Wenger: No team will go unbeaten this season


Arsene Wenger doesn’t believe any side will go unbeaten in the Premier League this season but admits it could happen again one day.

The Frenchman’s title-winning squad of 2003/04 remains the only side to have avoided defeat in an English top-flight season since the late 19th century.

It’s a feat that has been lauded on the 25th anniversary of the Premier League and one achieved by ‘exceptional’ players, according to the boss.

“If a team doesn’t lose in the environment that you have in the Premier League it needs some special qualities,” reflected Wenger ahead of Saturday’s trip to Stoke City.

“We had exceptional players, of course, and the spirit was strengthened by the fact we didn’t lose.

“You look today at the quality of the players we had [back then] and it was exceptional.”

He added: “Nobody else has done it since the Premier League exists and you had some good teams in the Premier League and some great teams in the Premier League.

“Maybe one day, one team will do it. But I don’t think at the moment in the Premier League we have a team who will do it.”

One team that definitely won’t be going unbeaten this season is Chelsea.

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Lol this is because of United’s “statement” win in the first game. Looking very forward to their first defeat


Doesn’t Mourinho go unbeaten every season?

That could be the only reason for the size of his ego.


There was that one season when Wenger smacked him about after the Cahill challenge on Sanchez but unfortunately he never gets the beating he deserves.


I had the opportunity to give jose a thrashing thus year but chose to remain out of jail.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

You should have gone to jail. take one for the team!

Lord Bendnter

A little premature to call off Burnley so early in the season don’t you think?

Isaiah Rankin

Huddersfield look tasty this year

Gus Caesar

Now there’s a name from the past. We just need someone on here to assume the name Mark Flatts and we’re sorted.


game of thrones leaked.


Jon Snow pulled his hamstring

Terry Henry

Not much news of any incomings :/


Any update on Kalou?
seems less and less likely to happen this season, need to offload a lot first.


There’s a lot of twists that Wenger puts in things that bothers a lot of people (Sanchez/Ozil situations, etc) that doesn’t quite bother me.

But, this one irks me a little. I know it’s a realist’s perspective, but the players read these comments. If we want to have a warrior’s mentality where we fight every game, we must have a commander that believes we’ll win every game as well. Losing is not an option.

I know it’s silly, but it’s just how my silly, competitive brain works. Little comments like these add up and hold back the mentality of the team in my opinion.


Media talk.
I’m sure he tells the team different things.


So what actually happens with that mentality once you lose a game? lol what do you tell a bunch of professional athletes? “Better not lose another game the rest of the season or else?” Cmon your getting irked for no reason.


Well yeah.
This is as safe a bet as they come given that it’s only occurred once in over 100 years.
Right up there with the argument that the team that scores the most goals goes on to win the game.


Not always true though, sometimes own goals do destroy that argument.


That last line! Well played sir, well played.


What about Chelsea?
Ha Ha


Way to go Arsène! Keep milking that incredible season.

“Oh, you were invincible in 2003/2004? Well, your abysmal record in the Champions League (especially the last 6-7 seasons) and failure to mount a proper title challenge is all forgotten”

What’s the point of bringing that up now???


Did he bring it up?


Do you not understand how press conferences work?

Giroud\'s Goat

He was asked a question on it in the interview he didn’t just bring it up for the sake of it; you can read the full transcript here: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/637812/Arsene-Wenger-Arsenal-Stoke-press-conference-Alexis-Sanchez-injury-update-contract-latest


Its an achievement that you would also bring up if it was your team, especially as NO ONE else has equalled it yet.


Obviously you would have preferred an answer with something like, “WTF you bringing that up, bro? That was years ago, lets talk about what is going on this season only. You cool with that? Why do you guys in the media ask ridiculous questions that I politely answer and make Arsenal fans go crazy because it seems like I like to talk about teams glorious season.”

King Eboue

Dear Mr Wenger,

I know you will read this as you always reading Arseblog and Le grove on daily basis.

I would like to suggest to you that actually Sead Kolasinac is the white clone of Patrick Viera. Yes you heard it right.

So now make Kolasinac as the new DM pairing with Xhaka. He is a big tall menacing figure just like Viera. Let Monreal patrol the left wing as usual.

Interesting isn’t it? The solution and the magic is right in front of you. When Kolasinac finally the huge tank in midfield, there is no reason for the forwards not to banging goals for fun. Nobody can run bully the team anymore.

That’s all for now and thank you.

Dan Hunter

Bro! That’s what I’ve been saying. The guy is a beast and is perfectly sculpted for that role. In my opinion it is a matter of when, not if he will be thrown in there.


No team will go unbeaten because we will do the double on the champions.


Press are wanking themselves off to United at the moment. Admittedly, they seem strong.

BUT the press had the hard on for City last season and were convinced Leicester would falter the season before so their pick Chelsea would run away with it.


UTD are the “love” boys of the press and the UK, especially if they are doing well, and now with the “love” coach of the press, well we know what to expect this season!

Mind you they are “pretty nice” to Arsenal this season, something has changed there.

Glen Helders Left Foot
Glen Helders Left Foot

Isn’t it strange that wenger can predict and know everything that’s going on in football yet couldn’t see his team was nowhere near good enough the last 10 years and this year too


I think Arsene knew good and well his team was not going to win the title. He has had to operate in a different financial world to the teams around him and I for one think the team has probably over achieved during this time. Last season being the first time the team has probably performed where it should.