Report: Man City to make complaint over Alexis deal


According to reports in Chile Man City are considering taking legal action against Arsenal because of how the Alexis Sanchez deal broke down last night.

After spending all summer saying we wouldn’t sell him, we then changed our mind and accepted a Man City bid worth £60m. We then tried to sign Thomas Lemar, couldn’t, and backed out of the deal with Pep Guardiola’s side.

This has reportedly left Sanchez distraught, as he believed the deal was done, and also City left considering an official complaint as the Chilean had signed a contract with them.

Leaving aside the complete bollix we made of the entire situation, it would be pretty funny if they did do this, because without Arsenal sanctioning a deal no transfer can go through.

It would be so utterly pointless as to be hilarious, and we for one would bathe in the tears of their unfathomable sadness.

The likelihood, however, is that this is probably just press guff, and in Chile they seem to be taking it very personally that Sanchez hasn’t been allowed to move to City. One journalist, with over 400,000 Twitter followers, implored Arsenal to release their ‘hostage’.

Basically, the entire thing is boiling piss all over the place, and when Alexis returns from international duty the manager has a very combustible situation to deal with.

Transfer deadline day discussion, Alexis, and much more in today’s Arsecast

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Release the “hostage” from his £140,000 per week contract immediately! Poor guy!


It’s not always about the money man.#aaronlennon#justsaying


You don’t know footballers and agents then. Why do you think Sky subs are ridiculously high?




I don’t know, I think we have indulged him enough. I personally wish he had been sold and I don’t care to whom. You can’t sit there and be laughing in our faces while we the fans watch in anguish as a team you’re also a part of crumbles. I’m tired of the charade. Whoever doesn’t want to be a part of the club should fuck off. Even if all we got left are academy players then so be it. We didn’t win the league with them in it anyway and it’s not looking like we will with them still in it. Of course the management of the club is a circus show, but they aren’t playing for just them but for the millions of fans out there. Enough of the blatant disregard!


Here here!


Spot on


My thoughts exactly! Sanchez and Ozil been sold regardless of whether replacements were available. I want committed players first and foremost..not guys who are only interested in themselves

Godfrey Twatsloch

The Sanchez Redemption


First Adebayor and now Sanchez…..we are so heartless

Mein Bergkampf

The only way I could take some pleasure out of this whole situation was if we’d fabricated the entire thing to make Citeh think they were getting their man and we just kept them hanging on until it was too late for them to look for alternatives.

Given that we are soft as shit and spend our summers improving rival squads on a yearly basis, this is probably inaccurate. But I’m believing it as it puts a nice plump gerkhin in the middle of this total shit sandwich.


If alexis wasn’t angry enough, I heard chile lost 3 – 0 at home to Paraguay last night. Oh dear…


Well, maybe he took the Arsenal form to Chile.


…and hopefully left it there


Hope he didn’t go home and kick Atom. Or Humber.


Disliked because it’s weird you would comment that not because I want him to kick atom or himber

Godfrey Twatsloch

I hope either of his mutts bites him in the arse the way this transfer window did.

Fuck me already

Hold up…. actually fuck him


This may be the best Arseblog News picture to date. Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!


Like fuck Man City, the fucking cunts, but we have conducted ourselves like a total pack of clowns.

All summer we were saying ‘Alexis is not for sale.’ Then right at the last minute we give in like a pack of fucking losers and opt to sell him to those cunts for £50M plus add ons.

This was after we say no to PSG who were slinging around £60M for him back in late July / early August. Why the fuck didnt we take the money then? It would’ve meant he’s going to Paris so he cant hurt us domestically. It then gives us 3/4 weeks to get someone else in who maybe actually wants to play for us (lolz jokes nobody does) not to mention PSG have a couple of players on their books that we could’ve used as a bargaining chip.

We act like such fucking mugs every fucking window, and by the way we conduct ourselves its clear that we literally have no idea what the fuck we are doing anymore.


PSG never offered £60m. Pretty sure our greedy owner would have bitten someone’s arm off for that sum. Not even sure if PSG ever made an official bid. Don’t believe the shite you read in the Express or Metro!


PSG? Why not take the offer Mainz earlier then that I think its was for 100M?


I went to the barbers the other night, which closes at 6. A lad tried to come in at 5:50, but he was turned away because there was no way he’d have got it done before closing time. Quick, call the papers!


That needs investigating by the Barbers Association.

Scott P

That barber is a disgrace to his federation.


simply barbaric!

Billy Dyer

Where are the Chilean journalists?


But he got a cracking deal on a large mixed doner shortly after.


Let him rot in the reserves util he signs an extension


Why would he sign an extension if he wants to leave ?


We could offer him a contract with singing bonus and a release clause that would allow him to leave next summer. I don’t believe he would want to waste a year not playing, given he’ll be 30 next year.

Damo Dinkum

Is he really a good enough singer to earn a bonus though?


Heard his initiation song was the best.


Allegedly he does a banging rendition of Besame Mucho.


Have my upvote, sir! *laughing*

John C

Why the fuck would he do that? In 4 months time he can negotiate as a free agent.


Why Suarez did it? Extra money. He doesn’t loose enything, gets free mlns


The extra money he will get from his new club if he’s a free agent will surely be more that what we are paying him in additional wages for that one year. City was willing to pay 60 mio for him now. I doubt they wouldn’t be willing to pay him half of that as sign on fee next season, if they don’t have to pay a transfer fee. So you would increase his wages by around 30 mio this season to make it financially attractive for him to sign an extension? Not a really good idea in my opinion.


Year, that could be right. Still, I think he’d want to play this year – world cup, and lets face it, if he won’t play this season, he’ll need some time to get back to top level if he eventually goes to City. Hence the argument to leave him in the reserves.


Plus if he gets seriously injured he has a contract to hold onto. Nobody will pay him a massive signing on fee and wages if he has a knacked ACL or similar

John C

Suarez had years left on his contract, Sanchez doesn’t


True, forgot it.


Exactly, that’s what I would like to see happen too.


But, seriously, yes. Signing bonus+release clause.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Because he will be rotting in the reserves.

Manganese bronze

Why would the lad want extensions if he was looking for a haircut?


More likely he pulls a Costa/Tevez and kicks it in Chile, eating fines until January


No way, I can’t see him doing that. He just doesn’t come over as that much of a cunt. He didn’t even put in an officially transfer request.

Lack of Perspective

He completely comes across as a cunt. His behaviour towards his teamates last season helped move things from bad to worst. As a “leader” he should do better. Too self absorbed for me to be a true great


With a stronger manager we might have been able to push to the team more towards alexis level in terms of commitment and end product.

But no we still let most of them coast along under-performing.

IMO he doesn’t mind playing with less talented players as he does for chile every match, but what he does mind is playing with a bunch of guys that have no balls and no heart and a manager that does nothing about that.

Ofc that’s just my interpretation, and if I was him I would say fuck Arsenal too.

Billy Dyer

Have to disagree with you.
When it comes to talent, pound per pound, we’ve got the Top Three talented team/squad. We really have talented footballers, but …
How committed and passionate they are to the cause and Club, that’s probably bottom three of the PL.
Not only he acts on the pitch as a primadonna that had just broken a nail, but he’s been massively disruptive in dressing room. Who needs such a poisonous child in the their team?


I totally agree, we should get rid of him. Our stature as a club has fallen hugely. We have our own players who are taking a pay cut to leave to go to a lower club, and other players that would have jumped at the chance to join us (Lamar) telling us they are not interested and would rather go somewhere else. The bad news for us fans is it is only going to get worse. We have “outdated and overtaken” Wenger and “the ghost of Steve Bould” managing us into complete calamity. Seriously do you think Silent Stan in his mansion in America asks his butler how Arsenal are doing in the league??? no chance, he just wants to know how his return on his investment is doing, and with Wenger in charge, its doing really well. Net profit champions…again. So, so sick of this, but because of my addiction to this club, I keep coming back. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Billy Dyer

Why do you think he was released by Barca?


Didn’t even know barbers reserves was a thing

Yankee Gooner

Given your haircut, I’d say you’re lying 😉


Hey, here’s an idea then. Maybe make a serious bid before the 31st of August. All their own doing. Bunch of cunts.


Anybody remember the tv show The Office? this is genuinely how i imagine the Arsenal management hierarchy operates at this point.


Man, you should see Kroenke do the dance…..


I’ve put Kroenke’s stapler in jelly.

Boom Xhaka Laca

“Get the guitar…”


I’m not sure the arsenal management hierarchy even exists


I’m not sure Arsenal *management* even exists.

Yes mate

You’re not looking at the whole pie Steve

The Golden Wrigglesworth
The Golden Wrigglesworth

Steve Bould may not be able to coach defensive organisation, but I bet he could throw a shoe over a pub.

Kwame Ampadu Down

A gold star for Golden Wrigglesworth please. Brilliant.


When is the next AGM? Can’t wait to hear Wenger’s shit….his next press conference should be more entertaining than actually watching the team.


Tell those cunts to get in line. We’ve been compaining for a decade.

The Director

Let them sulk. We need to become more ruthless to succeed in modern day football. The club has so much to learn in terms of contracts, transfers and player management in general.

Das Gooner

Is there a Man City version of Arseblog? The comment section would be hilarious.


Yea it’s called cuntblog, no sorry that’s Chelsea’s


no, they have no fans


genuinely never met a man city fan down here in the south west seems like you either support bristol and man u and the occasional arsenal / chelsea fan


I have never seen either. Do city fans exist?


I work with one, she was off work today… Maybe drowned in tears?

Godfrey Twatsloch

That chap who managed Joy Division and New Order was one but he died. Then the Gallagher brothers but I don’t think they possess enough human DNA to qualify as humans so they don’t count.


It only has the author

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject
I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject



None that speak English

Cazorla\'s Both Feet

I imagine it’s all in Chinese.


I was going to say much the same… except about Arabic. Oh, and it costs £5 for every comment you want to post.


hahahah….. hahahahahaha



I just hope we have enough gloves for him to throw 😀


He is still on contract. A contract he, Alexis Sanchez, decided sign.

Great journalism, from whoever that chilean journalist is.

Dave M

Yeah he did, but to his defense do you really think he agreed to be a part of this farce that the club has become? This is all our own doing…we could have built a team around him this summer – EARLY and we may have even had a chance to resign him. But clearly transfer profit was the goal not footballing ambition


If that were true, he’d definitely habe been sold. Funny how everyone insisted if we have any ambition we must not sell Alexis, especially to a league rival, then when we still have him after the deadline people are not happpy


I think people are not happy because we made a dicky of the whole thing by shitting in our trousers and accepting the bid even though all along we said we wouldn’t. If we had said all along that we were not going to sell him, and didn’t even entertain any bids on deadline day then people probably would have said ‘fair fucks’

Peanut Butter

Stan is happy, AFC PLC made a dirty great profit.

Dave M

Guess people would still rather hate on a player who had given everything for arsenal when he’s been on the pitch than realise it’s just another example of the many that the manager is no longer in control and doesn’t know what to do and the board and owner are after nothing more than money, rising share prices and profit.

I was always for keeping Alexis because he is our best player clearly. But this was the of season of “how to unsettle players and destabilise team morale 101”. Tell Alexis he is staying all summer. Then 5 days out cave in and let him find another club then last minute do a take backsies and make him stay after agreeing to a move. He was probably reluctantly settled on seeing out his contract and getting on with it. Then we mess all that up again. Managerial suicide.

Then the mustafi thing? Tell him “You’re not good enough” after one season of pretty solid play (esp. Pre injury) look to sell him. Don’t get what you want and make him stay? Idiotic

Take your two new guys with probably the best morale bench then for a “CM” playing out of position and a striker whose confidence in front of goal is laughable and make them watch a demolition of the squad they have just joined…

And you all want to blame Alexis… as long as it makes you feel better

Dave M

Imagine the riots if Alexis was sold and we brought no one in!? While there is clearly so rather perplexing stuff going on at Arsenal. That wouldn’t have been a financially prudent move to make. That is why it wasn’t made. If we had footballing ambition we wouldn’t be making 30M pound profit the year after we drop out of the champs league after a rather abysmal start to the season would we.

If there is one thing the ownership, board and coaching/management team are doing an exceptional job of it is balancing the profit making with the PR stunts and keeping just enough talent around for us to stay “competitive”. But they may have finally pushed it too far because the manager is losing control of his team and the fans are finally starting to realise that these greedy rich pricks are taking us for a ride


There would’ve been no riots. The stadium would be full for the next match.

Billy Dyer

You’re not listening what Sanchez is saying…
He doesn’t want to be at our club. Ppl are so focused on anti Wenger, that keep making tossers (like Sanchez, Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas, Van Cunt Persie,) look like they love our club and deserve our utmost respect.
Fuck the cunts. Our club existed before them and will exist after them.
Sanchez can piss off

Silent Stan

Literally all Alexis needs to do is post a picture of him kissing the Arsenal badge, we’ll all forget this happened and we’lll be fine…. Then it will all kick off again in January. Then we’ll still not let him go, he’ll sign a pre-contract with Spurs to spite us, then we’ll spend the second half of the season booing him. Haters gonna hate.


January? I bet the circus starts now, wherever he goes, whatever he does, whatever expression he wears and if he’s announced injured; conspiracy theorists will have a field day, to the detriment of dressing room unity.


True but maybe wenger will do a mourinho and use all the outside criticism to galvanise the team and give them that ‘us against the world’ mentality.

Yea fucking right

Lucas Sam

I believe you cannot legally sign a pre contract in january with a domestic club. Only outside. Maybe psg will take him?


Juve methinks, that’s if Bayern were serious about their youth policy stopping their Sanchez interest…

..disproven by loaning out sanches ironically


Not really mate, they signed tolisso who’s 22 and sanches is on loan so he can continue to develop.

John C

I’d love to see that tested in court. There’s nothing stopping him, if he wishes, signing a pre-contract agreement with City now in private, who would know? He might already be discussing it.


The City complaint, screw them whatever.

But the issue is how for years now, we are always reactive in everything and never proactive. We don’t set a market for our players we know we want to leave, we come in with these divisive offers (club record for a guy who will set world record or be close to it) which we know are 30-40% below what the market values the player at. We don’t set tone in most games and when we do, we will instantly freak out to any sort of course correction by the opposition and then make major changes, even down to formation to suit them. You can see in every aspect of how the club is running we only ever react. Other clubs go out and do things, they have a plan and initiative and not everything works out but you at least see them trying, we allow for us to have the things done to us. It is so frustrating.

Aran Watson

Really well said. I find this so true.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

From alexis’s point of view this must be infuriating. If we had stuck to our guns and continued saying he’s not for sale he’d have no grounds to be pissed off. But we melted just like we do on the pitch. Sure he should respect his contract and I’m sure he’ll pay lip service to that notion but you can’t blame him for wanting to leave. It’s gone from arsenal fan tv being a joke to Arsenal Football Club being a joke.


Although when inordinately rich, underworked people are sad, somehow balance is restored to the universe.


Who cares is Sanchez is pissed off? Don’t like it? Tough! Do the year and then fuck off wherever. Till then abide the contract.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

He’s by far our best player. So by telling him his transfer will happen and then pulling the rug out from under it because of our transfer fuckwittery I think it’s fair to assume he’s gonna be pissed. And be less effective as a player. And probably laugh and smile a lot more when we’re 4 goals down knowing that he’ll be done with this shower of muppets of a board and management team soon enough.


We are a shower of shit but his attitude also leaves something to be desirered. But sure, keep giggling as the season implodes and drag your heels for not being able to sleep in Guardiola’s bed at night and I hope Wenger has the balls to bench him for the entire season. Why not if he’s going to decide to be shit anyway. Then when the season ends he can go to his new sugar daddy so match unfit it’ll take him 6 months to recover.

John C

If Wenger’s going to bench him for the season what was the point of keeping him yesterday?

Dave M

A shit alexis is still better than Welbeck, Theo, and any other option we are left with. He is arguably the best player we’ve had since Henry. He has never publically said anything against Arsenal. Sure he may put his hands up and laugh on the sidelines but Ramsey has done that, Henry did that. Even after stupidly messing with him to unsettle him further I’m still glad we have him as an option over some of the other custard tarts wenger likes to throw out there with impunity


Look, I get we’ve not covered ourselves in glory here, but the way this is all being portrayed i.e. Arsenal have got problems, so this must be totally their shit show, is really annoying. We said we’d keep Alexis, which was a risk, but on balance probably the right thing to do. Then, we had his lame and non committal performance at Anfield, maybe things were said, who knows. The bloated, smug cunts at Man City come in with a late offer, so Maybe we’ve got the funds for Lamar after all. Monaco indicate they’re willing to sell for£90m. Times running out but what are you going to do? Stick to your guns and you’ve got a wantaway Sanchez, go for it and just maybe you pick up the most mercurial midfield prospect in Europe. In the end, it didn’t work out and sure, we could have managed the big picture way better. But please, let’s not climb on the bandwagon and portray this as a wholly bad situation, created by Arsenal. City, Monaco and Sanchez himself, have all got a big part in this and as far as City’s “complaint” is concerned, they can fuck right off.


Maybe if all parties use their heads instead of their arses, Monaco included, they all agree to have their affairs in order in January and we do the swap then. Citeh can have their smiling Chilean brat, we take Lemar and Monaco pocket whatever sum is agreed.

Happy days!


And I must add that seeing Lemar play for the first time yesterday has really wetted my appetite for him. Same for that Coman lad. Fantastic players both of them!

Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

I’m in no way championing Sanchez here, but you’ll have to pardon my cynicism as I don’t believe our bid for Lemar was legitimate. And I have no faith in Wenger benching Alexis. He played Ox at Anfield last Sunday and sold him to them a couple of days later. Wenger has lost it. James wrote a sad but telling article on his decline last week. As hard as it might be to accept, the club is broken. The cracks that have been papered over for such a long time have ruptured. Wenger is an anachronism. Kroenke is a leech. Gazidis is gutless. My only hope is that the players themselves sort it – Cech and Per take over and put some kind of structure on matters. But that’s a lot to ask when the organisation that employs them is in such bad repair. And who knows whether they’re even capable of such a thing? But we are a shambles right now, especially at the top end of the club.


Agree with all of that, except the Lemar bid. I think it was genuine…far too late, a bit desperate, opportunistic and maybe without much conviction it could be pulled off, but if Lemar had agreed and with a few more hours on the clock, I think he might well have been an Arsenal player. Now, I fear, any chance of that happening may well have gone…for good.

Godfrey Twatsloch

If I was Lemar, who has the world at his feet, I wouldn’t want to come here. Not with Wenger in charge. With another manager, one with the vision to turn this club round, it would be a different matter. So yes, you’re absolutely right. It’s wishful thinking on my behalf.

The Lemar bid might have been bollocks or the genuine article. I’m hoping it was genuine and that the one thing that stopped it from happening was the late hour. I can’t know for sure of course. Your belief that it wasn’t legitimate is also very possible.

Once again I agree, I don’t think Wenger has the balls to bench Sanchez either. Would be great if that’s what he did if Sanchez continues being a twat though. And then in January enter Lemar. Fuck, come January Wenger does a runner amidst a palace coup and someone else comes in. Heads roll (Kroenke), mobs loot the palace and then the new flesh assumes power and we march towards World Football Dominance!

Maybe next season.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

I think we all have to stand up and be counted and let kroenke know what we think of him and his stewardship of the club. Repeatedly. Consistently. Unremittingly. Coherently. With unity.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I believe Wenger needs to hand over to someone else but that’s only a small part of our issues with Kroenke being the root of the evil. Yes he absolutely needs to be hounded at every given moment.



Dave M

Monaco played this about as well as they possibly could. They had a bunch of ambitious players who have seen the big teams come calling with $$$$ galore. They have sold these young guys they have developed for absurd amounts of money (if all is to be believe 150M euros for Mbappe next season). So they played hard ball with Arsenal. They had already sold so many players and made so much money. Didn’t really need to sell and I’ll be they’re happy they still have Lemar (who after rejecting Arsenal has shown he is happy to stay) and demanded another mountain of cash for him. Well played to them. I bet their fans are pissed at gutting the team, but its the reality of the French league unless you are PSG and they clearly have one of the best scouting networks in Europe…another thing Arsenal could learn a thing or two about…

Alex james legend

Just heard tanited love on the radio its the perfect background music for alexis montage he must be sad today.

Reality check

After denying us the opportunity to sign a replacement by refusing to sell us Sterling (thankfully) Arsenal went one better and refused to sell the ace in City’s so called successful transfer window. Small consolation but nice bit of counter cuntishness from our board..


That’s another thing, who the fuck wants Sterling. If there’s any truth in that somebody should be sacked for that alone!


Who are they going to complain to? The Transfer Fairies?
Press balls. All those talentless hacks have another 4 months to get through before they can next fully disengage their brains, not to mention ethics, again during the winter transfer window.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I picture Guardiola and Mansour waiting for Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke outside the bowling alley where they demand “giv uss ze Sanchez, Wenger, or vee fack yoo app!”. Wenger proceeds with biting Pep’s ear off and wiping out Mansour with his bowling ball while Kroenke dies of a heart attack from freight.


Afraid i don’t have a fuck to give to City’s tears. And almost as little for Alexis feeling distraught and Wenger having to deal with a wantaway player.


Really laughable, crying because we refused to sell them our asset? Very funny. They had all the time in the world to make the bid on time, and besides, that deal (sanchez) would only have gone through had we gotten the Lemar deal done and they know that. I would really like to read that complaint sheet. Spoilt brats

A Gunner with Psychic powers
A Gunner with Psychic powers

Man City is such a pathetic team ! they have bought so many players and yet they want more ! Makes you question Guardiola’s abilities !

They could have bid for Sanchez sooner ! but they waited till the last minute ! also all summer they were destabilizing Arsenal’s team with Alexis’s reports ! they were trying to woo him from the beginning !

Arsenal has not done anything wrong regarding deal with Man City !

The only ones that need to be angry with Arsenal are the fans ! not disgusting teams like Man City that have turned Football into a money business !

Also apparently Alexis doesn’t want to play for Arsenal again ! now that’s a reason for filing a complaint ! he has 1 year remaining in his contract if he refuses to play , Arsenal can file a complaint against him and ruin his career , he needs to be careful !

Also Man City thinks just because they can buy players and spend so much money they will be able to beat Arsenal in legal battles ! 😀

That is funny , because if they do anything stupid they will have to face 2 billionaires that can destroy Man City in any legal battle ! as much as i hate Kroenke , but he is a shrewd businessman , he will destroy Man City’s Arab owners in any legal battle ! there is also Usmanov in mix sooooooo…. ! yep Man City is screwed !

But still :

#KroenkeOut #WengerOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises


So if an (ambitious) billionaire took over Arsenal you would recommend he not spend any money? That’s all Man City are doing, spending their resources within the allowed limits. And they’re obviously doing it well if they can buy and sell so many players and still conform to the salary cap rules, unlike Arsenal who have completely bodged it.

A Gunner with Psychic powers
A Gunner with Psychic powers

I’m not saying we shouldn’t spend ! i’m saying spending for the sake of spending and destabilizing other teams in the process is not good !
I had a harsh tone toward Man city not because i hate them (I really don’t)
But because they are doing something illogical ! there is no reason to file a complaint against Arsenal , regarding Alexis Sanchez issue (Which i wanted him to leave by the way) Arsenal has done nothing wrong ! they said they would sell IF they find a replacement and they couldn’t find one for whatever reason and they didn’t sell that’s it , nothing complicated , it’s obvious that they are trying to add to many of the problems Arsenal has right now !

Arsenal is getting DESTROYED by the media and pundits , rival fans are mocking Arsenal constantly and it’s not just toward our staff but it’s also toward us fans ! there are so many emotional Arsenal fans out there (Me included) and such insults will only worsen our emotional wounds right now , Man City has everything needed to win both premier League and Champions League ! yet they still want to buy ! Alexis Sanchez saga is one of the many reasons that Arsenal players team spirit is on a low level and that saga is Man city’s fault , with all their reports and dirty works to woo a player !


When you overuse exclamation marks they kind of lose their point [hah].


Kronke is nowhere near as shrewd a business man as the Man City owners hence he is worth a fraction of the city owners. Interesting you don’t mention Kronke nationality but call them “Arabs” you plum

A Gunner with Psychic powers
A Gunner with Psychic powers

If you think that Man City owners are better businessmen than Kroenke , then you need to sharpen your MBA knowledge , i hate the guy too , i really do , i’m actually trying my best to get him out of our club ! but that doesn’t mean i will underestimate him , never underestimate your enemy !
Kroenke is managing so many clubs in different sports ! and from a business point of view they are all doing great ! it’s from the fans point of view that they are awful. Same with Arsenal , Financially , it is doing magnificent , i would dare to say 1 of the top 3 in europe (Along with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich) it’s from the trophy wise that Arsenal is doing awful ! and Kroenke doesn’t care about that and that’s why we need to get him out of the club ! there are so many other billionaires that are willing to but Arsenal but Kroenke wont sell ! we have to make him sell !


Also you said :

“Interesting you don’t mention Kroenke nationality but call them “Arabs” you plum”

If i had said “our American owner “, would you have said the same ?!
By calling them “Arabs” i’m not insulting them ! (Considering i’m half Arab myself) , i don’t know why you think that’s an insult ?!


Considering what has been going on at our club since March and throughout the summer, at Anfield last weekend and the mess yesterday it is a bit rich of us to be laughing at a club that is a serious candidate to win the Premierleague.


Don’t think we’re laughing as much as saying “tough shit ” and ” up yours ” to them ! The fact our own club is a laughing stock makes being able to unite in our distaste for a club as plastic as City has become and who only get the sycophantic media drooling over them because of the money they spend a welcome diversion from our own woes !!


I’m not saying I want our club to be a plastic club, but if a new owner came in, started spending City money and genuinely tried to win the league instead of putting profits ahead of everything I wouldn’t complain too much!


Pep and his oil money coukd jog on, if he really wanted alexis we told them player plus cash aguero or sterling and we would agree on they didnt want to give a player they can foff.

also dont believe to much in the stories today that alexis will not play again for arsenal as he is angry fiction stories just to make even more misirble.

im sure wenger and alexis had meeting and said if we can arrange to find a replacment we will let you go if nor you will stay play your final year.

ifnit was oposite and alexis said that he wanted to lieve and bot play for arsenal anymore im sure he would hand public request.

one more thing if somehow lift the spirits to whole team and alexis plus lacazzete and kola we could make it top 4 and chile not qulifying for WC will help that. alexis will be much mire fresh than last year.

after the shables the only thing left to be positive with any expecteion for the bew season.

Kran Stoenke

But aguero is a better player than sanchez


This is funny


I wonder if the offer of the table will still be there…


The table went out on loan.


Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit Arsenal hard and fast with a major – and I mean major – leaflet campaign.

Peanut Butter

Would you be able to elaborate please Jack?


Could they be double-sided? I’m thinking one side showing how miffed we are, and the other fan-generated word puzzles? “This player shares a name with a sex act, the definition of which would only be found on Urban Dictionary.”

Crash Fistfight

When did we sign Alabama Hotpocket?

Godfrey Twatsloch

Hoping it’s Rusty Trombone heading our way.

Damo Dinkum

Thank you, Rimmsy!


Chocked on my tea thanks Jack! 🙂


The bigger problem Arsenal now have is that Alexis will refuse to play until he can be sold in January. Sadly, Arsenal is not just broken but utterly incompetent in every area of its management.

John C

And that is the problem isn’t it, we’re the one’s left with a player who doesn’t want to be here and £60m down in funds that could be use to buy a replacement (i know, stop laughing!).

We’re the one’s that have come out worse from this, not Man City. If anything City have played us by leaving it to the last minute and fostering disenchantment with our star player who we’re now stuck with.


This seems like to be one of the longest seasons to come…

Lord H

Really looking forward to Bournemouth

dr Strange

A lot of news saying Sanchez won´t play for us again as he´s pissed. What a nice atmosphere that will create.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Sanchez not wanting to play?
I really doubt it. He will recover from not joining Man $hitty.
The man will play to get ready for the upcoming World Cup.
Unless Chile fails to qualify, cue yesterday’s defeat at home.
About Man $hitty, they are reportedly still under investigation.
They have violated some transfer rules, but the press is silent.
If found to be guilty, Man $hitty may well suffer a transfer ban.


He can sit and fucking rot then. Had it with his toddler tantrums. Losing quality on the pitch, I know, but I don’t care. If he’s going to be like that I never want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

Get to work and be a fucking professional.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Exactly! Don’t want to play? Then don’t play for the next year. Take your chances with your reputation and not least fitness.


Im pretty sure this is a very common occurrence in transfers


Made him fly all the way from Chile just to proper merk him and city.
Been around the world and ay ay ay
Ay caramba I’m still at Arsenal.
Who’s smirking now bitch??


As silly as it all is, I do wonder what sort of Alexis we’ll get back after the break. I’ve been advocating for clearing out the toxicity before we can move forward, but I fear a broiling little ball of it will return to us from Chile. It would be nice if Sanchez could focus and play hard and well for the team. If he can’t … well, it will be entertaining if nothing else in a Rome-is-burning kind of way. Crikey, Arsenal, how has it come to this?


It might be funny about City, but it is a worry how this will impact on Sanchez this coming season. If he is not committed and basically pissed off with Arsenal, he is not going to give his best. It is going to be a really bumpy ride.


I think Arsene didn’t want to strengthen the direct rival. It was good it did not happen. It would have been better if he was going abroad. A Sanchez that was rehabilitated from Pep’s Barcelona. Hmmmm. But we left Lemar to late. Giroud, his friend Lacazette and Kos would have helped to bring Lemar but we left out to late. Let’s hope January would be better.

Stuck on repeat...

January is going to be a waste. It is really too late for new player to make a big difference at that time. Same old Alexis & Ozil speculation Plus AW will have just 1 1/2 years on his contract. Too late really at that stage, & you’d be better off holding the money available (lol – yes I know…I know) for the new manager. sad days…sad sad days.


A DIRECT rival ?? I think you’ll find our rivals are Everton and West Brom this season and probably more after that as long as Wenger stays !

Toure motors

I think Alexis may play a little with a handbrake on for the rest of the season….


the joke’s on AFC guys !! AHAHAHA.. HILARIOUS times at AFC !


For me, the most interesting aspect of this business is the effect on the finances at Arsenal.

I must say that I’m amazed that the deal didn’t go through. I was certain that Wenger would push for the maximum he could suck out of City and then sell. Now, and just think about this carefully, one of the best and most valuable players in the Premier League will be walking out of the door next summer and the club will get nothing. If that’s good business then Paul Gascoigne is a professor of nuclear physics. For a club which prides itself as one which is well run financially, this is madness. And the rationale that “he could make the difference with Champions’ League qualification” doesn’t wash: the sixty million quid was far more than we would make with a top-four finish. And there’s no certainty of that qualification.

While we’ll all be delighted to get one more season out of the best player we’ve had in the last 10 years, it’s gonna leave a bitter taste when he just disappears after the last game of the season. But will Alexis be motivated? My guess is that he will be: as an out-of-contract player at the end of the season, he’ll be keen to demonstrate just how good he still is. And he is going to be the big winner here: his agent will ask his new employers for a massive signing-on fee, a la Sol Campbell, in lieu of a zero transfer cost.

And the big loser will be Arsenal Football Club.


Smoke it!


That pic…coffee sprayed everywhere.
Thanks Blogs, needed a proper belly laugh.


Will be interesting to hear the crowd reaction when Alexis’s name is called out a week Saturday. Can’t say I’ll be cheering (but I am bitter like that).

Aran Watson

Citeh can f*** the f*** off. But the tragedy of this scenario for me is that we just ‘paid’ 60 million for a player to play one year with us who doesn’t want to rather than invest in 1-2 players of quality who do and will stay. How is that good for us? Pride? Pride is knowing who we are and what we want to do and doing it and not f***ing around with folks who don’t want to join inthe effort. I dunno. If ever we needed the stark brutal clarity that those running the club don’t care about change (and I have been an optimist hold out for a long time), their response this summer to last season is it. They don’t care about us as fans, so f*** them. And tragically for me, I include Mr. Wenger completely in that camp. ‘who the cap fit, let them wear it’s, you know?

Aran Watson

Sorry for typos, can’t see how to edit.


I’d rather keep him than make them stronger even if it is a year. The fact that we haven’t signed a central midfielder is the more pressing issue especially after last weeks debacle.

Laughing Stock

Well done Arsenal, you’ve fucked it all up again. Outstanding incompetence.

Teryima Adi

That’s Sheikh Mansour cup of tea. We have better things to be bothered about.

David Hole

Possibly the best transfer window ever from Arsene and Dick, The ox going to Liverpool was pure genius , playing him Sunday and saying that we wanted to build our team around him only to drive the price that Liverpool needed to pay towards a level that could be deemed madness for a guy who never finishes a game, never starts a game, and never scores in a game, £40 million , woo hoo!
Then two days later we try the same tactic with Sanchez, we are not selling, we don’t want him to go, he is our team blah blah blah!! and then OH OK! 60 million that will do ..but this where we came un stuck and we did not bargain on the frenchy Lemar (I have all his records ) realising how shit we are at the moment and not fancying a europa league travel plus package around the backwaters of Europe and Premier league obscurity for 140k a week….but wait …did we not know that ..had we not had a slightly cheeky chat up front to see if the fading pop star fancied it ….apparently not …and thus we come out of a window quids in once again , having spent nothing and sitting back on all the season ticket and TV money once again …whilst fleecing us poor bastards who have stumped up ….lost 30 million from champions league mis-qualification.. not now they have made it up in the transfer window … who gives a shit.. dick and Arsene dont.


I know he’s our best player but part of me just wanted this deal to just go through because I feel his presence in the team this season will be poison. A true test of professionalism awaits I guess…


Oh… And John Terry’s a cunt

Stuck on repeat...

Don’t know what’s worse at the minute: knowing that we are a shit show of a club at the minute, or knowing that you actually get genuine honest sympathy for any other clubs supporters when you say you are an Arsenal fan because we are such a shit show of a club 🙁 Tough days


How real are these reports? I mean Sanchez never left Chile. Chile came out and said he didn’t ask to leave their camp…


Brilliant….just brilliant. Left with a player who never wants to play for this crap again and will go for free in 12 months.