Wenger on Sanchez, contracts & Dembele-style inflation


Some more snippets from Arsene Wenger’s Interlull interview with beIN Sports.

He’s already spoken about killing the January transfer window, the performance at Liverpool and Thomas Lemar, now read his take on letting Alexis run down his contract, why so many players in England are doing the same and why Ousmane Dembele’s move to Barcelona is representative of an unsustainable transfer market…


On letting Sanchez run down his contract…

“You take Sanchez into the final year of his contract, you sacrifice £60-70million income.

“At the end of the season you will have to buy somebody for that amount of money. He has a huge price, so at some stage you have to make a decision.

“You have to sacrifice one [the player] or two [the transfer fee & the cash for a new player].


On attitudes towards player contracts…

“We have today 107 players in England going into the final year of their contract. It is a complete rotation and change in the way people see their career, for two reasons.

“One, all the players expect higher wages because they anticipate inflation.

“[On the other hand] the clubs do not want to pay so high prices on the transfers for players who are good players but won’t change their life.”


On spiraling prices…

“The amount of money is completely disconnected from reality and the truth. I give you one example.

“[Ousmane] Dembele last year was £15million [for Borussia Dortmund to buy], this year £150 million.

“No matter how well you work on a football pitch you cannot make a player go from 15 to 150, but the calculation between investment and what you can get back that has gone.

“It’s just can you afford to buy or not.”

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