With regards to posts about the Arsenal Women’s team


This website is about Arsenal Football Club. The vast majority of what we cover is about the first team, but obviously there’s stuff about reserves and youth, boardroom and financial stories, the players, transfers, tactics, and loads more.

Arsenal also have a women’s team: Arsenal Women. Tim Stillman gets some exclusive interviews – like the one earlier today with new signing Vivianne Miedema – and we try to have as much coverage as we possibly can, although it’s still quite small.

It’s probably less than 1% of the output of the site, but it’s there, and hopefully fans of Arsenal Women find it interesting and engaging.

However, every single time we make a post about the women’s team, we get unfortunate interactions. So, just to be quite clear about this, here are a few reminders.

1 – Reading the posts about Arsenal Women is not compulsory or mandatory in any way. You can simply choose to ignore them if you’re not interested in them.

2 – Nobody else cares if you’re not interested, so don’t feel the need to share that in a comment or a Tweet etc.

3 – Leaving a comment saying ‘Who cares?’ is a waste of your time and mine. Me, because I have to delete it, and you because you’ve just made yourself look like a twat because you obviously care enough to leave a comment in the first place.

4 – There is no need to compare the quality of the Arsenal Women’s team with the first team (even if that gap appears to be closing at the moment).

5 – It is not necessary you to specify which members of the women’s team you would like to go bed with if given the chance. It also goes without saying that you will not be given that chance. Ever.

6 – When you think you’re making a joke by saying something about women staying in the kitchen, you’re not funny. You’re a tired, boring old sexist and you can find somewhere else to share your so-called humour. We recommend you do us all a favour and make it the inside of an active volcano.

In short, if you like Arsenal Women we’ll do our best to bring you stories, interviews and articles that are interesting and relevant.

And if you don’t, your life won’t be affected in any way because: see point 1.

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