Wenger: Strong Welbeck is becoming a real goalscorer


Arsene Wenger says that Danny Welbeck’s two goals against Bournemouth yesterday will help him grow in confidence as a finisher, and says that his second showed that he has the potential to become a real goalscorer for this Arsenal side.

There have been question marks over the England man’s composure in front of goal, and he can look clumsy at times, but he now has three goals this season and the manager is backing him to improve as this campaign goes on.

|He gets stronger and stronger,” said Wenger after the 3-0 win. Let’s not forget that he was out for a long time.

“He gets stronger and stronger. He’s a team player, Danny Welbeck, and that’s why coaches love him. He’s a guy who has a huge physical potential.

“People are not convinced that he is a great finisher, but these kinds of goals will help him become more relaxed in front of goal.

“I liked his second goal today because it was the clean finish of a goalscorer.”

Let’s hope he can keep it up, because the more clinical we are in front of goal, the more we can offset our defensive frailties.

Watch Welbeck’s goals and all the highlights on our video page

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Dan Hunter

Can we offset or defensive frailties by, I don’t know, defending?


Exactly. It is however said that the best form of defence is attack.


Liverpool tried that yesterday


I think that is an American saying

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Isnt that the mentality that opens us up to swift counterattacks? Isnt that how we fell to Stoke away after attacking and keeping possession all game long? We must learn to defend when the situation calls for defending. The best form of defense is not attack. It is to defend well.

Miguel G

Technically, no. Defending would eliminate them. But it would be good.

No Safety

Wenger spouting nonesense again. I suppose Ozil is a top striker now too.

Everyone knows Welbeck can do everything well except finish consistently. Every time he scores my reaction isnt “wow what a goal” … its usually “wow lucky that went in”.

SA Fan

I love Wenger to bits. I just don’t believe in him anymore. When he says things like this it makes me think he’s wearing the same rose tinted glasses I wore for many years. Say stiff like this after he’s consistently done it against teams like Chelsea, United etc and I may decide to bring out my own pair of glasses again.

As much as I love the win I know that all it does is set me up for more pain. Wish he’d prove me wrong but I’ve lost the faith in him.

Red Cannon

To be fair, he has scored against United just about every time he’s played against them.


So nothing to do with him trying in instill that belief in Danny publicly, so as to push the player on?


Of course! You’re absolutely right… he should have just come out in public and said how shot the bloke is, that will definitely help.

Jesus wept.


Happy for Welbz to add to his account for this season, but we all know he should be on way more. Some games he couldn’t hit a barn door with a can of paint.

I love Danny. I think he’s a seriously hard worker, and a hugely important squad player. But I am fucking praying all the big chances fall to Lacazette next weekend against Chelsea – because we can’t have him sending easy chances into the car park.

We need to be ruthless as fuck at Stamford Bridge.


i’m praying tha we create chances against chelsea as wi didnt creat any vs pool. praying for great performance. and welbz will score this time aa he is in form with confedence

Gudang Pelor

Thank you for laying it as “as fuck” instead of the stupid “af”.


Now that the back line is settled (sort of), hopefully we can push on as a team. Interesting who replaces coq, hopefully Jack gets some minutes Thursday. Looking forward to seeing him and Reiss Nelson. Giroud up top and a start for Sanchez.


Elneny is still alive.


Elneny is on fire too apparently…


literally or figuratively.


Iwobi back in training too! I’m actually more excited for EL than I usually am for CL.


Because Arsenal has 0% chance of winning the EPL. Atleast in the Europa, as good a chance as any to win it, especially since we are Cup experts now.


Would like to see Iwobi as well. Seems to make things happen and a bit of confidence could be exactly what he needs.


I’d like to second that. Give Jack a run out in the engine room. Let’s see what he can do. Welbz just makes things happen, always working for the team and never gives up. Hope this can influence his teammates. COYGS

Bai Blagoi

I wouldn’t hold my breath about seeing Jack. L-Neny is also a player that deserves a chance.


Isn’t he some kind of rapper?


And maybe Feo too? But I would like us to build some sort of consistency and on-pitch partnership so I would be tempted to put up the kind of team I would love to play Chelsea on the weekend without over playing them.

Mesut Ozzle

I don’t really see the point in playing Jack when he’s probably off in January or next summer at the latest. Would be nice if maitland-niles or someone got a bit of a chance though I won’t have any complaints if jack does play


Maybe Jack being a better player?

Ex-Priest Tobin

Would find his level in the championship.


If he can add 10-15 premier league goals a season to his game he’ll be a real asset to this side. Here’s hoping!


How do you fit Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez & Lacazette in the same team..
Answer = 4 at the back


You drop Welbeck


it seems obvious that we should play a 4-4-2 diamond. when defending a 4-5-1 with welbeck at the front. my 4-4-2 formation would be
cech, monreal,kos,mustafi,bellerin
kolasinac ramsey
wouldnt this actually solve our defensive issues?


when sanchez is ready, change the formation to a 4-1-2-2-1 with lacazette the furthest having sanchez and ozil to back him

Sheffield Gooner

Rotate your players for a long season…

andre santos


Dan Hunter

13th dislike

andre santos

obviously a few go in every now and then. he misses a shitload of chances though.

Paul logan

Well if he knocks a few in he will likely be sold for a profit in the next window lil

andre santos

good point!

Lord Bendnter

If you were to put the last sentence of this article in quotations, you would think to yourself: wow, that’s surprisingly quite frank by Wenger…

Don Cazorleone

Ha, that was how I read it, and that was my exact thought


Me too. Had a double take.

Lord Bendnter

Hahaha I had thought I was the only one

dr Strange

Let’s hope this was the turning point for Welbeck. I like him a lot and if he can add composure to his game he will be a absolute monster.

But don’t fuck around with his contract if you have such high belief in his ability Wenger.


Probably won’t score till Christmas now.


It’s nice to have him finally doing something, but Wenger needs to stop praising him as if he is great. I’m sure Wenger will start him again, but he better be ready to sub him out when he does not progress.


2nd goal was class. 1st just the usual lucky as he is so uncorfortable in the box. But he gets into right positions and makes his luck.a
I would still drop W for Alexis v Chelsea.
We need to give Lacazette full 90mins in few games, he needs to develop an understanding with Alexis and Özil.
But looking at the usual slump in Dec/Jan, I think the rotation will work wonders.
Get Nelson, Holding, Chambers, Theo and Giroud full minutes in Europe. Build Jack’s confidence there also and then try him with Xhaka.
Hope Le Coq is ok with his hammy, the 1funniest jump in PL history?

Belfast Gooner

It was pretty comical, but when ur hammy goes like that,u don’t want to put weight on it straight away in case u do further damage. His upper leg is probably purple today!! When he went down yesterday like that, I thought for a split second something really bad had happened Rd, so I was glad he got back up, tho unable to continue.


I think taking Welbz for £16m will come to look like a very good piece of business. In fact, it’s worth £16m just for prompting that Irish commentator’s celebrations after the winner against Leicester 2 seasons ago.

Indian Gooner

So let’s play Wellé and not buy Lemar.✌🏼

Kwame Ampadu Down

He’s never going to be a great goalscorer. There’s no point in getting in ‘should do it more often’ digs when he does or alternatively getting ‘who said he can’t score goals’ digs from the do Gooders at the other extreme.
Let’s just enjoy it when he does score & appreciate what else he brings when he doesn’t. Unlike a lot of our squad he never disappears.


If Danny Boy could be more clinical, he really would be the complete striker.
Off the ball he does so many good things but I’ve grown to accept that Welbz needs 5 chances on average to bury a goal.
He’s missed about 5 decent chances in the last couple of games so the 1st shoulder bundled goal was due.
But the 2nd goal was class and no chances needed to be wasted.
Was it luck or like all good strikers, he just needs more confidence after being out so long?
The jury is still out but more performances like yesterday please!


Welbeck sucks.


I only saw highlights of the game, so I dont know about his overall performance…….good luck to him ………lets hope he does find those scoring boots (or shoulders). Hes defo a team player, his application in fa cup final was excellent as it always is.


Well done Danny.

Confidence will be a big issue.

He has to keep replicating and make sure this isn’t a one off performance.

As I said before this season is an important one for him to prove he can step up. he has the raw attributes and a decent enough touch but he has been rushed in front of goal of late.

If he can find consistency, he has it to eventually replace the function Giroud provides for the team (plus some)


Even though he wasn’t prolific at United, which may point towards the fact that he’s not a “natural” goal scorer, it’s not hard to understand if he’s low on confidence. His boyhood club (read van Gaal) happily got rid of him, he signs for Arsenal and then suffers two serious long term injuries in quick succession. Dat guy had to fight so hard just be on the bloody pitch and his determination is admirable, but its much harder to build confidence. The environment at the club might not help either. That being said, he has 3 goals now and these words from Wenger will definitely help. Hope he can build on it and help us push towards the top of the league and get the goals his hard works deserves!

Paul logan

The only way were getting top of the league is when they start awarding points for most goals allowed !

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

I really have a soft spot for him but he’s never going to be a proven goal scorer. Still want him in my squad though


And bring out the pessimists…


I went back to watch the highlights to convince myself he may becoming the real deal. The second goal and the goalkeeper chip that struck the post made me wonder. But then I saw it. I want everyone here to go back and watch the Lacazette goal and watch the unnoticed 2 yard miss from Welbeck when he tries to kick the “rebound” into the back of the net. Nobody sees it but by God it is tragic.


i went back and watched that twice and he’s defo kicking it into the stands on purpose. he opens his body right up and he wouldnt be doing that if he wanted to blast it into the net.


At first I lol’d too but on second watching it looked like he intentionally kicked it into the crowd

Igbo Amadi-Obi

What is Arsenal Football Club doing relying on a 24 year old striker who still needs to grow in confidence, even though he has been an England international for no less than 4 years, and was a regular for Manchester United since the Ferggie era?


Madness eh!


I think the way Arsenal is trying to play two up top, we have a number of great options now.

Welbeck- Lacazette
Alexis – Lacazette
Alexis – Giroud
Giroud – Lacazette
Welbeck – Giroud
Alexis – Welbeck

(That’s no even with Walcott thrown into the mix)


Loved the first goal, classic miss-direction with the head whilst coolly finishing in the opposite corner with his shoulder. Tekkers 😛


In the words of Michael Owen, “whichever team scores more goals, usually wins”


lol, wenger I think the jury is still out on that one mate.