Cech b*llocks his ‘unacceptable’ team-mates


Petr Cech has lambasted his Arsenal team-mates for their unacceptable lack of fight at Anfield and says they have only themselves to blame.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool coasted to a 4-0 victory on Sunday with a performance fizzing with energy and attacking verve. In contrast, Arsene Wenger’s played like their pre-match meal was laced with Spice and did things like backheel the ball out for a corner.

Unsurprisingly, Cech was pretty naffed off at the way he was repeatedly left exposed by Arsenal’s wayward ‘defence’ and reportedly went ballistic in the dressing room before calling out his fellow Gunners on TV.

“It was quite simply unacceptable for the size of the club we are and for the team we have,” the goalkeeper told Sky Sports.

“Obviously you can come here and lose 4-0. OK, it can happen on a bad day when you fight but you are unlucky and your opponent is playing well and scores with every shot they have. Then it can happen.

“But not like it happened today. The way it happened today is unacceptable.

“We were not fighting, we were not running enough, we were not winning any individual battles and as a team we completely failed to respond to their way of playing, and that is the most disappointing thing.

“But we have only ourselves to blame.”

As it’s an Interlull, the squad won’t be back together until a couple of days before the Bournemouth game on 9 September. No doubt they’ll be met with a very tetchy Emirates crowd. On the plus side, there are 35 games to go and Cech thinks we can still bounce back.

“I would say the only positive out of the game is that we have to respond, and we have time to respond,” added the veteran.

“It’s very early doors in the season, and with two defeats you can still win the league.

“If I didn’t believe that we could do that I would probably retire and not play football any more. But I believe that this team has everything to compete and to win the title.

“I think we have shown that in many games and we need to make sure we are consistent and that, when the games come, we are always on top.”

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