Wenger: No team will go unbeaten this season


Arsene Wenger doesn’t believe any side will go unbeaten in the Premier League this season but admits it could happen again one day.

The Frenchman’s title-winning squad of 2003/04 remains the only side to have avoided defeat in an English top-flight season since the late 19th century.

It’s a feat that has been lauded on the 25th anniversary of the Premier League and one achieved by ‘exceptional’ players, according to the boss.

“If a team doesn’t lose in the environment that you have in the Premier League it needs some special qualities,” reflected Wenger ahead of Saturday’s trip to Stoke City.

“We had exceptional players, of course, and the spirit was strengthened by the fact we didn’t lose.

“You look today at the quality of the players we had [back then] and it was exceptional.”

He added: “Nobody else has done it since the Premier League exists and you had some good teams in the Premier League and some great teams in the Premier League.

“Maybe one day, one team will do it. But I don’t think at the moment in the Premier League we have a team who will do it.”

One team that definitely won’t be going unbeaten this season is Chelsea.

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