Ivan Gazidis appointed to UEFA Executive Committee


Arsenal’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis has been appointed to the UEFA Executive Committee for the coming season.

The 52 is on the board of the European Club Association (ECA), and via their website comes the following announcement:

Following the changes to the UEFA Statutes earlier this year officialising the inclusion of two club representatives in the UEFA Executive Committee as full members with voting rights, the new ECA Executive Board appointed Andrea Agnelli (Juventus) and Ivan Gazidis (Arsenal FC) to join the UEFA Executive Committee on behalf of ECA.

The UEFA Congress will ratify the two ECA Representatives’ positions within the UEFA Executive Committee at its extraordinary meeting to be held on 20 September.

According to Wikipedia, the ECA was ‘formed in 2008 to replace the G-14, which comprised a small number of elite clubs and was unrecognised by UEFA. The ECA’s mission statement is “to create a new, more democratic governance model that truly reflects the key role of the clubs”.’

So, they’re essentially a committee that represents the interests of football clubs in UEFA. If you’re curious about what they discuss at their meetings, the latest one says:

Much of the focus of the discussion centred around topics such as the transfer system (incl. the length of the transfer window), the future of Financial Fair Play and the European club competitions concept 2021-24. It was agreed, that further discussions will be held on these matters to develop an ECA position following which it will be shared and discussed with the relevant stakeholders of the professional game.

At their next meeting they’ll have more discussions about the previous discussions before discussing which discussions they’ll discuss at the next round of discussions.

Basically, it sounds like they talk a lot and do f*ck all, so it should suit Gazidis down to the ground

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