Lacazette: I’ll score the goals this team couldn’t in the past


Alexandre Lacazette has pledged to score the goals that will make the difference for Arsenal this season.

The French striker was interviewed for Sky Sports by Thierry Henry, and when asked by the club’s record goalscorer what he was going to bring to the team, the former Lyon man said, “I’m going to try and score a lot of goals.”

Henry then asked, “Try? Or score?” to which Lacazette became more definitive.

“Score,” he asserted.” I’m going to score goals at key times in games where the team may have struggled in previous years.

“This season I’m going to help this team win them, and that’s what Arsenal have to do: win games and trophies.”

Today feels very much like one of the days when his goals will be particularly important, so fingers crossed.

Lacazette also spoke warmly of fellow French international Olivier Giroud, and insisted there’s no problem between them despite what some people might want you to think.

“To be honest, I was surprised by the way Olivier welcomed me to the club,” he said.

“I was somewhat apprehensive because it isn’t always easy for a starter to step aside. He’s been really honest and has helped me at the club and in the city by giving me advice.

“We get on well and have a laugh together, so there’s no problem. The decision is down to the manager. It isn’t up to me.

“I think competition is healthy and if he gets the nod on the weekend, I wish him the best of luck, hope that he performs well and that we win the game.

“He always has something nice to say to me ahead of each game.”

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