Walcott admits offside issues, says he’ll get better


28 year old Theo Walcott, with over 300 first team games under his belt, says he’ll be offside less in the future after he was offside lots of times during the 3-1 win over Cologne last night.

The England international was caught wrong side too often, although there was one where he held his line very well and was still given offside.

He says he’s got to work on his timing after what was his first start of the season. Speaking to Arsenal Player after the game, he said, “I was offside too many times to be honest, I was disappointed with that.

“I won’t dwell on that too long. It’s just about me timing my runs slightly better, but I say the players are playing it too late, that’s my excuse anyway! I like to make the runs and I’ll definitely be feeling it tomorrow morning.”

In the second half he helped contribute to the third goal, and said the shift to a back four played a part in that.

“We went back to the 4-3-3,” he said. “I like to make the runs to create space for other players and to stretch teams and it seemed to work in the second half especially.

“In the end we got the result which we really deserved, I think. It was a nervous start but it was good to end on a positive result.”

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