Arsenal draw Doncaster Rovers in Carabao Cup


Arsenal have been drawn against Doncaster Rovers in the third round of Carabao Cup.

The Gunners will take on the League One side at the Emirates during the week commencing September 18th after the draw was made in China in the early hours of this morning.

Carabao is a popular energy drink in Asia, hence the draw taking placing there, with an EFL spokesperson saying, “We understand that not everyone will agree on the timing of the draw, but in staging it this way it will give the competition both the maximum exposure in the UK, Chinese and South East Asian markets.

“Mmmmm, Carabao is so delicious. Scrumptious, lovely Carabao. It’s good for what ails ya.”

Arsenal do have a relatively recent history with Doncaster, beating them in the same competition (although then it was the Carling Cup) back in December 2005. We were on the brink of being knocked out before a 120th minute Gilberto Silva goal sent the game into a penalty shoot-out which we won.

This draw will, at least, give an opportunity to some of the youth players who have impressed during pre-season.

Other fixtures in the third round include ahhh who gives a shite? and Couldn’t care less versus I’m not even arsed to look it up.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I would really like to win this competition for once. Not at the expense of the league or even the Europa League of course, but in recent history a few teams have won this while going on to win the league. Still play the kids and reserves early on of course, but fucking win while doing it.


Good draw. No long midweek journey for the players and a chance for lots of Arsenal supporters to see us play for a tenner. Much as we all like a cup away day, this makes life nice and easy for the team on paper.


If one thing is guaranteed with Arsenal, it’s that we never do anything the ‘nice and easy’ way.

Cliff Bastin

In the what cup


Can we agree to call it the league cup?


Absolutely, amen to that, because that is exactly what it is and we shouldn’t demean it just because the EFL have got another weird sponsor. We should be trying to win it!

50 shades of Andy Grey
50 shades of Andy Grey

Thought arseblog was having a laugh when he called it the carabao cup…a quick Google search proved otherwise!


coca cola better, we won it with that name 🙂


Wtf is that name…

Mr. G

Pretty sure this is the first time in about three or four seasons we’ve had a nice draw to kickstart the League Cup. Good stuff.


Its also a great opportunity to play kids ➕ give guys like Theo, Coquelin, Chambers some much needed game time


We’ll be bloody playing it in Asia next!


We’ll be bloody playing it in Asia next…


Thought best to mention it twice


Who gives a continental fuck? It’s a reserve team comp until the final. Manure flukily won it last year, finished sixth in the league, but won the Europa League to make it back to the CL. I’d hate to finish 6th. That would be bad. Maybe Liverpool will win it.


I’m from Singapore and I have no idea about this brand till I google it. Seems like it’s only popular in Thai. lol.

Water Buffalo

Same here, haven’t seen it in the Philippines


As a Brit living in Asia, I can confidently state that if they want appeal to Asian audiences they should scrap Friday night kick offs that mean we have to stay up until 5am.


I think friday nights games are targetting US audiences. It’s 3PM kick off here in NYC


Good point. It could well be that.


I also work in NYC – and the Friday night games are a killer. People are at work!! Can’t spend multiple vacation days to watch football!

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

Why not? It’s The Arsenal

Thierry Walcott

Cara what? Cara who? I was thinking this is A-class banter from ArseblogNews…

Water Buffalo

I recall the pen shoot out was 11-10 with a young Cesc taking one of, if not the winner.

Samuel Peeps

Is this one of those spoof posts?


I watched that 2005 match in the pub. Having been an Arse since the dawn of time, but growing up in Doncaster and spending most of my teens watching Rovers, this was the first time I’d ever had to ‘make my mind up’.
I ended up treating it as a no-lose situation and cheering goals for both teams.
I think the barman thought I was a bit simple.


What a joke. Don’t even know where to begin with the pronunciation. The English game doing what it does best, selling out.


could we please not use the sponsor name and just call this the efl cup or the league cup?


Crap competition.

Waste of time.

Youngsters and peripherals.