Sky want Arsenal v Liverpool to take place on Christmas Eve


Sky have reportedly requested that Arsenal’s home game against Liverpool take place on Christmas Eve at 4pm, but were refused permission by police.

The television schedules for the month of December and the festive period have yet to be decided, and the game is currently scheduled for the much more sensible and manageable date of December 23rd.

Sky have apparently asked for the game to take place at 12 noon instead, and discussions remain ongoing, while Arsenal have already put the idea to staff to see what the take-up would be.

We all know that television now calls the shots, and that with the money they pay the expectation that they can do what they like, but once more not one bit of consideration is being shown to fans.

Not Arsenal fans, who will have enough going on with family and the traditonal Christmas period. Not Liverpool fans, who would have to spend their Christmas Eve travelling down from Merseyside.

At some point surely clubs have to do something to stick up the fans. There has to be a line when it comes to what’s right and wrong, and this one feels very wrong.

More on this when we can get it.

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