BFG: We need to look at ourselves, not listen to others


Per Mertesacker says he’s not listened to the criticism that has been directed at Arsenal since the 2-1 defeat at Watford because he knows all too well that he and his teammates need to do better.

The Gunners’ attitude was criticised by every pundit under the sun following the second half collapse at Vicarage Road on Saturday but also by the Hornets’ captain, Troy Deeney, who claimed that Arsene Wenger’s squad lack ‘cojones’.

Asked for his thoughts on the stinging criticism from his fellow professional, Mertesacker told Sky Sports:

“I don’t know what he said. I don’t pay attention. Anyway, it was after the game I think so I didn’t watch it.

“We should concentrate on ourselves first and foremost. There are so many guys involved in the game [as pundits] now, so many opinions, which is fine, but we need to focus on ourselves and learn lessons from that, definitely. I agree totally with that statement.

“If we start to listen to too many people here it’s not worth it, honestly. I need to look at myself and ask what I could have done better beforehand.

“Afterwards, it’s easy to judge, it’s easy to say words and think we’re lacking something.

“I think we have to concentrate on ourselves and think what we can do better to provide better performances.

“Especially away from home where it matters the most when it gets tight and when we’re faced with difficult situations and the other team puts more pressure on us.

“That [conversation] is all going on here. I’m not in favour of listening to other guys, I’ve not done it in 15 years [of my career] and I’m not going to do it in the last year.”

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