Lukas Podolski could take legal action over Breitbart jetski story


Last week right-wing website Breitbart published a story about Spanish police shutting down a gang who were reportedly charging people €5,000 each to take them from Morocco to Spain on jetskis.

To illustrate said story, they used a picture of two men on a jetski powering through the water. Neither of the men were people traffickers, neither of the men had paid a people trafficker to smuggle them into Spain.

In fact, one of the men was former Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski, enjoying himself off the coast of Brazil on a day off during the 2014 World Cup.

Although the website subsequently took the picture down and issued an apology, it’s being reported that Podolski is, quite rightly, considering legal action.

The striker’s manager Nassim Touihri spoke to Bild and said, “Lukas distances himself from it and won’t let himself be exploited.

“Our lawyer is already involved.”

May the legal proceedings rocket like a Podolski screamer into the top corner, go on Lukas!

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