England need Wilshere: Wenger backs Jack


Arsene Wenger says that Jack Wilshere will get the games he needs at Arsenal this season to force his way into contention for England’s World Cup squad.

Gareth Southgate’s pedestrian side really do lack craft in midfield, and a fit Wilshere could go a long way to addressing that issue.

Despite reports suggesting he could leave in January for more regular football, the Arsenal manager insisted he’d have opportunities to play regularly as long as he stayed fit.

“I believe Jack at the moment is in the best form I’ve seen him for a long time,” he said

“He’s very close now to being considered like everybody else. Overall, he doesn’t necessarily have to leave Arsenal to go to the World Cup.

“If he keeps going like he’s going at the moment he will go to the World Cup, I’m sure, because I don’t see Jack being fully fit and not going to the World Cup.

“He played games already for us, since the start of the season, and he’ll play many more.”

Asked if England needed him and his qualities, Wenger said, “Of course. Jack is certainly more a number 10 than any other player.

“He can open spaces, can play in tight areas, can get out of tight areas as well.”

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Buzzy Gunner

Jack is such a slick player.just need him to stay fit.without .Injuries Jack would be bossing the England Midfield


Personally as an Arsenal fan, I hope Jack stays as far away from the England set up as humanly possible. He barely has the legs to finish a competitive season with Arsenal let alone poodling off to a summer tournament with the rest of those total clowns.

If I were a professional player, I wouldn’t want to be associated with the England team one bit. They are a total joke now. They literally get beaten at international tournaments by teams comprised of part time footballers, part time fisherman these days.

What, am I really going to chuck my summer holiday in, to go to Russia and get coached by Gareth Southgate? What side foot Sally. The epitome of a total bottler. The paragon of being a wet blanket. A push over. A total loser – ‘Mr don’t worry lads, I’ll just take this high pressure spot kick, and pass the ball into the arms of the goal keeper as if I were a midwife handing over a newborn baby to the mother for the first time.’ All the while back in the studio you’d have your performance being ripped apart by Rio Ferdinand, who fancies himself as boxer now?

Yeah – no thanks.

J Dizzle

Cheer up mate, it might never happen!



Alexander Pleb

Yes & hopefully his Arsenal time is far from over too.


Understatement of the century after them last two mind numbingly boring performances


I don’t get how players like Livermore get to play for the English team. England already has far too many players who can run for the duration of the whole game but do fuckall with the ball at their feet. I believe, its time for the FA to look for footballers first and athletes next instead of doing it the other way round. This way atleast the players will get more cheers than a paper rocket in the stadium

Isaiah Rankin

Scott Parker Syndrome…unfortunately they don’t seem to realise you can turn a footballer into an athlete but you can’t turn an athlete into a footballer. You also can’t polish a turd. Also Jordan Henderson.


You can’t turn a footballer into an athlete lol Be real.


Harsh on Scott Parker. I’ve always thought he was a decent footballer. Maybe it’s just me

jack jack jack

Because there’s nothing else out there. England just don’t produce technical, creative midfielders like Wilshere – which is why, even more so than Kane, he’s England’s most important player and we’re totally fucked without him.

This W*nks lad looks like he could turn out quite tidy, but the current lot…? Dire.


It’s because we’re really bereft of options. Also Henderson shouldn’t really be starting for Liverpool let alone England but he’s captain for both and we’re stuck with him. Dier is purely a destructive DM and a below average passer. Drinkwater probably should get a look in but he’s injured and won’t start for Chelsea. And Southgate persists with a 3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1 (sound familiar?).

As far as the FA looking at football development, they’ve been doing that since 2010 and haven’t gotten very far. From an extremely young age we prioritise physical attributes because that makes the biggest difference between winning and losing at that level. We treat them like athletes from a young age instead of getting them to really enjoy playing football, and the coaches are below average when it comes to the tactical side as well.


Absolutely love Jack. Please let him become what he should always have become. All the natural talent in the world and a future Arsenal (and England)captain.


I hope he has learned from last season. The loan spell did him no good really. He played more games but struggled in a very average team. He needs to stay here and fight for a place. Staying here means he will play with better players and will allow him in turn to flourish rather than moving to a struggling team where he won’t have the players around him to play the way he wants/needs to. Each games he doesn’t play for England is a plus point for him. They look so slow and devoid of attacking ideas that he actually improves his chances!

Andy Mack

He certainly should have stayed with us last season, but he didn’t struggle with Bournemouth. He was their best ‘team’ player and whenever he was rested and when he was injured, they didn’t play anywhere near as well.


Why are you getting thumbs down? How’d and players in the team say how much they miss him and look at them now.


Howe not How’d

It Is What It Is

I’m sure it was also about getting out of London….change of environment, clear his head, discipline.


Come on Jack. Desperately want you to make it at Arsenal!


Doner or chunks?


Really hope he stays fit, we need an arsenal boy at the world cup. Can’t deal with all this spud shite at the moment. England are depressing to watch right now and have been for years. For me, we haven’t had a decent squad since euro 96….we came so close that year.

Crash Fistfight

The two greediest fuckers in the team (notwithstanding Sturridge coming on as a substitute) as well. It might just be because they play for that lot, but I can’t stand either of them.


Sounds exactly the type of player we need…LANS!!!


Isn’t the England team going to be built around Winks. Why does Wilshere have to be playing regularly to get in the squad and he doesn’t?


He’s played a couple of games for Arsenal, looked good, but clearly also not fully match-fit yet. It’d be silly to have called him up IMO.


“Of course. Jack is certainly more a number 10 than any other player”
And if Ozil goes we’re going to need another one. Would love for Jack to stay fit and fill this gap. Very different players but Jack can really make things happen.

Crash Fistfight

Gareth Southgate is too busy picking glory boy Alli at #10 to pick someone that might actually create chances for their teammates.

Further back, Jack has to displace the midfield maestros Dier, Livermore and Henderson, not to mention the majestic Drinkwater (his crab-like passing is sure to unlock even the tightest defences).

And people wonder why we never do anything at international level (stupid people, granted).


Won’t be hard, he’s the exact kind of player England needs. If we’re going with the 4-2-3-1 (which I don’t think we should) then our other options at 10 are Alli, Lallana, Lingard, Sterling, Barkley and Ox (ha ha). Our options for the holding two are Henderson, Dier, Livermore (shudders) and at a stretch Alli and Ox again.

Alli plays more like a support striker than a real trequartista and needs someone to provide for him. Lallana and Sterling are good options but not sure they’re better than Jack. Barkley and Ox are very hit and miss for club and country. And in the 2, Henderson, Dier and Livermore are all below average passers and dribblers and Henderson in particular is excruciatingly slow on the ball. Shouldn’t be starting for Liverpool, let alone England but he’s captain so we’re stuck with him. Wilshere walks into the squad for me, if he gets games and stays fit.


If he stays fit we would not need to replace Mesut. I feel like he’ll stay fit.


The Boss is spot on with Jack.
It sure makes the Europa and League Cup games exciting as not only do we get to see some young prospects in action, but we can also monitor guys like Jack, Giroud, Elneny & Walcott who should be fighting hard to make Arsene’s job of picking a starting 11 Prem side dificult.


I don’t understand why Wenger continues to overlook Jack in place of the clearly non-functioning Xhaka-Ramsey pairing


Very diplomatic comment from Wenger. Jack will get games but regardless of that a fully fit Jack Wilshere would go to the World Cup. Not looking at too many games until January it may seem.


Get him in the team ahead of Ozil