Wenger: Our legends had their weaknesses too


Last week Mesut Ozil made a post on Instagram hitting out at club legends for being critical of him and the team, rather than showing their support.

The German international was marking the 4th anniversary of his signing for the club, and while you can understand him being annoyed by criticism – who likes to be criticised after all? – it ignored the fact that they were paid to analyse the performances of the team, not to be Arsenal cheerleaders.

The manager was asked for his opinion of Ozil’s post, and the reaction of someone like Ian Wright, who didn’t hold back on what it was Ozil said despite being a huge fan of him as a player.

“I always have problems understanding what a legend and what a legend isn’t,” said Wenger.

“I have had all the players here and we speak today, but they all had their weaknesses as well. Don’t worry about that. They had their weak games as well, and their weak behaviours as well. Nobody was perfect.

“We have to take a distance with that as well, focus on our performance and not be dragged into any animosity.

“We are all grateful for what they have done for the club, but what matters is always the players on the pitch who can defend the pride of the club.”

Let’s hope they can defend it a lot better than they did in the last game. They certainly owe us a performance after Anfield.

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