Wenger: We don’t get penalties


It’s tough to tell whether Arsene Wenger was more annoyed with his players or the officials when he faced the media after today’s 1-0 defeat to Stoke.

Probably the former to be fair, but he was certainly pulling no punches when asked whether Arsenal should have had a penalty and if the officials were wrong to disallow Alexandre Lacazette’s strike on 72 minutes.

“Of course [we should have had a penalty], but we know we don’t get penalties – we know that,” said Wenger in his post-game press conference. 

“Look at the numbers, you will see [we don’t get penalties]. Look at the statistics.

“Penalties we had last year the highest against us at home by a mile and the lowest number for us.

“I give you just the numbers, I don’t give you anything else. We don’t get penalties.”

On the Lacazette goal, Wenger added: “100 per cent [it should have stood], I just watched it. It was not offside at all, even his foot was not offside.

“But we have to swallow that, we should have scored despite that. It was another detail that did not go our way.”

For the record, Arsenal had six penalties in the Premier League awarded in their favour last season (only five teams were awarded more) and conceded 10 penalties (second behind Hull City who conceded 12).

The season before (2015/16) we were only awarded two penalties, but also only conceded one.

2016/17 Premier League penalties (courtesy of www.myfootballfacts.com)
Arsenal Premier League penalty record 2002/03 – 2016/17 (courtesy of www.myfootballfacts.com)

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