Lukas Podolski could take legal action over Breitbart jetski story


Last week right-wing website Breitbart published a story about Spanish police shutting down a gang who were reportedly charging people €5,000 each to take them from Morocco to Spain on jetskis.

To illustrate said story, they used a picture of two men on a jetski powering through the water. Neither of the men were people traffickers, neither of the men had paid a people trafficker to smuggle them into Spain.

In fact, one of the men was former Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski, enjoying himself off the coast of Brazil on a day off during the 2014 World Cup.

Although the website subsequently took the picture down and issued an apology, it’s being reported that Podolski is, quite rightly, considering legal action.

The striker’s manager Nassim Touihri spoke to Bild and said, “Lukas distances himself from it and won’t let himself be exploited.

“Our lawyer is already involved.”

May the legal proceedings rocket like a Podolski screamer into the top corner, go on Lukas!

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If it was a hard left website you probably wouldn’t deem it news worthy. Sad!


He’s not even an Arsenal player anymore so this seems more like bashing a website for it’s political agenda which is fine I suppose but not really football or Arsenal related.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not the first time Arseblog published a former player story that is not football related. An example is TGSTEL incident with a taxi. You are the one with a political agenda.


Also see:

Every single fake/parody/satire article on this website.

And see almost no one bashing it in the comments section because it’s “not Arsenal news”.

Arseblog News isn’t the BBC, anything and everything with Arsenal on it is “news-worthy”.

There are other interesting “non-Arsenal” articles like how a business in Spain was called Arsenal before the club was even formed, and they’re having legal troubles with the club which is a terrible terrible thing.


*anything and everything with Arsenal on can be “news-worthy”.


I’m not sure who spews out more fake news – Breitbart or The Sun.

Petit\'s Handbag

Podolski, like Eboue & Bendtner is a beloved Arsenal former figure. Hence the reason.


Given the agenda seems like fair game


Bashing a website? I think it’s appropriate to bash any racist right-wing website on any forum whether it’s related to arsenal or not.

Any racism should be bashed and if it’s just remotely related to arsenal it should be bashed even more.


Yeah….posting an amusing or bizarre story involving an ex arsenal player on an arsenal fan blog. Wtf are you thinking blogs you communist bastard?!


Seriously dude ? Breitbart, that’s your cause ? Seriously ? Ok


Or were you being sarcastic. Can’t tell these days.


How do you equate that to being “my cause”? Not that I do read their clickbait articles


I was replying to cygan not you. What a cluster fuck of a thread


Yep… Being selective (in similar fasion to mainstream media) in order to cloud people’s judgement. Sadly way too many people can’t realize that for themselves.

Arsene\'s zip

Being selective is one thing, avoiding reading fascist propaganda is something else.

Third Plebeian

More sad is that people think they can deflect from stupidity by claiming selectivity, as if the rightness or wrongness of any given situation depended on whether or not it was noticed or reported.

At any rate, it’s deeply ironic that the media giant most sympathetic to the people madly yelling about fake news does a fake news thing like this. Hahahaha!


These right-wing mugs should be more selective choosing their pictures

Bill the mutherf$&@$!? Annoyed
Bill the mutherf$&@$!? Annoyed

Oh just fuck off. Brietbart is not some conservative publication. It is quite literally a machine that produces fiction for the “white nationalists”. If you don’t know it then you have clearly not read anything beyond fiction that you have taken literally. People need to stop sugar coating the current nazi propaganda as white nationalism and call it what it is. We’ve seen it before and 12 million people lost their lives. I’m tolerant to one thing and that’s assholes. Certainly an entertainment based site about soccer is the last straw for me, I live in Canada and have to listen to this all day this is the last place I want to have to hear assholes lipping off about this shit! It’s brietbart… they make stuff up… hopefully they get sued into oblivion.

Bendtner\'s ego

Then get your news from sources like AP and Reuters versus a bunch of cunts who add incorrect pics because it enrages the racists even more.


Yeah except, according to populist right wingers, every news outlet that’s not an alternate racist piece of shit news outlet is “far left”.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Donald, is that you ?

Mein Bergkampf

So we just lost a game of football then! Calm, calm, calm, lyrics for lyrics, calm.


Oh, one of those… Your rethoric is strikingly similar to the donald on Charlottesville. ” Blablabla, political correctness, the “hard left” is just as bad, What about the “hard left” ?”(whatever the fuck that means) Well, if you’re refering to pro-migrant anti-neo-liberalists, the “hard left” doesn’t use clumsy lies to try and make the cauldron of hate and irrational fears simmer. Also, i understand that Arseblog is first and foremost about Arsenal, but to me it is more than that. I like to read doubts about the dangerous path the football world is taking, i like to read funny remarks about blogs’s hangovers, i like to read about Archer the german sheperd named after one of the best shows ever, i like the fact that is is one of the most sophisticated football blogs out there, with a vividly enriching perspective on things and yes, i like the fact that it is often subtly implied that the various writers have similar political beliefs than i do (maybe I’m being presomptuous, but that is what i believe somehow). If you don’t like that, tune in to Fox sports.


Yes it’s those evil cunts who want people to have healthcare, good schools, welfare and the like who we should be hating. Heartless bastards they are.


You do realise what a bunch of cunts these people are surely?


Is that you Donald?

A different George

I hope Podolski’s hard left foot gets hold of Steve Bannon.

It Is What It Is

Thought I was gna read something about hard left foot thunderwallops….you realise all that see is a Pole and a brown dude.

They are so lazy and confused, that they don’t reason that the Arab would be behind the Andalusian.

Brown American Gooner
Brown American Gooner

Would love Lukas if he proceeds with the legal actions against these ‘very fine people’



Coquelin\'s 3rd leg

There isn’t a wall Trump can build that could keep a Podolski rocket out.


Both sides are to blame for this. I mean, we wouldn’t have had this situation if Poldi hadn’t decided to sue the fine people of Breitbart news


This is news?


Yeah, let’s write about all the transfer business that isn’t happening instead.

Third Plebeian

It’s Arsenal related, like everything else that appears on Arseblog News. Obviously, though, people sympathetic with Breitbart’s right-wing nationalism aren’t happy with any report that discredits its journalism, which occasions your complaint about a lack of relevance (a complaint, I’d add, that would never be raised elsewhere on this site, even for something as factually dodgy as a transfer rumor).

Third Plebeian

And, ok, I’ll say it, “Breitbart’s fascism and racism.” “Right-wing nationalism” hides a multitude of sins.


Yep, been here for almost a decade, and no one moans about fun little Arseblog articles unless it’s fucking politics as usual.

You know what else is NOT ARSENAL NEWS and is always received well on here? Parodical and satirical articles.

Get a grip you snowflakes.


You seem to be answering to
a lot of things I never said. I never mentioned arseblog or how relevant it may be. I am simply confused as to why a website using a random photo of a footballer and then quickly removing it is actually news in any form. I dont give a fuck what website it was or what their rhetoric is. Also to say people never complain about the stuff arseblog buts up here sometimes is just wrong. Baseless assumptions is a bad sign in a person.

Third Plebeian

Thanks for the double down. Except that it isn’t a random photo of a footballer. It’s a photo of our lovable Lukas Podolski, featured in a false connection to a report made by a fascist media outlet. That’s an extremely rare occurrence, and it also has political implications because Breitbart’s readers pride themselves on having access to the real story behind all the fake news.

Third Plebeian

I’d also add that its interest lies in the fact that Podolski may take legal action. Again, this isn’t just random, irrelevant stuff. It may not have interest outside of Arsenal’s or Germany’s fanbase, but that’s why this is a niche site.


It’s comedy

Tronald Dump

Fake news. What about Hillary’s emails

The Romford Pelé

Tip of the Day: If you don’t want to read something, don’t read it.


bring these cnuts to their knees Poldi!


His legend increases if he manages to land a few good hits on Breitbart. Fuck Breitbart.


Seems like a bit of a waste of time for all sides. Not sure legal action would be best suit. If they’ve taken it down and apologized to him that seems fair enough. Not going to hurt him and we all had a chuckle at their expense.

Shwooooowsh Caproooosshh
Shwooooowsh Caproooosshh

I would like to disagree here. Breitbart is a right wing propaganda news channel, which uses such images and headlines to spread fear amongst people that somehow the world is being taken over Muslims and immigrants. For the first time they have been caught red-handed and I sure as hell hope that Poldi makes them bleed every single penny.. The world is a better place without Breitbart and it’s disgusting news.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

And he played for Galatasary and is overseas still–public image matters for these guys, being associated with islamophobia and xenophobia is one quick way to lose a lot of fans in many countries.


I don’t even consider breitbart a right wing propaganda news site. I would go further and call it a white supremacist propaganda news site. Some of the shit that Steve bannon spews that doesn’t get reported in the news is absolutely disgraceful. Bannon and breitbart make the sun and mail look centrist and factual. Breitbart is stormfronts acceptable pretty face in the eyes of the mainstream media


Well the issue here is not with the story but that they used Podolskis image.
It has nothing to do with the veracity of the story, which may or may not be completely factual, so the only part that is considered incorrect is that they displayed an incorrect image.
Not that there is a need on a football website to get political. But it’s obvious if we’re going to go down that rabbit hole that smuggling is an issue with people making vast sums to illegally smuggle in people in ships and lorrys which has had major repercussions in Europe as we saw in Barcelona on Friday.
I do wonder though if it was a story from a more centrist or left wing publication that this would’ve raised as much interest.


Could you explain how the Barcelona attack is linked to people being smuggled people into Europe?.

Simon Piotrowski

You have no factual or evidential link between refugees and terrorists. In fact it would seem counter logical if you were fleeing your home and work because of war to then try and start one somewhere else. I’m guessing logic is not something you engage in often, preferring gut instinct and fear


It’s breitbart. It’s cancer. Needs to be killed with fire.

Crash Fistfight

If it hits those cunts in their pockets I’m all for it – go on Lukas.


Not surprised. These is the website partly responsible for Trump’s presidency.


Take ’em to the cleaners Poldi.


Fake News.


dont see what the fuss is about….breitbart wished “Mr Podolski well in his recently announced international retirement.”

Jon McClintock

I’m pretty sure you weren’t calling me grotty for sharing that with you, LOL


In a parallel universe if this were to be true and Poldi was indeed involved in human trafficking then surely some journo would wanna hear Wenger’s thoughts on this issue in the pre-match conference versus Liverpool.


Sue the hell out of those fools. I don’t care who/where it’s from, this is unacceptable. The world has enough problems as it is than worrying about dumb fools like these.


This mistake is so funny to me. It’s like they were ready to publish and just did a Google Image search for “jetski” and used the first picture that worked.

And they chose a picture where the alleged payor to the gang is giving a peace sign to a camera, while performing an alleged illegal act. Seems reasonable.

Personally I would have gone with the picture of LeBron & company on the banana boat.

Third Plebeian

Given that it’s Breitbart, I imagine their Google search was “brown person on jet ski.”


Blame Özil.

Me So Hornsey

I wish people would stop authenticising Breitbart by calling it “right wing”.

Call it what it is. It’s a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, white supremacist, pro-segregation, nazi sympathising, holocaust denying, lying scumbag of a website which constantly spits bile and hatred.


Jesus. So many people need to chill out. It’s funny. Because they just took a ramdom picture of a jet ski and used it, because the person supposedly being smuggled is a white dude giving the camera a peace sign, and because it’s Lucas fucking Podolski and his grin should just make you want to laugh no matter what. If you are so insecure about your politics you can’t recognize what a hilarious own goal this was for Breitbart…you probably need to reevaluate your life choices.


Hit them with all you’ve got, Poldi!

aleksandr help

anyone else enjoy reading this site to get away from over-politicized crap everywhere else on the internet? yeah me neither


I miss Poldy.

Like Perez, he could have been used more.

BUT if he is being used by some asinine third rate publication, I say hit them hard for the money and put them to shame.

They need a reality check.


I’d love to see Poldi bankrupt this abomination of a website with legal action. Breitbart is a stain and need to be removed- it’s the definition of fake news.

Huhhuhuh huh huuuuh this much is Giroud
Huhhuhuh huh huuuuh this much is Giroud

Footballer, philanthropist, twitter bantzer, jet ski enthustiast, people smuggler, is there anything he can’t do? #multitasker


Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski.


Sue the bastards! Drive them out of business!