Video: Leicester Preview – “Kolasinac must start”


The first Premier League game of the season is almost upon us. We play Leicester City tonight at the Emirates, and we’re looking to get things going with a good result.

Here’s a Gunnervlog preview, in which James looks at how the new boys might fit in, and lots more.

And while you still can, check out the Arseblog season preview right here.

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A Kick in the Debuchy
A Kick in the Debuchy

Happy First Day to all!

Working in the States here, can anyone tell me where I can get a replay without having the result spoiled?


You can record the game, ignore the internet whole day and after your done with work, first thing you do is watch the game like is live, that should do it.


Yep, that’s what I do except sometimes I forget and will visit a sports website to have it spoiled. Luckily I took half day from work today to go watch Laca score a hat trick!

Terry Henry

Yes yes! Happy 420

Terry Henry

Good luck with that. When I attempt that, I shut myself off from the internet and then watch match of the day


I think the Ox will start.
Wouldn’t surprise me if the only change from last week was Ozil for Iwobi.
I’d personally start our LWB at LWB but starting The Ox there is just a very Arsene Wenger thing to do.


Ox not Bellerin for me. And I’d go with Ramsey if he’s properly fit – much more of a goal threat than Mo.

Welbeck – Laca – Ozil
Rambo – Xhaka
Kol – Ox
Nacho – Per – Holding


Ox for me too, bellerin was not really convincing as he is not in full form, as ox when played rwb in preseason he was excellent, also we can’t forget his performances at rwb last season for the last part of the season he was our best player, and that cross to nacho equalizer vs city.


It would be very much like Wenger to definitely not play Ox at RWB, but play him LWB where he is obviously not as effective meaning Kolasinac probably won’t figure. Hopefully Wenger will prove me wrong but I can really imagine that happening.

J Dizzle

With both Ox and Ramsey we’re liable to turn over possession a fair bit. I’d feel safer with Ox and Elneny or Bellerin and Ramsey


He starts…….no question.
On the other side Ox shud be given the birth….. I know that’s controversial but his all round game has improved rapidly in the rite wing back roll, delivering killer balls going forward……
Hector not so at the moment……(well generally killer passes have not been his forte) , he’s young and will play a lot so let’s get Ox out there and show him some love.

A different George

In the “Rapid Fire” back and forth between Arsene Wwenger and Mertesacker, one of the question is which teammate, past or present, would you least like to fight. Per says it was Gabriel, but that now it is Kolasinac. Wenger is not surprised.

Andy Mack

If Kolasinac does start then he needs to be given a serious warning about Mike ‘Blindman’ Dean…


Hey James and Blogs. You guys still seem to be getting the pronunciation of Kolasinac’s name wrong! Here’s the correct pronunciation directly from the horse’s mouth:


Think Ox over Elneny in CM. Hulk definitely starts at LWB.

Terry Henry

Kolasinac, straight into the fantasy starting 11


Kolasinac was MOTM playing a LCB, and we’re in an injury crisis in defense. Why wouldn’t he just start there? Nacho can play any of 3 positions, so we might see him in the middle with Per on the bench.

Ramsey starts over Mo, not because Mo doesn’t deserve a start, but because Özil hasn’t found a rhythm with Mo’s runs.