Cech excited by Lehmann arrival


Petr Cech says he’s excited to have Jens Lehmann on his side having faced off against the German during his days at Chelsea.

The 47-year-old ‘Invincible’ was appointed to Arsene Wenger’s first team coaching staff in July and will help out Boro Primorac, Steve Bould and Gerry with both defensive and goalkeeper matters.

“It is kind of exciting for me,” Cech told Arsenal Player. “I used to play against him, now obviously he will be on my side.

“He’s with the team and sometimes with the goalkeepers as well, so that’s good and you can have the exchange of experience and the way you do things.

“I believe that with his experience and his career, he has a lot to offer. We had met a few times out of the pitch but mainly we knew each other by facing each other.

“It’s a completely different thing when you speak to someone as a respected opponent or when you speak to someone on your side, as a coach who tries to improve you and helps you as well.”

Arseblog News is pretty sure that Lehmann’s presence is already delivering results. The only explanation for us winning a penalty shootout with Petr Cech in goal (achieved without him having to make a save) is to assume Thibault Courtois and Alvaro Morata could feel the German’s steely Teutonic eyes on them…

As you’ve been good, here’s a few pics of Jens in his younger years…when he looked 7% less likely to batter you with a big stick. 

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