Video: Arsenal v Chelsea Community Shield tunnelcam


Have a look behind the scenes of yesterday’s Community Shield victory over Chelsea with this tunnelcam video from The FA’s YouTube channel.

For more on the game and the performance read today’s Arseblog.

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uncle D

Interesting season ahead!


Yes, with us fetching 6/7th place max, with the same manager and only cosmetic changes don so far… Leopard does not change his spots, and we are regressing with egomaniac Wenger…

Isaiah Rankin



Go away

Original Paul

Going to play the man here, sorry everyone…..fuck right off mate!!!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

2:10 Jens Lehmann appearance greeting Cech after warmups.

Any Spanish speakers who can say what Cazorla and Morata (I think it was Morata) were talking about?

Original Paul

Talking about you apparently…?? 🙂

Silent G

Giroud was born to carry a shield

Original Paul

Top top comment!

Rwandan Gunner

Barcelona in for Lemar. Wenger’s history of looking for burgains might cost us.


Ridiculous! Barca are armed with 222 million Neymar money, we are not.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Who is Burgains? Is he any good?

Isaiah Rankin

Arsene Wenger trying to find his way into Berghain is a fantastic image

Vin Unleaded

I reckon he could blag his way in anywhere, the wiley old fox.


Boasmaan’s younger brother I assume.

Arsene\'s Coat

Think it’s a club in Berlin mate 🤔

Original Paul

Archibald Burgains is a top top player in the Rwandan league (as Rwandan Gunner knows only to well) it appears that Arsene has spent a lot of time trying to find him with no success.
This “looking time” may cost us?
Why Rwandan Gunner is getting so many thumbs downs for just reporting the truth is unfair imo.


Hope Dick Law is on to this one.


I am suggesting we keep three strikers. Giroud, Welbeck a must…i love the way he press for the ball and he does have good defensive work and of course Larcazette

Burn Baby Burn

And I thought our warm-up shirts were ugly


Looks like Morata thinks he’s at the wrong club


All Giroud needs is a sword to go with the shield.

Morata looks really stressed like there’s 60m quid weighing him down.

Granit seems to be taking Elneny under his wing.

I want Santi back!


Lots of money being spent means things are going to move in market. We are now waiting on Barca to spend their gains.

It will have decisive impact on who is left in the market and will have effect on price.

Also Madrid have yet to move. Do they sell Bale? Are Barca in for Mbappe as well?

Plenty of permutations.

Not surprising then that Monaco are holding to see how cards fall (they too have money to spend). Whether they still sell Lemar is questionable.

Also Leicester are waiting to see if they can flog off Mahrez and are holding off Roma’s interest for now.

PSG may have to off load players too.

I think wenger was keen on Lemar as an alternate to Kolasinac as LWB so Monreal can be pushed into left of back3.

BUT personally I still feel we benefit from a player who can hold and retain the ball in the middle like Santi, potentially carry it up through traffic.

Kongdogbia has strong raw ingredients and is wantaway at Inter but erratic and depends on if Wenger feels he can get the best out of the raw attributes at 24yrs. Attitude is important.

Seri looks no nonsense and replicates Granit’s long range passing.

I think Rabiot may be difficult to move at PSG but maybe Pastore could be a possibility. He is older now at 28yrs and hasn’t played as much for them.

If he can be re-roled like Arteta and Santi and perform similar function for us, he is technically gifted and can also back up Ozil higher up if need be.

Again, he also replicates Granit’s long range passing which is going to be so crucial this season for us. IF say Granit takes a red or gets injured, it would be foolish not to back up this capability with Santi out indefinitely.

IF Alexis stays, I don’t think we will move for a wide player. BUT personally would prefer to see us take Mahrez even if Walcott or Welbeck are retained.

Just feel we should try and aim for someone to match Alexis and his “unpredictability factor” on other flank, particularly if we can solve the midfield issue and have option to switch to 4-2-3-1 if need be as well.

Spanish Gooner

Pastore is a great shout. I remember wanting him as a Cesc replacement in 2011 when he was still at Palermo and he would probably be available as neymar’s arrival will push Di Maria into midfield to take his spot


I love that we arrive for these things in suits. I also love that Per changed back into his suit.