Wenger: We’re sorry for Liverpool performance, but the team needs the fans


Arsene Wenger says he and the players are sorry for the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool last week, but has urged fans to stay behind a team that won the FA Cup against the Champions back in May.

The Gunners were woeful last weekend, and a confused end to the transfer window raised further doubts over the trajectory of this season, but the manager says that having the support of the fans is important if they’re to get themselves back on track.

Speaking to beIN Sports, he said, “People make their minds up very quickly.

“You forget very easily how good you are, much quicker than you think. We have to continue to believe in our strengths and not to forget.

“Our fans as well. To have a successful season we need our fans. Our fans can say ‘Ok, our squad is not good enough, we are not good enough, we have no chance this season.’

“That will not work. We want our fans to be behind us in this moment as well, even if we are very sorry for what we delivered.

“But to have a successful season we need to have that. Let’s not forget not one and a half months ago we won the Charity Shield, we won the cup in a very convincing way with the same players.”

And Wenger urged his players to show that the defeat to Liverpool was an accident, but hinted the transfer window uncertainty played a part.

“What we have learned from this is that we were not at all at the level expected from us.

“And that we have to very quickly to show that was a complete accident. I would say as well that when we spoke earlier about the transfer period, they played a part in that as well.”

For more on that transfer period, check out the full behind the scenes goings-on in this post.

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