Report: Man City to make complaint over Alexis deal


According to reports in Chile Man City are considering taking legal action against Arsenal because of how the Alexis Sanchez deal broke down last night.

After spending all summer saying we wouldn’t sell him, we then changed our mind and accepted a Man City bid worth £60m. We then tried to sign Thomas Lemar, couldn’t, and backed out of the deal with Pep Guardiola’s side.

This has reportedly left Sanchez distraught, as he believed the deal was done, and also City left considering an official complaint as the Chilean had signed a contract with them.

Leaving aside the complete bollix we made of the entire situation, it would be pretty funny if they did do this, because without Arsenal sanctioning a deal no transfer can go through.

It would be so utterly pointless as to be hilarious, and we for one would bathe in the tears of their unfathomable sadness.

The likelihood, however, is that this is probably just press guff, and in Chile they seem to be taking it very personally that Sanchez hasn’t been allowed to move to City. One journalist, with over 400,000 Twitter followers, implored Arsenal to release their ‘hostage’.

Basically, the entire thing is boiling piss all over the place, and when Alexis returns from international duty the manager has a very combustible situation to deal with.

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