Jon Toral signs for Hull City


Jon Toral has signed for Hull City on a permanent deal for a fee believed to around £3m.

The 22 year old, who is in the final year of his Arsenal contract, has had previous loan spells with Brentford, Birmingham City, Granada and Rangers.

The midfielder arrived at Arsenal from Barcelona at the same time as Hector Bellerin, but unlike his counterpart has been unable to convince Arsene Wenger of his quality and never made a first team appearance.

However, he has shown himself to be a very tidy player who will have a good chance of making the grade at the KC Stadium. He will look to other former Arsenal youth prospects, like Benik Afobe and Isaac Hayden, who have left the club and dropped down a division to find themselves back in the Premier League with Bournemouth and Newcastle respectively.

Best of luck to him there.

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£3m??? Doesn’t surprise me given the capability of our transfer dept.

Good luck to the lad.


How much would you want for a player who haven’t made a single first team appearance to a championship side? Btw. the Arsenal paid around 300k for him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We did pay 14 millions for Walcott and around same amount for Ox at a time they hadn’t proved nada. They still haven’t proved much by the way. It is about perceived quality not first team appearance.


What you say is true, but we didn’t sign Walcott or the Ox as finished material but for potential rather with the homegrown status hanging on their necks. Hence the premium.

What’s the fuss about selling a 22 year old who managed to prove himself in the Championship (not the premier league) in the last year of his contract being sold for 3 Million pounds for God’s sake?
Has the majority become so intolerant with the club’s ability to sell? Get a grip folks, 3 fucking million ain’t bad at all, I would call it good business!


And we signed the Southampton so-called wunderkinds as 16 year olds, and this is an Arsenal reserve (plays exclusively for the reserves mind) who is 22 years old.


If you don’t understand the difference between that and Toral being sold for only 3m then I think you are too far jaded at this point to even reason with.


Shame, he looked like he’d follow Bellerin into the first team at one point.

Good luck to him. Would be good if there was a buy-back cause in case.


Would be mad if not.

Mr. G

Doubt it. We’re the Arsenal. Madness rules the day.

Parlour\'s Pay Packet
Parlour\'s Pay Packet

I don’t share that view. The best players, the truly exceptional ones, get afforded opportunities to play regularly by Wenger (see Fabregas, Jack pre-injury). If you’re 22 and were ever going to make it at Arsenal chances are you would have already.

I’m not saying he’s a bad player. Just not going to light up our first XI.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not if you would be competition to Aaron Wenger, the son.

Faisal Narrage

Must make Sanogo something special.


Seems like a good opportunity to test the old buy back clause


Sad to see him go. He always had solid loan spells and I thought he’d get a chance in the 1st team. Odd how we work sometimes. Good luck, Jon.

Crash Fistfight

I’m surprised Barca didn’t come to Arsenal with an offer for him, what with his Barca DNA and all.

Oh, wait, that only works if the player they deem not good enough turns out to be good.


Shame he was never given a chance by Wenger.
Hopefully they were smart enough to negotiate a buy back clause for what is a very nominal fee.
It’s no wonder we’re shite at signing player’s given we don’t sell properly either.

A different George

Read asda’s comment further up: he cost £300,000 (a ten-fold profit); he has never made a first-team appearance for us; he is in the final year of his contract; he is going to a Championship club. The £3 million seems completely reasonable, even a bit high, and gives us an extra £55,000 a week to pay in wages.


I’m sure he was paid his fair share in wages during that time so I doubt they made much if any profit on him.
I’d question why he never got a game during a period in which the likes of Sanogo, Jenkinson and Adelaide all featured.


So, you are pissed off that he did not use a player who was not good enough.


Probably because he was on loan.


Good luck Jon!


He was better than 3m. He is unlucky also not to get a decent chance with us condidering that Sanogo played in the champions league a few times?


Not sure how you can say that, given he never broke into the first team side. Likewise, it would appear he’s had more than a few loans (and pre-seasons) to make an impression. The move is probably best for club and player at this point.


West ham sold Håvard Nordtveit for almost 8m after a terrible season this lad has had a string of solid season and we get a poxy 3m at best i don’t know whats going on anymore

It seems we just operate in a different transfer system to everybody else for buying and selling players.

Mate Kiddleton

There is this thing called inflation you know

Little Mozart

I’m sad to see him go. I really thought he had something about him but Wenger clearly disagrees.


Good luck to the lad. Always looked very decent. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on there.


Please tell me we’ve got a buyback clause inserted in there?


Buy back clause for someone transferring into the next level down? lol


Best of luck to him. If he can replicate his form from his time at Birmingham he’ll do well at Hull.