Decision on overseas TV revenue distribution postponed


Arsenal were among the Premier League sides expected to vote today for a change to how the overseas television rights are distributed.

At the moment there is a collective arrangement, with each club receiving the same amount: last season this came to £39,090,596.

However, under pressure from the so-called ‘big 6’, a proposal was made by Premier League chief Richard Scudamore which would have seen clubs paid more or less depending on where they finished in the table.

35% of the overseas income would be pooled and then distributed based on performance and final league position.

Clearly this would benefit those who routinely finish in those positions: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, and Sp*rs.

However, there has been significant opposition from those outside that bracket, and although Everton, West Ham and Leicester were also thought to be in favour, it would have left them without the required two-thirds majority.

At a meeting today, the decision was taken to adjourn until the next meeting, with a statement saying, “Premier League clubs today met and discussed the future development of the league. Clubs unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting to allow further discussion.”

Which gives them more time to try and convince other clubs to join them and change the way the global TV rights revenue is shared.

How Premier League revenues were shared last season


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