Hat Wiring becomes Azalea Talc Extender


Alexandre Lacazette could be the new Ian Wright.
Is Alexandre Lacazette the new Ian Wright?
Alexandre Lacazette is the new Ian Wright.
Alexandre Lacazette is Ian Wright.
Ian Wright has been consumed by Alexandre Lacazette.
Ian Wright is no longer Ian Wright, because Alexandre Lacazette is now Ian Wright.
Where is Ian Wright?
Ian Wright is in The Upside Down.
If Alexandre Lacazette is the new Ian Wright, and also the current Ian Wright, then who is Alexandre Lacazette?
Alexandre Lacazette is a 37 year old housewife named Debbie.
Debbie has two kids, boy and girl.
Debbie is unhappy with her life, her ambitions not realised.
Debbie’s husband is distant, she suspects he’s having an affair.
Debbie had dreams.
Debbie had hopes.
Debbie had aspirations.
Debbie now playing up front for Arsenal and scoring goals against Tony Pulis teams.
Debbie feels content.
Debbie knows she has a secret but she won’t say anything.
Debbie’s disguise perfect.
Debbie is Alexandre Lacazette.
Alexandre Lacazette is Ian Wright.
Ian Wright is.

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