a specialist in midfield with some strength and ball retention ability.

KOngdogbia at Inter is also another one who is presently dividing opinion. Sick skills but maybe not as diligent tracking back and with positioning but these can also be improved given proper motivation from the right manager.

If Inter have dosh to sign on Alexis, I’d hawk him their way and see if we can swap for Kongdogbia. We need a bit of physical presence in midfield to be able to also revert to 4-2-3-1 if need be.

No Safety

The players are not the problem. Arsene Wenger will learn the hard way this season


Will he learn? He hasn’t over so many seasons now.

We are always penny pinching on one more player to be fully competitive. The margins are so much slimmer now which is what is more infuriating.


finally someone understands whats wrong with the club


Just don’t sell him to City ffs. or anyone else in the premier league


What concerns me a bit is that Lacazette is the replacement for Sanchez and that’s all we end up getting …


Genuine concern.

We need two to replace the Chilean.


Always makes me nervous when Wenger says ‘difficult to find players who will improve us’. Don’t think i buy that …

If I was feeling cynical so far they have done about the minimum they really needed to, and they’ve done it early. Replacement for Gibbs, replacement for Sanchez. Whatever is being said in the press we have no idea what they are really doing now, if anything at all.

We’ve been fed a load of bullshit before. Hopefully this time it is different.


I’m probably getting downvoted to shreds for this, but I’m actually not that worried if he was to leave, that is IF we get Lemar. Lacazette is quite possibly a 30 goal striker and I believe Lemar is a future worldbeater.

The thought now of possibly getting Lemar is for me of the same calibre possibly getting Sanchez was a couple of years ago. The difference of course being Sanchez was proven and Lemar has only one good season so far.

Anyhow, lots of rambling. TLDR: Lemar is fucking exciting.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why was Wenger talking about positive emails ?

Art Van delay

Right on Soul brother.

Draped in velvet

Art, do you manufacture latex by any chance?


The problem is that Lacazette is a 30+ striker in Ligue 1. We’ll have to see if he can replicate that form in the Premier League. Let’s hope he does, of course. However I remain cautious.
I think that, if he does set the league on fire, Sanchez leaving will not really seem like an issue. If he doesn’t well, then, we’re back to begging the Chilean to stay.

Viva la prof

Pretty sure the French clubs did much better than the English clubs in the champions league last season. And also I don’t recall Sanchez banging in so many goals in the Spanish league either. He’s going to be a great player for us.


I think Lacazette plus Lemar or Mahrez is a much better replacement for Alexis than Giroud and Poldi were for Van Persie


Also we don’t know just how good Lacazette is going to be in this league (or in this team) … Alexis wasn’t the star he is now when we signed him either …


Exactly. Let’s say he goes to City. Can we really assume he’ll take on the same offensive responsibilities he has with Arsenal? They have Jesus, Sane, Agüero, deBruyne, Sterling, etc. I don’t see him as a 20 goal scorer in that squad. Because, he doesn’t have to be. Does that mean he’d be a ‘flop’ with them? All we know is that he will be older, more fatigued (lots of international play) and playing on a squad full of big names. Would (will?) be interesting to see what his team mentality looks like in that scenario.

Santi\'s Smile

Alexis with Arsenal > Alexis with Man City.
Arsenal with Alexis > Alexis with
Man City
Just hope Arsene figures out the formula to make Arsenal without Alexis > the Premiere League

We\'ve done it again

Your comment shows what alexis needs. Other players that are willing and able. Not some lazy Fs that will only get interested when top 4 is at stake. He wasn’t the top choice at barca but he worked his butt off whenever he played


I see him as a 30 goal scorer in that squad. Please not Citeh.

Ozil\'s left foot

If only he saw that. The real problem is he’s grown too big for us, the Chilean coach has said Alexis is already at a top club, playing in his national team might give him pride but it’s not nearly as coherent and exciting as the arsenal way nor will he be treated as royalty so I hope he comes to his senses signs for the eye watering weekly wages being offered and leave at maybe 32 a legend.

If he is intent on leaving it’s best for both parties to go their separate ways. He’s an amazing player on a different level to all comparables right now, but he has his flaws, he needs to take some responsibility for our failures as well for some stupid reason Ozil seems to get a lot more of the blame than Alexis.
With Laca which is definitely an improvement on Giroud our style is going to be much more explosive and I can see us blowing teams away on good days. It’s a step in the right direction with or without Alexis in the picture.
I have no doubt in my mind if Alexis fucks off Wenger will go get one of Mahrez/Lemar. And Reiss Nelson could be our very own home grown world class player which he seems capable of being if given the opportunities.


Well said Ozil’s Left Foot. completely agree.

I think the issue now is he has decided to leave but will stay if forced to and then leave on a free.

Meanwhile the ball is in the club’s court to decide. At present City seem the only choice but a reconstructing Inter and possibly PSG may offer options which is likely why its being dragged on.


I prefer Mahrez. He is already bedded into the league.

Lacazette still has to get use to the new environment. Throw in another player like Lemar and we risk again a learning curve issue.

Last season, we were fortunate Mustafi was a good buy who hit the ground running.

Granit is an excellent buy but he had issues getting use to the new environment which cost our fluency in midfield (not to say of course he was the only problem)


He’s definitely going and we’ve already signed his replacement 🙁


Down vote me if you want; it’s not going to stop Wenger playing Lacazette behind Giroud 🙁


There is no problem Alexis or Lacazette playing ‘behind Giroud (or Welbeck) because that isn’t entirely the system.

We employ 3 in the front with Alexis having no issues scoring from a slightly wider berth.

In any case with 3-4-3 the wide attackers are tucked in and giving more license to roam across the line which suits Alexis (and I suspect may suit Lacazette)

Giroud (or Welbeck) offer a more stable presence around the 6 yard box (which is what Giroud is lethal in)

Lacazette (or Alexis for that matter) often joins Giroud up top particularly when crosses come in offering two in the box.

There is a lot more flexibility than some people here have imagination.

Likewise, the 2 deep lying midfielders morph into Granit holding deeper with Ramsey also joining with runs into the box.

Its a mobile system which suits our players but there is a central spine of reference in Koscielny – Granit – Giroud.


Yes, that’s all wonderful, but when we turn the ball over it’s always the slowest man who’s farthest forward which makes us impotent on the break. Giroud is one of my favorite personalities at the club and I want him to stay as a plan ‘B’, but signing a pacey CF and then playing him deep is not a recipe for change.

Lacazette should play ahead of Özil, not next to him, or we waste them both. We won’t though. We’ll just balance the books by selling Alexis and then wedge Lacazette into his position.


As horrible as it is to compare us to Spurs, we might be doing something similar to Bale leaving them a few years ago.
Buy in players before other teams know you have more cash to burn.
The difference is everyone knew Spurs were selling Bale. Meanwhile Arsenal, at least to the media, are playing hard ball saying he’s staying (even if he doesn’t sign on).
Of course, this is assuming we do re-invest the money….


No the difference is Spurs eventually brought in Poch, a good manager. What did we do?


They have won so many trophies with him. At least we have won 3.


The point I’m making is that Spurs didn’t buy world class players after Bale left but they’ve now got a manager who can make the best out of the players they have, something Wenger isn’t doing for us. I actually think we have better players than them but they are more than the sum of their parts. We on the other hand are underachieving for the players we have, at least in the league and Europe.


spurs best player is paid 100-110 k while we are offering sanchez somwhere around 200-250k . their best players are alli , kane walker and all were bunch of nobodys 2 years ago . while arsenal have copa america winner , worlcup winners , some of the best players of euro 2016 and bunch of worldclass players . the difference between wages and talent available at arsenal and tottenham is ginormous my friend . yet with all the difference spurs finished above us and we couldnt even get into top four. the fact is we shouldnt even be competing against teams like spurs , we should be competing with teams like chelsea for the title which we are not even close but spurs are . clearly pochettino is getting the best out of limited tottenham squad and wenger is dragging this talented arsenal squad out of top four


I hope he’ll fuck off and not win anything ever in his career. And I don’t care about thumbs down

Original Paul

You tell them Jake!! 🙂


Jake Paul? *triggered*

crazy gunner

Thats bullshit its in our hands not his…if we have the balls to say you are going nowhere you will honour your contract he will!..simples..

Besides the best way to keep him is win the EPL we will then have CL football and Pep would be sacked..


Let him go if he wanted to go and give me mahrez,,is he Ronaldo or messi? I wnt improvement on the transfer mahrezzzzzz!!!!!


Selling Alexis to United, City or Chelsea simply cannot happen.

crazy gunner

Only the fans can stop the club from doing it…we should threaten a revolt..placards and all…they only think of money


Bored of it now, and way passed hoping players remain loyal to the badge when them days are long gone for most footballers.
We’ve probably got the most harmonious dressing room we’ve had for years, and i don’t want that disrupted with a year of speculation and then seeing him walk on a free.
I take a lot of the paper talk with a pinch of salt but he could just as easily come out and say he’s keen to stay and help us get back in the champions league and be paid handsomely along the way. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at this point.
If we can get Lamar in and settled and Lacazette hits the floor running we’re in decent shape.
Thanks for the memories Alexis, but we had your best years and with playing every summer it’s only downhill in a season or two.
Still optimistic. Love the club not the mercaneries.

P.S if you sign the contract (with your two dogs at your side) and give us that beaming smile, forget I said anything 😉


Tbh, we could keep Sanchez and bring in the 05/06 era Ronaldinho and Zidane and it wouldn’t make a difference if we have the same attitude and tactics of the last few seasons. Until we figure out how we beat Chelsea 3-0 at the Emirates and then lost to Watford 1-2 a couple months later, completely derailing our title challenge, it’s just going to be the same old story.


Whether or not he re-signs, he cannot be sold to City without reopening last season’s can of worms for Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke, the board, everyone. So if there are no other serious bidders and you’re not bringing in equal or superior quality, let him play it out. The mistake in comparing this situation to Van Persie and earlier decisions is that the club actually NEEDED the money then and apparently doesn’t now. Selling Alexis to City would cost the club a lot more than 50 million GBP in terms of credibility and public image.

An Ox-sized Coq

Remember late in the season when Alexis celebrated a goal by pointing at the badge then pointing down with the “I’m staying” signal…because I sure as hell do.

I say do what Dortmund did with Lewandowski, let him leave on a free but buy his replacement this year.

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla
Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

Maybe I want him to stay too much so I read it a different way, but where does it say ‘I want to leave’? I want to play champions league football, I want to win it. This could be him saying ‘are you matching my ambition? “It’s up to Arsenal” this might also be him saying ‘I’ve told them
What I want, it’s now up to Arsenal to match it (money/signings etc..) – I think what he says reads in 2 different ways, but papers and internet sites get more money printing ‘I’m off’ compared to ‘it’s up to Arsenal to match what I want’ – just my opinion and I hope it’s how I read it! 😢


Very good point! This what sets optimist and pessimist apart

Original Paul

I have said it time and time again, our problem over the past couple of seasons has been our passing has not been the quality that we were used to and Sanchez is a big part of that. Bring in Lemar and I am happy.
See you later Sulky Sanchez.


We are going to lose players, the key is that we replace them properly so we don’t end up shite the following season.

Tungor Adams

In any case, we need to get away from a situation where it is all about the one player, and constant speculation about his future. I would prefer selling him to city now than letting him go there for free in 6 months time. This wanna stay/go saga has to end before season starts, we certainly have a lot more work to do squad wise


We have put up with enough of this crap recently it’s fair to say

\'desi\'gner gooner

It’s in our hands. We should tell him in no uncertain terms that if there are no buyers for him from outside the premier league until the end of the month, then he is not going anywhere. We cannot afford an ongoing saga when the season is starting. We have dropped points in the initial games in the past when we have had these kind of issues and that simply cannot be repeated.

Making him stay for 1,40,000 per week for one more year makes great sense. He will have to play well this season anyway if he wants to move to a champions league victory ambition club next season. Plus he will be a year older next season so even if he goes to a rival club, we would have got his best years. We saw with Van Persie- how damaging a player of that Calibre can be when he realizes that his best years are soon going to be over. It was Van Persie who won united the title and we just can’t let that happen again with City. The club can’t always put money above ambition and public perception. We are no longer in the austerity era and this is the first time we haven’t made it to the champions league in a very long time. There’s no way we can let our marquee player go to a rival at this juncture.

Meanwhile we should sort out the Ozil contract, decide on the Ox and buy Lemar regardless if he is the guy Wenger feels can take over the Sanchez baton in the future. That would mean a problem of ‘plenty’ for our attack. It would mean selling either Theo or Giroud – I would prefer it to be Theo who is sold. It’s time we behave like a big club or else what’s the point of the new stadium,new commercial deals etc etc

Brandon Burton

Surely the club should submit an £180m bid for Mbappe/Lemar and sell Sanchez to City for £50/60m.
Yeah Wenger might be going back on his word, but which fan would complain about that kind of ambition?
If we kept Ox and there was even a chance Giroud would stay I’d call that a very successful summer.


I really, really hope that Man City finished outside of the top four this season. Then what will he do?


Sulk probably like he has for us


I wonder why no one is talking about pushing Ramsey up next to Ozil if Alexis leaves?
And then we can play an Ox/Xhaka midfield just behind. To me, this would bring out the best in both Ramsey and Ox. My preferred lineup, although everyone would be up-in-arms if we let Alexis leave with Ramsey (gasp!) as the replacement….


Ramsey could probably do it the only problem is when he gets injured

Also we don’t have another midfielder as good as him


It’s hard to find a replacement for Sanchez, because he is not just about goals but also he can make a very good pass/assist, the only one i can think of right now is Reus, but the guy has injury problem, so Alexis still unlikely to replace for now, good at scoring, passing, and the most important is he almost always fit for a whole season, that’s the best part of him.

I think we can make him stay by showing him we also crave for glory, no more capitulation against big team, no more naivety in transfer market and sign a very good additional, let’s challenge the league next season with full force then i’m sure we can make him stay.

P.S : I think Neymar can replace Alexis though, LOL.
But prolly we should spend 150 Mill for him, LOL.


We need two players to replicate Alexis.

1) Lacazette – Goal efficiency

2) Mahrez – Unpredictability/technicality

The bigger question is who replaces Santi. The little genius is still out injured, we neglected midfield last season at our peril.

Granted Granit-Ramsey are finding synergy and Coquelin looks improved with the 3-4-3 system, beyond them, it is all half options.

Jack is injury prone. Ox is better on right wing. Iwobi can be developed in the positions but will take time. Elneny is mediocre.

One more in deep midfield is probably wise.

I suppose if Lemar is signed, he can perform some of the job Granit does from deep midfield with passing accuracy (particularly with his magic left peg) and also deploy higher up as an attacking mid although I don’t think he has as much of the ‘unpredictability’ as Mahrez.

Maybe Lemar is this compromise to bring only one more player in to cover both Alexis leaving and the gap in deep midfield at the moment.

I prefer Mahrez and one more player in deep midfield but this is Wenger and he may go for the cheaper option.


No surprise. As I mentioned he is 95% likely to depart.

The big question is if we can avoid selling on to City.

I think that’s what the wait is for. We are waiting to see if PSG or Inter may come in for him as they clear their decks.

And he’s ‘decision’ will impact others in our squad.

I think Giroud may likely stay if Alexis goes (Unless we sign an Mbappe which is very unlikely as he has been mutually priced out of range)

We will likely sign one more attacking player should Alexis leave. Lemar is of course a possibility with the magic left peg allowing Lacazette to operate on the right but also one suspects as a hedge against a Granit injury.

But Mahrez IMO is a player we should also be looking at with the technical ability and unpredictability he can bring to replace Alexis with.

And who we bring in may also impact Ox although it sounds that the Ox is being nailed down.

All eyes on Alexis as he walks out the door.

I think its wise for us to take the money as he can be replicated. We’ve already added one part of the jigsaw with Lacazette for goals. So long as we avoid selling to a PL team, we can replace Alexis. No one is indispensable. We’ve been here before.


I think if we lose one top class player but reinforce in several positions we might actually end up a stronger team …


sounds like we’ll sanction the sale of sanchez only after securing lemar. makes sense.


If Alexis and Ozil were players that felt too good to sign, our results should have improved. In truth the team looked more convincing around 08 with less stars.

For all the good both offer, the deficiencies in their games stop them being top notch. Sanchez loses possession too easily and Ozil is inconsistent and ineffective against the best teams.

Original Paul

Anyway, I am going for home made chicken kebab marinated in sweet chilli sauce and the choice of chicken is thigh (so much juicier).
Announce Lemar!




Nobody is bigger than the club. He is under contract, we should keep him & try to win the league. Plus, when he becomes a free agent, perhaps he’ll end up abroad instead of Manchester.


What a joke going to city. Is that a team or just a temporary mutual fund? He deserves it.


I’ve got an idea Sanchez loves to play football no matter what I say buy his replacement now and stick him on the bench for the season and up coming World Cup

Original Paul

He has to be let go for the sake of The Arsenal going forward.
How can you plan for the future knowing your star player is going after the season?


Screw planning for the future – let’s actually win the title THIS YEAR. And we have much better chance of doing that with Alexis than without him.


Funnily enough, the odds on him moving to City have lengthened from evens to around 3/1 in the past few hours. Bayern seem an option once more (5/2).


Keep him and get into champs league. That will cover his lost transfer fees and give us a chance to attract a higher quality of player next year when we’re in the CL.


Should we really care that much about what Alexis wants? Shouldn’t we be much more worried about what is best for Arsenal FC?

And I believe that is to make absolutely sure we keep one of the best players in the world, at his prime – one we haven’t seen in our shirt since Thierry Henry – even if it is just for another year.

But hey, yeah, he can f*ck off, right? That’s gonna bring us money – money for which we absolutely won’t be able to buy a player of similar world class quality.

He’s still got one more year on his contract – and he still can fire us to the title in that year.


Cech…musta kos kolasinac….hector rambo xaka nacho man…ox laca ozil


Well that was thoroughly depressing


Hold him to his contract.


Sanchez may well stay and even sign a new contract, but things won’t change. Wenger has lost the plot long ago. For success in the pl and cl we need a new top manager.


to want to win the champions league seeing as its a cup competition is never a strong argument to leave going by history man city is not that club and dont think it will be. keeping sanchez we have a great chance of winning the uefa cup and our step back into the champions league, but over all we want to win the league that is the pinacle for me, consistancy is measured over the season a cup game is only how good you are on the day


The little boy inside him I guess. Ffs


Oh and another thing. If walker is a fifty mil player to shiteh then Alexis has to be worth at least double that.


I’d like to keep him and roll the dice…in twelve months time we may be league champions staring down the barrell of champions league football with Man City having replaced their Sánchez option…this is worth a gamble! It’s white flag stuff if we sell

not so fed up

Who,removed or stopped my comment? Hardly controversial but I do think some of the blog and vlog reports er on the negative!!!

Pires\' Left Foot

I say we ask Blogger to hold a poll on how many people want the vlog to continue.