Laurent Koscielny available for Community Shield


Laurent Koscielny will be available for selection for this Sunday’s Community Shield against Chelsea.

The French international was sent off in our final league game of last season, and was issued a mandatory three match ban.

He served the first game of that suspension the following week, missing out on the 2-1 win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

However, as this Sunday’s game against Chelsea is deemed a friendly and not a competitive fixture, Koscielny is eligible.

It means his suspension runs for the first two Premier League games of the season, meaning he misses the opener against Leicester City, and the away trip to Stoke on August 19th.

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Great news, we need him to help welcome Morata to England. Rob Holding and The BFG can play good cop/bad cop, while koscienly can just smash into him!

Kwame Ampadu Down

Bizarre comment. Missing a league game is far worse than missing this non entity of a game.


Clearly missing a league game is worse, BUT if he has to miss the next 2 games after this one, he might as well play and get some match fitness under the belt and help the team a bit.

Kwame Ampadu Down

But if he wasn’t available Sunday then he wouldn’t be missing two games obviously. People on here just have to argue everything, even if it involves throwing logic completely out the window.


Shit. I was hoping he’d be available for the orcs.


With no arnautovic I think they will be less of a threat on the counter. So BFG or El neny? Should do fine. I was impressed with El nenys passing against Sevilla


Unavailable for first two games .. *shudder*


Would have preferred him missing the shield and playing stoke to this.

My Wig smells cheesy

It’s fine. We’ve got PER!

dr Strange


Gooner McGoonFace

Does that mean he can get his usual red card, and not be penalized for it too then?


I bet he gets injured. not pessimism just a feeling


I think the commentators tend to be myopic always.

They forget we also have Mustafi shortly to return after community shield.

I feel our strongest line up at the back may be

Koscielny in the middle, Mutafi right and either of Monreal or Kolasinac left side.

If you need a bit more aerial security against certain teams, Per is an option too.

Chambers put in a very good performance against Benfica ( I thought better than Holding)

I’m not sure why some assume he is on his way out.

If anything it is an option maybe for Wenger to hold one of Chambers and Holding and loan the other if need be but both are near future potentials with Per stepping down and Monreal, Kosicleny getting on.

Gabriel is a bit more of a long term injury issue which is probably why we see Wenger also trying Elneny in the Cback role as precaution.

We’re pretty solid for cover.

Where I’m concern with STILL is the shield ahead of the defense.

The midfield still looked porous against Sevilla and in many instances against Benfica and we rode our luck too many times.

There doesn’t seem to be an authority to control midfield still, to retain the ball with a certain inmpunity.

At times against Sevilla (Willock granted) we were chasing instead.

I’m not sure we need to add that aggressive DM type per se. That sort of thing is a bit past due date but we could benefit with a bit of physicality.

…what we will benefit more from in deep midfield has been someone (like Santi, Jack or Diaby) with better durability and ability to crucially carry the ball by feet through the middle.

I mentioned PSG will have to clear if they should have success in loading up Neymar.

I believe suprious rumours is Barca will consider Di Maria, Verrati, Draxler or Rabiot as make weight meaning they can be made available. Whether we are extended the same courtesy is clearly subjective and maybe dependent if they have still an appetite for Alexis.

But another player in the long list of potential sacrifices for the Brazilian could also be Pastore who has not featured as much in past 2 years.

He isn’t a bruising DM by any means rather a versatile player whom like Arteta and Santi at 28yrs may have potential to -rerole into deeper midfield to assert more control for us.

In addition to experience which is crucial in the position, he also has benefit of height at 6’2 plus can add further competition to Ozil (we have already seen positive benefits from Lacazette on Giroud and to some extent young Nelson on the Ox)

More importantly of course he can control the ball for us in tight confines and replicates the deep passing Granit gives us should the Swiss get injured or as likely a card.

Control and experience in midfield will also allow us the potential of possibly switching between 3-4-3 currently and previous 4-2-3-1 allowing better flexibility in breaking teams down.

Of course Seri and Lemar may also be on the cards but Lemar is dependent on Madird and Mbappe and Seri to me isn’t as accomplished on the ball as say Pastore in terms of control (He has passing range that much I give)

If we don’t strengthen central midfield, it seems we will be in for more of the same.

A different George

I thought your first couple of points–about our depth in central defense–were both germane and interesting. Could you not have stopped there?


He is auditioning for his own blog

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

So the Charity Shield (or whatever its called now) is officially not a competitive game and therefore not major trophy? Has someone told Jose and those Utd fans in Kent this yet?

A different George

I think, sir, you mean the English Supercup.

Terry Henry



Fuck. Was really hoping he’d miss the community shield game.

Danaery\'s pet dragon
Danaery\'s pet dragon

I think that we should play our intended back 3 for the Leicester game on Sunday. Give them a competitive match to gel together before the real action starts. Sorry Laurent , but you should not be on the bench for Sunday even if you are available

Original Paul

I wonder if we even play the Boss in this game? Better to let his niggling injuries have a further rest from match action imo.

Original Paul

…and whoever takes his place for the first two games needs the minutes.


Well put

An Ox-sized Coq

While I rather lose Koscielny for Community Shield and a PL match than for two PL games…him playing against Chelsea gives Mustafi, Holding, and Chambers an extra week for fitness before the PL begins.

I assume our back three versus Chelsea will be Nacho+Per+Koscielny.


How is the community shield not an official game?!! Utter crap

A different George

How many subs are allowed? That’s a tell.


And we wondered why he has been playing Elneny back there recently.

Frans Helamb

Where have you found the information that the Community Shield is deemed as a friendly? Link please please!