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Arsenal plan minor capacity increase at Emirates Stadium


According to Football.London, Arsenal will add an additional 800 seats to ‘club level’ at the Emirates as they look to restore capacity lost in projects to improve access and facilities for disabled supporters.

When the Gunners opened the arena at Ashburton Grove in 2006 the official capacity stood at 60,432; it has since dropped to 59,867.

A club spokesman confirmed, “We are working with Islington Council to assess viable options to increase our capacity at Emirates Stadium.

“As a result of a number of required stadium projects, our capacity has decreased over the last few years and we are looking at ways to bring this figure back up to allow more supporters to watch the team play at Emirates Stadium.

“We will communicate further details at a later date as these plans develop.”

Sp*rs are currently building a stadium, due to open next season, that will house 61,000. This work (given the weird name ‘Project Saturn’) won’t see us top that figure, although the potential introduction of safe-standing – something that is gradually gaining mainstream support – might give us leeway to do so in the future.

Presumably, the fact we’re targeting an increase at club level, means there is financial gain to be made.

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RIP Warchest (2008-2017)

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

800 new chairs. Wenger will use that excuse to justify this transfer window. Of course the club didn’t buy anyone … there were 800 new chairs to buy.




Given he recent selection madness, Wenger probably believes One of them must be good enough to play centre half

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

To be fair I guess a chair would have done better than the three stooges who played in defense at anfiled

Mein Bergkampf

These seats are totes LANS.


Arsene on a secret long term plan to destroy the club. He’s been plotting since Dein got fired…..

If not, Arsene must be senile. No other explanation.


There are many reasons for Wenger to leave but your made up rubbish is not one of them


If anyone needs a bit of a laugh, check out Hugh wizzy’s take on the transfer window:


Yeah, lets make some more money off the fans, and not strengthen the squad. Absolute cunts.


More mugs for the club to fleece the club is run by a real bunch of arseholes

Toure motors

“Club” level, another 800 punters to take cash from…

Hereford gooner

800 wealthy punters who are too posh to boo


Not strictly true. I was a club level season ticket holder but due to frequent deployments overseas arsenal being too shit I could never sell my ticket on thr exchange thus losing a shit load of cash I couldn’t afford to I gave it up. I am neither posh nor loaded and that applies to a lot of the genuine hard core fans who sacrificed, scrimped and saved as it was the only way to see our beloved team.

Yes there are corporate types, a few posh types and tourists there I won’t deny. They would be the first to complain when genuine fans showed passion – I received a warning text for joining in a rendition of ‘fat granny shagger’

So your point is partially but not completely true.

Tony Andreas

Don’t you people realise that by buying these overpriced tickets you are perpetuating the demise of the club? It needs to slump to a degree that will make Kroenke leave – and Wenger to go to Senile City.
As things stand there will be no improvement as long as the cash keeps on rolling in!
In nations a population deserves the rubbish which rules it: in football so do the fans!

Hereford gooner

My point was lighthearted. The fact you’d take it to heart probably proves my point


There’s few things more pathetic than the sight of a grown up man booing


Excellent idea. The more empty seats the merrier for us to send a message.


This. It really is the only way to send a message to the powers that be that we’re not gonna put up with this shit anymore. We’re not content to be also-rans every season, have a decent cup run then groundhog day the next season. It’s not good enough for a club that charges us the highest ticket prices in the league, has the highest gate receipts in Europe I believe. It’s not fuckin good enough and the only way to show them that it’s not good enough is by acting with our wallets

Patrik Ljungberg

If somebody starts a comment with “this” again, I will jump through the window.


This. Jump puss puss.





Patrik Ljungberg

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. *hits ground. Silence. Is no more.*


This. come on Patrik, don’t do it (I mean this)

Patrik Ljungberg

Too late. Wish I had read your post before jumping. Maybe next time. Thanks.




That was awful.


Do it then. Plenty on the waiting list to take your seat!


We will have more empty seats but continue to announce full capacity


They’ll be empty anyway as it’s for corporations not fans.


Uhm empty seats dont do anything if they are already paid for.

Protests won’t hurt them. Not paying for season tickets does.


Not true. Current and potential sponsors do not want to be associated with empty stadia. Everyone should just stay away from the Cologne game. it’s only £15 in the cheap seats so I’m sure many can write that off.


Not everyone can, I’m sure of that.


With all due respect and not meaning to offend anyone, with regards to the sponsors, sorry but that’s not how things world in the world of Arsenal economics.

If they get pressured by sponsors, they move on to rhe next one. Im sure a lot of sponsors want to have Arsenal contracts.

Unless they manage to piss off all the world’s sponsors, they can keep jumping from one t the other.


At the end of the day, season tickets is a big factor.


I’m sure many don’t want to!


It’s not about depriving them of gate receipts, it’s about seeing how long they want to play in a half-empty stadium. If they want to act like a small time club then let’s treat them like one.


TV cameras catch the empty seats. It’s adds to
Media story that Arsenal is in shambles. All good.

I really hope the players are pulling a quiet revolt. Force AW out by Oct.


It means you paid for your ticket even though you may not be able to attend. Like a proper supporter!


Don’t like where this is going. There will be some wishing we lose games soon.


Nobody needs to wish that, it’s already guaranteed.


And there’s thousands on the waiting list waiting to take your place!


not just any seats…these are “top top quality” seats


If we don’t start getting our shit together soon we won’t be able to fill the stadium in 10 or 20 years.

Kids today generally don’t support Arsenal unless of family reasons etc. Who wants to get ripped at school everyday?

I grew up in Tottenham and in the late 80s/90s there were almost as many arsenal fans at my school as there were spuds.

I still have family in Tottenham and they tell me it is defo not like that now.


Jeez, you manage to break through the DMZ to see them? Well done you.


I don’t know about that, but whenever my school team went to play against Northumberland park school, the Arsenal supporting contingent would always take the time to have a piss on the spurs stadium before we left. Good times lol


Well played.

It Is What It Is



That. Is another reason I am very happy I don’t have to go to school. 🙂


That’s because you supported your club at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, either by going to the match, listening on the radio or via the teleprinter on BBC1.


Oh don’t worry, you will gonna have lots of empty seats for the deluded fans to choose


Presumably Project Saturn as they spend so much time looking at their rings.

ta dum tss

You forgot to mention that this work won’t see us top that figure, although the potential introduction of safe-standing seating – something that is gradually gaining mainstream support – might give us leeway to do so in the future.

Fixed now.

A different George

Sarcasm will get you nowhere. Sarcasm will get you nowhere.


Doesn’t anybody at the club have an ounce of common sense?! The day after the current regime presiding over the most shambolic transfer window in living memory, they decide to leak this. Just as bad as that “My phone is red hot on deadline day” article that they posted yesterday. Either they’re mocking us, or they just really are that out of touch as to how the every day fan feels. I’m going with the former, because even the Beeb are running polls directed at Arsenal fans. I despair.


That insane Wenger red-hot phone article was scrubbed from the official twitter feed between midnight and this morning. It’s obvious that staff at the club can see how absurd we look at the moment.

David C

as a Canadian who follows most North American sports as well as my beloved Arsenal, none of this surprises me. I remember when Kroenke was chosen as owner over the dirty money man in Usmanov, I was really disappointed.

Abromovich used Chelsea to clean his image a bit and I think Usmanov would have done the same. No way we were going to turn into Leeds with his ownership.

It’s just all so sad. Doesn’t Stan have enough money already? You married one of the Walmart heirs, why bother working, trading or doing anything at all?


We have no problem investing in fixed assets.
Not so keen on investing in assets that depreciate.
Heard the BBC say we’re happy with our business this summer, and confident it’ll be enough for a serious title challenge.
You have to ask how delusional they are inside the Emirates?

I’ve never been this pessimistic about our chances.

Also said we want to keep some money for transfers next summer lol

Why the f**k didnt we just try and put a winning team together this summer?
That may have convinced players we want to keep to stay?

The club is on a different planet, I think there’s a good chance they’re having magic mushrooms sprinkled on theirs Weetabix, Because they are absolutely tripping if they think our transfer window was in any way a success? Or we’re going to mount any type of title challenge?

John C

Well obviously we’re going to mount a serious title challenge, i mean, as we’re writing off europe this season we can focus all our energies on the league.

Just look at our title winning form so far without the distraction of european football!! Just imagine the points total when extrapolated over an entire season!!


Also wanted to point out that we signed the fewest players in the league in thei s transfer window—2.
No surprise there.


There’s a glitch in the Matrix….

Teryima Adi

More money,not trophies- that’s all the board wants.


This is exactly it.
If you invest £40million in the stadium? With money the club has generated? You increase the value of your asset without putting any cash in.


We could fill up those seats with all the players we *tried* to get.

Alexis Signitplease

This is no longer a football club. It is a business enterprise in which football is the ticket to income from TV, Advertisers and spectators. While there is a waiting list of spectators, fans don’t matter.


Even a business has to invest to procure future contracts. Kroenke and his puppet Gazidis are filling their pockets while the going is good. Shame on them.


They’re so stupid.
I don’t think any of them have the slightest clue what they’re doing?
Next summer when we lose Alexis, Ozil, Per, Cazorla, Wilshere to name a few, we could well be without any European football.
We’ll need to reduce the size of our squad.
Meaning no replacements.
Our negotiating position for sponsorship deals will be weak.
Our ability to attract top talent will be even worse than it is now.
Would you like to come play with Ozil+Alexis? Will be will you like to come and play with Walcott+Welbeck?

Also Rambo putting Shambles at the end of a post….
Come on he can’t be that dim? That it didn’t cross him mind that he’d get a reaction?
It could be legit? But I find it doubtful.

Even in our darkest moments, over the last 10years apart from the mad trolley dash of 2011 I’ve always thought we’d compete for top4.

I genuinely think we’re fu**ed.


Club Level seats are slightly further apart from each other, similar to first class in planes it’s one justification for being treble the cost in equivalent areas of the stadium. If they shrink the seats, will they shrink the cost? I won’t be renewing my club level next year if so.


Ah, how lucky

Big Dave

Can we have a player increase first please you money grabbing tossers?


That’ll be the corporates then… Zzzzzzzzzzzz


Now you know where the money went.

Faisal Narrage

Catalyst for Seating Arrangement Change.

Steve AFC brown

The only way anything would change is if fans voted with their feet and didn’t go too games a half empty stadium might wake the board up too the fact that something’s seriously rotten or am I hoping for too much to think these gutless clowns will ever do anything

Draped in velvet

It needs to be quite a few games and more than a half empty stadium.


Arsenal private boxes are never full. It’s a bit of a disgrace really. Increasing capacity for who? The Emirates is never full these days


Zero fucks given!

Vin Unleaded

What a time to be alive!


I’m to understand from Charlie George no less that our capacity cannot exceed what was built because of planning rules or something, so we’ll never top what them up the road are doing though it’s a bit of a cheap one-up from them anyway 😂

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Yup, unless the Met and TfL change their stance (the latter would require us to massively overhaul Holloway Rd Station) we’re stuck around the 60,000 mark. Same for Chelsea. Sp*rs’ whole project has been dodgy form the outset (hello lack of affordable housing and free local government money), so it’s not surprising they got the petty extra 1k.

It will be interesting to see the impact of them playing at Wembley for a whole season will have on ground capacities in London in the future. If they’re averaging over 60k a game, I could see Arsenal & Chelsea arguing the point that they could handle the extra capacity. That’s a big if though.

Frank Emerson

We should also get a big band to play while we move the deck chairs.

Stuck on repeat...

Haha – love this comment. Top marks! 🙂


INCREASE, more like decrease, I cant see MORE fans wanting to watch this crap team, if things go on the way they are they will be closing half the stadium.


More money for Kroenke, he can buy another ranch for himself.


800 more empty seats to look at on match days. I sat in club level for years. Aside from some genuine hardcore fans (and we always got told off for being passionate for fucks sake) it’s populated by glory hunters, tourists and corporate types. Who the fuck will pay top dollar for the mediocrity we currently serve. The board simply don’t care if the seats are empty as long as they were sold. If the entire stadium was empty as long as the money rolls in they are happy.


Profits first!!!!!!


In all seriousness, how hard is it to boycott a match or two? It’s a matter of saying we’re fed up and something has to give.

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree. Although it’s all so Arsenal, so it won’t happen.

We could boycott games, but there’s comments of “we don’t want to upset the players”, or have the tea lady misinterpret the protest & become possibly offended in believing that the protest is actually directed against her.

Fans could turn their backs, but many would worry about missing a goal…so would still be looking over their shoulder the entire time.

We could wear all black, but that would be met by cries of “but I only have dark blue…is that ok?” Or “Is it ok to still wear a scarf &/or hat”.

We could carry pitchforks & burning torches, but only if they were available in red & white.

We could stop buying merchandise. “Right will do, right after I buy my Lacazette shirt…Ooh look buy tea mug & get a free key chain! Will have one of those too! But after that I’m buying no more! Hit them in the pockets where it counts”.

We could stop buying season tickets…largely supported by those still on the waiting list to get season tickets…

All so very Arsenal.

I sincerely hope we do something! It’s truely time for change. But for now we’ll just stick to griping on message boards.


We could all calm the fuck down


It’s impossible because proper supporters won’t do it!


It would be nice if they’d increase capacity by two or three world class players ….

Laughing Stock

Our new front 3 to win the Spursday League:

Inanimate Rod-800 Seats-Values

Best that Mourinho!!!


luckily we made a profit in the transfer window so we can easily afford this now


As a arsenal fan this is dumb. Use that money to buy some players than later after up the seats in the stadium


The fans need to organize and STOP going to the games. Let there be empty seats. Lots and lots of empty seats. If the fans want to be heard by our Walmart-money owner then this is just about the only way. Stay home. Watch the games on the tele or go to your favorite pub. Lots of empty seats = the best WengerOut sign/campaign. Make it happen.


I usually try to get to about five games a season. 2015/16 I was at the Watford cup game which was so bloody awful I couldn’t face any more that season. Last season I was at the Middlesborough game, same story. This season I was quite excited about the Europa League games at a good price so I thought I’d try a night match (I’m quite far away so it’s a bit tricky getting home) but honestly, after seeing that Stoke game I just don’t want to go, and everything since then has just been worse. It’s not fun anymore, it costs me a lot to get there and I end up frustrated and angry, and very disappointed. I want to support our team, I love some of our players, and I don’t like the protests in the stadium because I feel that it does impact on the players who do care, but maybe the answer is for everyone to just stay away altogether, even for one game, just make a huge statement with an empty stadium.


More sheckals for Stan’s pocket.


They won’t need it if they keep managing the club this way


They are already doing their part in making more seats available to new patrons by scaring off the butts that currently use them. Leave it to Arsenal to find the cheapest way to do even that.


Three games in and I already hate this season. We have turned into an episode of North Enders. I really do hope the team can pull together and start to get a run together. Other than Chelsea we have some winnable fixtures over the next few months and really should be taking some good points. Come on lads, stop the rot! COYG


30 million for 800 seats…those must be some helluva good quality seats.


Will the new seats be facing the pitch?


Bellers, BFG, Kos, Beast
Coq Elneny, Xhaka
Ozil, Sanchez


drop sanchez for iwobi and it sounds decent


When mourinho said Wenger is a specialist in failure, I thought he went overboard, but I can now see why…from top to bottom no ambition, beloved arsenal is on a freefall…@fans, the key is in our hands

Christopher Sam

AFC has got 99 problems, but the Emirate stadium capacity ain’t one.


So the announcement that Mbappe was considering us for a few years before he moved to Madrid or Barca during ST renewals was a sham?

Dave Malcolm

As always with us – its always about money – never mind you charge us top money for a substandard product! Improve the product before charging people! #KroenkeGazidisWengerOut #RegimeChange #UsmanovIn

Jakey Boy