Practice makes perfect for Welbz


Danny Welbeck says his second goal against Bournemouth is the result of hard work on the training ground.

The England international, whose finishing hasn’t always been the most deadly, applied a killer first-time strike to dispatch Aaron Ramsey’s through ball past Asmir Begovic to make it 3-0. The former Manchester United player had earlier opened the scoring with a mistimed header that flicked in off his shoulder.

After the game, the England international admitted he was pleased to take his tally for the campaign to three goals and that pre-season preparations are paying off.

“The first definitely wasn’t the cleanest,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I got a glancing header, I thought it was going in and then it hit my shoulder on the way. It was a great ball from Sead and I think the play down the left to open up that opportunity for the cross was really good.

“The second is one that, once you’ve been hitting those repetitions in training, it becomes a lot easier for you to do. I got into that position today and I didn’t think twice about it.

“The past two years I didn’t have a pre-season and that made it a bit difficult for me, so I’m pleased to have a pre-season. With some of the games that we’ve played at the start of the season it’s not gone too well, but I’m pleased to be on the scoresheet and long may it continue.

“There’s always competition when you’re at a club like Arsenal. There’s always going to be competition, not just with the players here but players worldwide. Everyone would love to get the opportunity to play here so there’s always competition and I think that makes it better for you as a player. It makes you want to improve and just keep on doing your best.”

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What a thoroughly bloody nice bloke.

andre santos

but you were slating him after the liverpool game

Why not

go away andre I thought we got rid you already


Long may it continue. Goals win games bro and we love watching them go in.


“Everyone would love to get the opportunity to play here…”. Well, if the recent trasfer window is anything to go by, the Jury’s still out on that one.


So Lacazette and Kolasinac (both top 3 in their positions in respective leagues) didn’t want to come here?

I think the club made a shambles of the Lemar deal and he would have signed had we been active earlier than a few hours before his international match.


Wenger came out earlier in the summer saying that Lemar is not leaving Monaco as they’re not ready to sell him. The only reason we approached them on d-day is because Man City came to us only on that day and were not ready to exchange Sterling.
Can’t blame Monaco for sticking to their stance and can’t blame Arsenal for sticking with their and not selling Sanchez.


It could be but what I understand from the reports is that earlier in the summer we offered around 50 million and he was “not for sale” but came back with an offer of around 90 on the d-day and suddenly he was for sale.

It was more down to Arsenal changing their stance on Alexis during the last few days. Lemar was probably available for the right price during the whole window. City also approached Arsenal early in the window about Alexis so the deals could her been done earlier. Still, suspect Arsenal wanted to wait and see who would be leaving and if alternative targets became available, which is understandable.


I think Lemar was a target all summer – Sanchez’s situation notwithstanding. Arsenal retaining Sanchez were prepared to pay 50million for Lemar, that being the value he represented at the time.

When a City bid of 60million came in for Sanchez late in the window that changed our stance from brining Lemar in to supplement the squad to bringing him in to replace Sanchez, at which point he was worth more to us and that led to the increased bid. Simply put he’s not as valuable to us with Sanchez in the team. Let’s see what happens next.

(Oh also – I’m guessing our 50million bid was ‘pre-Neymar’)

Tasmanian Jesus

Last season, I think they were both number 1 in their positions in their respective leagues.

Far East Stand

Good stuff from Welbeck! Bournemouth were the perfect guests. Let’s ask them round every week!


He certainly can play a huge role in the squad and I think in some ways brings more to the table (or at least different things to the table) than other players in those positions behind the striker: great energy, a physical presence, speed, great runs into the box, etc.. Hope he gets plenty of games in this year, but will be tough benching Sanchez or Ozil for him in Wenger’s eyes.


I love Danny, really honest and humble. Wirks his balls off and hopefully if he continues like he has started this season he can have a major impact. Big and skillful if he can add finishing to his game he’ll be some player.

Cliff Bastin

First one was the most Welbeck of Welbeck goals but then follows it up with a finish that lacazette would have been proud of.

A different George

Wellbeck is usually a really good technical player–except when he tries to score. He rarely misplays a ball outside the area, certainly not with the comical mis-kicks we have season already this season. So, I think (how can anyone know?) that the issue is confidence. And, if that is true, then scoring a couple can change the whole dynamic. That’s what I thought when he scored for England; I am so glad his first goal went in almost despite him. The second really looked assured. So maybe.

A different George

*see already

A different George

*seen already, goddamnit.

Mesut Ozzle

God, I hope his injury issues are behind him. He won’t ever be the most graceful striker but there’s a reason two of the best managers the league has seen both rate him highly. He linked up really well with Lacazette too.

bob davis

I hope you get us 20 plus goals for us this season!


My son’s favourite player. Has been for two seasons now. If he and Lacazette become prolific we can threaten for everything. Gotta believe!


One of my favourite current players.
Occasionally a lack of quality, but never a lack of effort.
Works his socks off.


Pretty sure that was meant to be a cross though. Oh well, a goal is a goal.

DB10\'s Air Miles

I really hope that you are joking?




Wonder if Wenger has Laca passing on some new shooting drills? Hope so. Sometimes it just needs a new way of doing for it all to click.


I rate Welbz and hope he can push on to have a great season. Most importantly, remember to score against his old club!


Nice player Welbeck is. Does not get easily dribbled. Breaks the opponents build up most of the time especially with goalkeepers.


I got a text from a Liverpool fan last week, that was a bit smarmy.

Couldnt say I was too displeased to see them being whacked yesterday.


Love this guy


Well done Welbeck.

BUT what was really perfect (of course we also have to remember its a poor Bournemouth side) is our defense, finally played to strength.

As mentioned ur strongest back 3 is Monreal- koscielny-Mustafi.

Was slightly surprised Mustafi got the centre job buthe did very well with some critical interceptions (You won’t find any numbers on him by 7amkickoff)..which begs the question why we were so intent on selling him!

Also excellent was Kolasinac. A superb performance on the left, Bellerin looked sharper too.

Love the combination quick passing we played on both flanks with the slow quick tempo change. Granit also had a solid game as did Ramsey who was again more discipline. He needs reminding but as mentioned, he has played deep midfield in the run in last season to good effect and the season before alongside Flamini with some crucial wins. So its in his locker to keep discipline and curb his better instincts.

BUT for all the crap Wrighty and others were tossing Ozil’s way, the German put in a superb performance IMO dictating the play and instigating moves/passes.

If he can keep up this sort of appetite and edge to his game, we will be the main beneficiary.

Good to see Alexis come on as well and give it a go.

All round much better.

If we can string out performances like Chelsea last season following defeat to us, the season (title) isn’t over by a long stretch unless you are a defeatist or the press.

BUT work to be done still.


Bring in Ian Wirght solely to help Welbeck on his finishing!

Balham Gooner

For a while now I have believed that DW should be playing in midfield he has the skill, the work ethic and the ability to chip in with his share of the goals. I don’t think he will ever be a prolific goal scorer, but he could save the club a great deal of money, more importantly he could achieve his potential. He is one of those people that make you desperate for him to succeed.


I’m glad to see the club and Danny took my advice the other day to heart.