Boss has no worries over Sanchez facing Man City


As Arsenal look ahead to playing Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday, doubts have been expressed over Alexis Sanchez from certain quarters.

The question of whether he’d be fully motivated against a team he almost joined in the summer has been raised, and similarities drawn to the situation involving Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain before he joined Liverpool.

The England international played his part in a hapless Arsenal performance that day, a team display Arsene Wenger described subsequently as an ‘accident’, but the Frenchman has no worries over Sanchez when it comes to Sunday’s crunch clash.

“I am not concerned because I am not suspicious of the performances or the desire to win of a football player,” he said.

“When you are a football player, you have a social contract with the rest of the team and I never question that.

“Once you don’t respect that, it’s difficult to say that you play football.”

Earlier Wenger was also positive over the fact that the Chilean has scored just twice from nine Arsenal appearances this season, saying the goals would return soon.

“I’m not worried about it,” he said. “He works hard and it will come back quickly.

“He just has not to worry too much. I know you always say that to strikers and they still worry but over a longer period he has always scored and that will come back.”

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Social contract indeed. Or y’know, maybe a spell out of the starting eleven. Either could work.


Sadly, many players don’t seem to respect their “social contract”. But from what I’ve seen so far, Alexis is not one of them.

Mein Bergkampf

The league in mentality between the Ox and Alexis makes this whole story pretty much redundant. Alexis would try and score if his own mother was in goal. What made me chuckle was the stories circulating that a lot of the Arsenal team welcomed a move away for Sanchez in the summer due to his “attitude”. Take a good look fellas, it’s what’s known as a “winning attitude”. And yes, you should have them too.

Up the Arsenal

What if his dogs are guarding the goal?

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Well Pep is hardly going to offer him £400K a week if he just farts about a bit and doesn’t get involved, is he? If anything it should be an incentive for him to score a match-winning hat-trick and prove he’s worth the move. These things always work both ways, I think


Very true. And yet Liverpool paid 40 million for the Ox after his Anfield display where farting about a bit would have actually added something to his game that day. It’s all so curious.

nimble foot

That’s why they keep him mostly on the bench and still play him out wide with Klopp saying he’s not ready for a stint in the middle

Fuhgedaboudit l

Feel the whole situation is a bit foolish. He could score a ton of goals against everybody but MC and still prove his point that he can score. To think Pep wouldn’t be bothered if he scores against them is crazy. Let’s not forget it won’t take much much to hide playing with a little less desire. I just believe he won’t be playing at full tilt regardless what AW says. I would not play him, period. He’s never been a team player imo. He plays more for himself than anything. Just review his reactions when other teammates scores a goal. I for one will not be sorry once he’s gone and certainly do not trust him to try hard against MC.

Man Manny

The last time I checked, Arsenal is paying Alexis tons of money weekly. The least he owes is to turn up and put in his all everytime the boss calls him to play for the team. I think he’ll do that.

A different George

Anyone who has watched Alexis play this season (just as in previous seasons) knows he is absolutely committed to winning every match. Sometimes he is great, sometimes not; sometimes he looks happy, sometimes angry or annoyed. But he always wants to win. Always.

nimble foot

There was an over hit pass from Holding I think in the Swansea game, the pass was meant for Alexis, seemed some of the other players groaned a bit as it would have started a good attacking move but Alexis applauded Holding for the initiative though the execution he didn’t get right. We’ve come a long way with him and he surely wanted that move but I don’t question his commitment


This game’s gonna need a big team performance no mistakes and no going one nil down again! Sanchez likes the big games, let’s hope the rest of the team respond to the challenge. Coyg


Reading the report from last year’s match against City:

in the second half, we were overrun in midfield, even when playing 4-3-3. Wenger started a midfield of Xhaka, Coquelin and Ozil.

I don’t think Ramsey/Xhaka will avoid us being overrun in midfield. Maybe Xhaka, Coquelin or even Elneny.

How to stop De Breuyne is the question. I’d like someone to childishly and irritatingly follow him around the park.

Isaiah Rankin

If you want childish and irritating, I’m your man.

Mein Bergkampf

This is a genuine question – Has a Wenger team ever man marked a player? We didn’t man mark Messi at the Nou so I’m guessing not…


Flamini v Kaka was a lesson in man marking. Recall the Kaka meme wearing “I belong to Flamini” t shirt. Classic.


I can totally see us win over both City and Spurs only to lose to Burnley the week after.


At this time, Oddschecker offers a 28:5 odds of an Arsenal victory on Sunday. This is in line with my expectations – the next two rounds will leave Arsenal with zero points. In light of that, we want a heroic, desperate fight, not an intellectual, polite five-a-side.

Mein Bergkampf

I’m with you on the Burnley game…


Honestly cant remember the last time we beat top 4 teams in consecutive games so I don’t have high hopes for this match (maybe someone could prove me wrong there?). Might be able to snag a draw though if we turn up.


I can still remember Oli’s away goal to Shitty. Can Laca, Alexis and the BFG please score a goal each? More would be very welcomed.


Doh, I meant HFB!


“I am not concerned because I am not suspicious of the performances or the desire to win of a football player,” he said. I trust my boss