Arsenal reject Leicester bids for Calum Chambers


Having been prepared to let Calum Chambers go this summer, Arsene Wenger appears to have had a change of heart, and the England U21 international looks set to stay with us next season.

Last night it’s reported that Leicester City made two bids for the former Southampton man, both of which were rejected.

Chambers had been targetted earlier in the window by Crystal Palace but their bid fell short of Arsenal’s valuation.

The 22 year old is currently sidelined with a minor injury but should be available again after the international break.

Earlier, Shkodran Mustafi’s move to Italy broke down, and he too will remain a Gunner for the 2017-18 season.

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As long as we still have some defenders


Here, why cant we have both Draxler and Sanchez?

Dont want to get Draxler just for the sake of replacing Sanchez!


Maybe we sign Draxler and don’t tell Sanchez. It’ll be like IW8 bumping into DB10 at the petrol station all over again.

Lord Bendnter

Are you crazy!! And what then? Put up a title challenge??! You’re mad sir, we don’t do title challenges here.


Probably holding out until Leicester make a lower bid


You had me scared – I read that as Holding out..


I downloaded the internet

Laughing Stock

I’m pleased about this. Just a shame we can’t ditch mustafi ,he’s shit


Yes an established German international is shit. Had a good first season and improving all the time.


You really are a laughing stock aren’t you?


I want to read articles about buying players. /wishfull thinking


We have the most impotent manager and board in the PL….


Good. Keeping him makes sense, he’s shown he’s got potential. But he needs game time (Europa League, cups, rotation for the league).




I know he never set the world on fire, but I think we’ve given Chambers a raw deal. Maybe this will now work out for everyone?


announce draxler or announce wenger out.

Charlie Georgious

Tell me if I’m wrong but this means our central defence will consist of injury prone players entering the final years of their career, players the manager has no faith in whose he’s failed to move on and Rob Holding. Wow. Even by our standards that dysfunctional.

A different George

If a back three:
(1) Mustafi/Koscielny/Monreal; (2) Mustafi/Mertesacker/Koscielny; (3) Holding/Koscielny or Mertesacker/Koscielny or Monreal; (4) Chambers on the right with various of these combinations; (5) any of the above with Kolasinac in place of Monreal on the left (NOT in the center).

Looks fine to me. Now add a genuine holding midfielder (like Kante or Matic) in front of them.


Phew, looks like we might have a defence after all!!!


Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we’ll actually use it…


Why on earth are we not trying to do a deal involving Chambers+cash one way and Mahrez the other? Sorry, must be mistaking us for a serious football club with some modicum of ambition…


Mahrez has agreed to go elsewhere.
Chelsea Apparently?

Keeping it real

They said on the Radio he was going to SHIT and you know who that is.


Just highlights even more that we don’t know what we’re doing.

First telling a player he’s not needed at the club then rejecting offers and keeping hold of him.

How must this make a player feel?

Who makes these decisions?

What is going on at this club?


Sounds like we are willing to selling him, but 20 million was 7 million too low. If we don’t want him sell him for 22 or so and reinvest in someone we actually want and will play and contribute for a change.

I look at the 52 million combined we spent last year on Mustafi and Perez and it is likely one or both will be gone today and if either stays won’t be in Wenger’s plans.

We are plus 27 million right now with more to come from potential sales today. Add Chambers to the list and get enough funds (since apparently we have none!) to get the players in that we need to change the makeup and mentality of the squad, players that are hunger and want to play for Arsenal (regardless of the stank around the club right now).


I think Monreal and Kolasinac must be praying for some CB to be left at the club for them to play normal football.


The one thing Wengers managed to do remarkably well this window is to alienate a large number of players. Just makes the year ahead even more awkward, and of course we can expect to see some great performances from the disgruntled players…


If we shift?
All permanently?
And actually sign no one?
I’d actually see it as progress.
This seasons a write off anyway.
We’ll need an even smaller squad next season when we don’t have any European football at all.
Knowing us though, we’ll end up spending the additional wages on contract renewals for Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck, Coquelin, Ramsey and Holding.


Waiting for Cleese, Palin, to walz out of the Arsenal HQ laughing and joking… silly gullible supporters. 😐


I said a flip flop the flippie the flippie
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The rock it to the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat


End of last season to Chambers:

“Well done at Middlesbrough. But you’re not good enough for Arsenal. To be clear, you won’t play in pre-season, because we definitely don’t want you, you can leave in this transfer window.”

Transfer deadline day:

“Actually, you are good enough. Ignore what we said before. That was just bantz.”

This is why we’re a laughing stock. No leadership, no strategic transfer or clear direction. Just seems like we’re in it to make as much money as possible.


Thank fuck for that.

Wenger mama

Flip flop lame wenger.


I wonder if he is really injured? No wonder AW hasn’t used him for the first 3 games. It would be so easy to have some kind of injury update on a weekly basis just so us fans can know and not speculate why a player isn’t being used.