Wenger on possible transfers between now and the window closing


Arsene Wenger was inevitably asked about transfers at his press conference on Thursday morning, and said that it’s possible that players could come and go, although he did seem to indicate a desire to make space in the squad to integrate some young talent.

Having dealt with the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain situation, the Arsenal manager was asked if he saw more outgoings than incomings.

“Both will happen,” he said before correcting himself and saying, “Both can happen.

“It depends how many players will go to see if we can bring another in. You’re on alert in the final seven days and everybody gets agitated and the phones ring more often than before.

“Sometimes you have to share the work in the final day because you have some cases going out, some coming in. The last two days are always very hectic.”

Once again he declared himself pleased with the quality of his squad, and hinted that some youth prospects would be given a chance in the season ahead.

“I’m happy with the strength of the squad,” he said.

“I’m completely happy with the strength of the squad. I have said many times that we have too many players in our squad.

“Some of them have no chance to compete for places because we have too much competition and that’s no good for players as well because they don’t play.

“On the other hand, one of the values of this club is to give a chance to youngsters who deserve it. If you have too many players of confirmed status you’re in a difficult position to give a chance to young players.

“We have the luck to have three or four players of top quality who deserve a chance.”

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