Welbeck on the win, the goals, and what lies ahead


Danny Welbeck spoke to Sky Sports after today’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth. Here’s what he had to say.

On if it was good to see smiles again?

We’ve obviously have a difficult few weeks, it was good to get the three points here. We showed good determination and that’s got to continue.

Was there anxiety before kick-off?

You go into every game knowing it’s going to be difficult, especially in the Premier League, so you’ve got to be prepared mentally, physically, tactically, and be ready to execute the game plan.

The early goal lifted the mood.

It’s better to get an early goal and we got that today, it helped us along the way. Sometimes you do have to remain patient, keep playing the game, and we know the chances will come.

How difficult has the last two weeks been? There’s been a lot of criticism.

As players and professionals ourselves we know when the team’s not performing to the best of its ability. It’s disappointing for us, not just for the club but for the players too, and they know today we made that right. We made a little base and we’ve got to build on that.

Chelsea next weekend. Another big away game.

Definitely, first we prepare for Cologne on Thursday and then we’ll get ourselves ready for the Chelsea game.

Two goals for you, there’s a lot of competition up front.

Yeah, it’s a good headache for the manager to have so I was pleased to get among the goals today.

If you get a chance to watch this, it’s the perfect example of a media-trained player interview. Classic stuff from Welbz.

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