Wenger: No contact with PSG over Sanchez


Arsene Wenger says that he has had no contact with PSG over the potential sale of Alexis Sanchez, despite many papers saying that the French club had made substantial bids for the Arsenal man.

Last month the Arsenal manager referred to the stories as ‘media imagination‘, and on the day that the press in France reported a £50m+ offer from the Qatari wealth fund backed club, Arseblog News was informed by Arsenal that no such bid had been received by them.

Speaking at his press conference today, Wenger said that to his knowledge PSG were after Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe, not Sanchez.

“I think if you read the French papers they are on Mbappe’s case to finish their transfer market,” he said.

“That’s what I read in the papers and on my side I had no contact at all with Paris Saint-Germain.”

There has been a strong reaction from some Arsenal fans to the news that Sanchez has been ruled out for around two weeks, suspicious that he was being sidelined ahead of a sale, but as it has been all summer the club’s message has been consistent that the player is not for sale.

In fact, Wenger remains hopeful he can be convinced to extend his stay. Speaking about an extension, he said, “It’s always possible when players are in final year of contract.

“We will try to extend the contract. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do it but we are not there yet.”

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Optimistic on extending by the sound of it. Let’s hope it happens.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we win something… a treble would be nice… and get back into the Champions League then his main case for leaving disappears. All we have to do is get the rest of the squad playing with the same intensity he plays with and then he’ll be happier.

Our case would be strengthened if Walcott would take that yearning to be a centre forward and combine it with his speed by playing narrower and coming inside more. If Walcott put in the effort he made early last season, copied what Welbeck does, and asked Sanchez for a few tips on how to do it all effectively then he could become a very useful member of the squad. That could help solve our weakness with three at the back (that, and a super new central midfielder / miracle recovery by Cazorla). My only worry is that he doesn’t necessarily have the brains to turn his game around – quick on his feet, but not in his head.


What?! So this has all been cooked up by the media? Surely not!

Isaiah Rankin

Surprised in the modern game that the transfer window hasn’t found itself a corporate sponsor yet. My suggestion would be Dulux, because the whole thing is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Fucking tedious.

Isaiah Rankin

…unless you own a newspaper or a yellow tie-selling outlet, obviously.


This would also explain a media whitewash. It’s getting chilly in here.

Emmanuel Chukwuma

Just something away from Alexis. I wonder often why players refuse to extend their deal but agitate to leave once they have had a half-decent season. I’m thinking of Alex Ox-laden chamberlain. I remember Arsenal always stood by him during all his injury seasons. Now Alex wants to go to Liverpool and has refused to extend his contract with Arsenal because he was injury free this out gone season and appeared to have been consistent in his performance this time. Theo Walcot behaved in exactly a similar manner before Arsenal succeeded in persuading him to sign. He was then having a good run of performance. This time around Theo is very quiet and would very much dread being put up in the transfer market. What an irony!


Because its how they get more money for themselves, that’s the reason why they agitate for a move, or at least appear to.


Surely agents are a big part of the problem. They get paid millions depending on transfer fee or sign-on fee, and for that kind of money, it’s surely worth unsettling a player.

And I imagine it’s not very difficult to convince someone, especially a young footballer, that he’ll be better at another place.


Yes and no I’d say, because if they (young players) stay and sign a new deal, they and the agent get a good fee.

An Ox-sized Coq

Think about your comment for a moment.

It seems like you believe that Theo had a mediocre season and Ox had his best season for Arsenal to date. Yet Theo scored 19 goals and you still think we should get rid of him?


That’s harsh.

Chambo had a good season but wa not offered a contract until May. Also, he’s being played as a wing back – it doesn’t make sense considering his best 3 performances for us have been at CM.

If I was him, a move at this stage of his career is the best idea.


Oxlade-Chamberlain is in danger of heading same way as Wilshere.
Not sure he will ever get near to his potential


It’s not impossible that Alexis signs a contract extension for one more year in order to secure a big lift in salary for what is almost certainly his last year with Arsenal. He will be weighing up whether the higher salary for one year outweighs the downside (for him ) of not leaving on a Bosman next summer. Arsenal would have to agree to sell next summer but would willingly do this given they would be able to land a transfer fee . And who knows what another club would be willing to pay to sign him next year? I expect rumours upwards of 250k per week for Alexis from Arsenal on these terms as we approach the end of the window.


Going on a Bosman only has one downside to the player, and that’s injury concern. A bad injury in the late season and Alexis won’t be taking a paycheck next year; certainly no one will be paying him 450k/week.

That’s the only weighing up Alexis will have to do–extend with Arsenal and bank money now, or wait and probably get a bit more money later (a healthy Sanchez on a Bosman will get a lot more than a healthy Sanchez someone has to pay a transfer fee for).


Nobody will be paying him 450k/pw one way or the other (nowhere close actually), even if you factor in some ridiculous highly-improbable sign-on fee in the range of 50m.

In other words, it’s quite possible he is actually losing money by not extending his current contract.


Adding further perspective to that. Ibrahimovic, arguably one of the top five strikers in the world came to Man U on a freebie and was 250 grand a week. Sanchez thinks he’ll almost double that? Dream on!


Are you really comparing the 2? Zlatan is 35 and Alexis is 28. Big difference there

Godfrey Twatsloch

Yes a significant age difference but the more I think of it the more I think Sanchez is deluding himself if he believes he’ll get more money elsewhere than what Arsenal has offered.


Unfortunately we’re going to have to deal with this saga all season…. unless the player signs an extension. One can only hope the overreaction to every rumour doesn’t affect our performance on the pitch.

Cmon Sanchez win us a PL title before you leave!!!


Whatever shannanigans are going on in the Alexis team I hope it doesnt disrupt the Arsenal team..

Parlour\'s Pay Packet
Parlour\'s Pay Packet

I don’t buy into the blessing in disguise theory when players are injured but If Sanchez is ruled out for the first two games at least it gives him a bit of a breather and will hopefully prevent him reaching the ‘red zone’ later in the season. Yep – that’s the sound of me touching all the wood I can find.


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Wenger: We’re alert every day of the transfer window.( Seri _ Lemar ….)
Manchester city (Mendy_£52 Walker_£50 Silva_£42 Ederson_£34 Danilo_£27 Luiz_£10)


Walker £52 million while we signed Kolasinac for free. Is Ederson better than Cech ? We now have a class striker and will keep Alexis for one more season at least. if we bought Lemar do we really need anyone else ?


Id like Seri..


Sanchez Stays..!!!😁


I’m actually now worried Alexis is going.
“reported” that Wenger was challenged by the board about keeping Alexis
“reported” sickness meaning he couldn’t come back to Arsenal on time.
“reported” big bid from PSG
“reported” Wenger denying a bid came in
“reported” injury preventing him from playing. Wenger

I know it’s all “reports” and we don’t actually know much but we are really collecting a lot of transfer window clichés which usually end up in a transfer.

A different George

I don’t think Wenger said he thought PSG were actually trying to sign Mbappe. He said the papers were reporting this now, and I think he meant: “They are reporting this baseless story now, instead of the earlier baseless story about Alexis.”
Although the Financial Fair Play regulations are much weakened, it would be difficult for PSG to avoid FFP problems if they pay something like £1.2 gazillion for Mbappe after spending £7.3 gazillion for Neymar (these are actual figures that I read in the newspaper).


Just want the transfer nonsense to end now and get on with the real thing.

Should be no January window either.

Fuhgedaboudit l

AW says he hasn’t been contacted by DOG, but does mean somebody higher up hasn’t been contacted.

Fuhgedaboudit l

I think it is time to get rid of Alexis. He can become a cancer to the team. Can’t be sure, but between being “sick,” and now suddenly an “abdomen pull,” things are looking suspicious. He may have talent, but he just doesn’t strike me as a team player. Perhaps If he had the talent of a Messi, Ronaldo, or even a Suarez, it might be worth overlooking his lack of team spirit. Everyone was saying he wouldn’t try to do as little as he could during the year if forced to play out his contract, but it really looks like he might just do that. It could really hurt us if this continues. The AW contract issue did harm last year, and this sitting over the team could do the same thing this year.


Its simple.

IF its domestic attantion only from “top 6” rival, we hold and run down.

IF the offer is substantial from offshore, we sell.


I think there may be opportunity as well IF alexis says goes to PSG, to consider a number of their players as potential make weights.

Besides Veratti and Di maria, I believe Draxler, Rabiot were also on the lips.

Both of the latter would be considered great reinforcement for us. Of the two Draxler has not featured as much and with BOTH Neymar and Alexis predominantly left sided, you have to wonder.

Again that is an IF PSG are in for our main man.

Also as I have mentioned before there is Pastore who IMO is under the radar. He has not played as much in recent seasons for them but is very experienced at 28yrs and versatile.

IF convertable by Wenger like Santi and Alexis, he could give us more retention of the ball in midfield plus someone to push/back up Ozil.

Certainly IF I were the board, I’d be pushing to sell.

Wenger (like Klopp) will be making all the (right) noises in expressing his desire to keep Alexis at all cost. It will only give him a marginally better hand in negotiating.

But when push comes to shove (so long as it isn’t as mentioned domestic) Wenger will sell.


I genuinely believe that, on this occasion, Wenger had no intention of selling. If he did, Sanchez would already be gone.

Yes the reports look suspect, but that’s because we’ve been here before. On those occasions Wenger was firmly st the mercy of the board and our financial position. We’re a much richer club now, and in much better shape.

I think in part this was what took Wenger so long in signing – wanted assurances he wouldn’t be forced to sell key personnel.

Right now I think it’s more likely Sanchez signs a new deal than is sold this summer. Besides, who do we bring in at this late stage to replace him? Even if we are within touching distance of someone like Mbappe, is he really expected to be a Sanchez? Unlikely.


Conveniently of course he is missing Leicester City and Stoke bc of an abdominal strain.

Doesn’t have the stomach for us anymore eh?:D


Shame no one wants ozil


I want Ozil..and I dont particularly want Alexis if he is going to disrupt the team…