Video: Arsenal 4-3 Leicester ‘On the whistle’


James was at the Emirates tonight to watch us win the first Premier League game of the season 4-3 – goals and report here.

It was late, it was great, it was all very familiar. Here’s are the on the whistle thoughts, your comments welcome below.

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I think we’d be pretty great at this football thing with some defenders ! COYG!!


Not many players could score at such a crucial time whilst being wrestled to the ground; for this reason I will remember Giroud fondly in my twilight years.


He’s often pulled, wrestled, kicked climbed all over it’s time he got some appreciation.


I’m supposed to start work at midnight. How can my employers expect me to turn up after that??
If every Friday game is like that, I shall book my tickets in advance


I wonder if we’ll play Lacazette and Giroud up top more this season? Could be a good paring but I’m not sure it suits the system Wenger wants to play. Wasn’t happy with how many passes we gave away in stupid places. Good fight back and 3 points, will be good to see how Sachez and Lacasette link up as they seem to have a silmilar work rate!


wish we would at least try the two up front at least once rather than push lacazzete onto the wing overy time we bring giroud.

seems to work for giroud and griezemann though eh?


Arsenal played poorly, with make shift defense and still won. Isn’t that what champions do- win against all odds?


I think a real positive that can be taken away is that we scored 4 goals and considering we only had the least experienced of our squads 6 cbs playing today there is less reason to panick about the defence.

we actually have the defenders just a poor turn of events rather than lack of transfers.


Anyone notice how Xhaka was mainly at fault for all 3 goals yet ended up with 2 assists.
Keep your concentration up, man. You’re still our beast.


No I didn’t see Xhaka at fault with any goals.


Sorry about it repeated


Despite, Cech’s flapping for their 1st goal, Xhaka was marking Okazaki and allowed the smallest man on the field to out-jump him and head into the net. He then gave the ball away to start off the counter for their next goal. And he was Flamini-pointing to others when Vardy run across him and got a free header for their 3rd.3 costly lapses in concentration, 3 goals.

To be fair, he was involved in the build up to our 2nd equaliser, gave the assists for our 3rd and 4th goals as well.
Fix the lapses issue, and he will really shine this season.


No I didn’t see Xhaka at fault with any goals


for one of the goals he passed it to elneny to run on to but elneny didnt run, no one at fault there, just lack of partnership/elneny not playing at cm for a few games.

Da Oli G Show

Got enough goals there, James?

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