Wenger: Alexis is not fat


While Chile were struggling last week in their World Cup qualifiers, Alexis Sanchez’s former Under-20 coach Jose Soluntay branded the Arsenal man ‘fat’.

Anyone who has seen him show off his torso at every available opportunity will know that’s not the case, yet Arsene Wenger was compelled to come to his defence following the 3-0 win over Bournemouth.

He insisted the Chilean was in good shape, and full of desire to play for the club in the Premier League and the Europa League this season.

“He is not fat,” insisted the boss. “His fat percentage is under ten, so that’s not fat, but you know how it is when you don’t win, people find every problem for you.

“He was not completely physically ready to start three games in a week and certainly for Chile he was not completely ready as well.”

As for his Arsenal state of mind, Wenger continued, “He is disciplined, serious and committed. He is focused. He told me he is focused on the Premier League and Europa League.

“On top of that Chile had a bad experience, but he came back full of desire and was ready to play.”

I suspect there are many people reading this who would love to be as ‘fat’ as Alexis.

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